Democrats 42

On those rare occasions I find myself in agreement with Nancy Pelosi, I find the entire experience more than a little unsettling.  And it was just such a thing that occurred this past Sunday when Rolling Stone published an interview with Pelosi during which she proclaimed that the fate of civilization is at risk in the 2018 midterm elections.  And I must say that I could not agree more with her assessment of our current situation, albeit from a slightly different perspective, politically speaking.

It was during the afore mentioned interview that Rolling Stone asked Pelosi how the Democrats are going to determine which district races to make a priority and pour money into, and she responded that the election is a must win for Democrats because “civilization” depends on it.  Pelosi said, “Civilization as we know it today is at risk in this election. We have to win.”  And she added, “We have to win.”  On the contrary, if the country is to have any hope of surviving, Democrats MUST lose bigly!

And in what I’m not sure was an effort on her part to convince herself or perhaps those who might actually take the time to read the comments she made during this particular interview, Pelosi put forth the claim that, “If the election were today–no question we would win.”  And it was in leaving herself an out that she went on to say, “But you have to be aware of the undercurrents. Because you don’t know what can come along–and what comes along eclipses what you’re doing.”

I think we can all agree that Pelosi appears rather desperate in her hope that the election will swing in favor of her Democrats in November, which would then allow her to reclaim the speakership.  It was in an interview back in May that Pelosi made very clear that she intends to serve as speaker should the Democrats retake the House.  But Pelosi has faced much resistance from members of her own Party frustrated with the direction the Democrats have taken under her leadership.

But let’s be honest here, in order to vote Democrat in 2018 one is required to possess an extraordinary level of ignorance combined with a rather significant amount of hatred for America.  And quite frankly, that’s what the Democrat Party has come to rely on.  And the ONLY thing better than hearing Pelosi continuing to spew her nonsense, is ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters screeching “Impeach 45.” Give ’em both bullhorns and turn them loose.  Even old Chuckie Schumer can’t compare to these morons!

And it can only be in Pelosi’s alternate universe that should members of the party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, abortion, open borders, and higher taxes not be elected, all of civilization will simply come to an end!  And of course that would only be because President Trump is nothing but a white supremacist/misogynist, a Hitler wannabe, and the Anti-Christ all rolled into one.  Frankly I’m amazed that no matter how unhinged they become, Democrats actually expect people to vote for them.

I mean, let’s briefly go over what it is that Pelosi thinks is required in order for civilization to survive.  Apparently it’s “open borders” which then results in a surge of immigrants which causes rents to rise and wages to fall. Healthcare and public services costs skyrocketing causing state governments to go bankrupt. Tax increases used to offset rapidly rising costs as illegals continue to receive benefits for free. Crime goes up and there’s more pressure to launch yet another anti-gun crusade.

But Nancy is essentially correct, there is much that hinges on the outcome of the coming midterm elections.  Because if Democrats do win, our civilization is GONE!  They will destroy this country and finish the transformation of America that was begun by Barry ‘O’!  Democrats will import more and more illegals/refugees to effectively destroy whatever is left of our American civilization.   The goal of the Democrat Party is for America to become just another Third World shithole.

The Democrats are doing exactly what they did in the run up to 2016. Their leaders are so overloaded with confidence they are encouraging their insane followers to make demands that no more than a tiny minority of their own lunatics will support.  For example, few Democrats are calling for ICE to be abolished.  And yet Democrats are confident they will be swept into control by some ‘blue wave.’  But not even those in the media remain all that confident regarding the Democrats’ chances.

And do they really think that after electing Trump we’re going to turn around and elect Democrats?  Democrats who have already promised to raise taxes, to increase regulations, to push us back into costly deals regarding bogus global warming, to force us into Socialized healthcare and to push us ever closer to the Venezuelan model of socialism which is a story that we all know the ending to.  Do they think we’re going to go along with that? Where were these people in 2016?  Asleep?

But still, President Trump can be said to be screwing up pretty much all over the place.  I mean we have more money in our paychecks, Justice Gorsuch, and soon to be Justice Kavanaugh, on the Supreme Court, ISIS is dead, record jobs across the board, NATO paying more, and on and on.  Trump is screwing up so bad it’s no wonder that Pelosi is so optimistic about the Democrat’s chances.  Compared to Obummer, President Trump is behaving like, dare I say, a real president?  Yup, I dare say!

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