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I think it fair to say that the state-controlled ‘fake news’ media pretty much had a political field day during the 2016 election, playing up what they felt was the sentiment of a simpleton regarding Donald Trump’s plan to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the border along America’s southern border.  What they didn’t realize at the time was that Donald Trump was about to hand Hitlery a very unexpected defeat, a defeat they continue to refuse to accept to this day.  Of course it didn’t hurt that Hitlery was possibly the least popular politician still breathing today.

Well, the breathing part has been a bit tough for Hitlery, but she is still wreaking as much political havoc as possible from high on her perch there on the left.  Now once again the ‘fake news’ media is fighting back against President Trump’s wall, albeit in a more roundabout way, by decrying the treatment of illegal immigrants on the border.  Mind you, keep in mind these are technically criminals who just trespassed in America for purposes unknown, except for on a case-by-case basis, but the left would rather they not spend any time under lock and key.  Apparently that’s not “fair”.

The latest battle-cry in the left’s quiver of less than well thought out political ploys has been their call to “Abolish ICE”, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. Several prominent Democrats who are currently mulling over taking on President Trump in 2020, and some who are not, in what is apparently an attempt to bolster their ‘progressive’ credentials have begun calling for major changes to immigration enforcement, with some pressing for the outright abolition of the federal government’s chief immigration enforcement agency.  Brilliant, right?

One of those is Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, whose position on nearly any issue seems to be as changable as the direction from which the wind may be blowing, said Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, has “become a deportation force.”  During an appearance on the Communist News Network (CNN) just last Thursday it was this genius who said, “You should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works.”  Gillibrand was by no means the only avowed leftist to get agitated in such an incredibly imbecilic manner.

Her comments follow similar sentiments expressed by Democrat Kamala Harris. In interviews with multiple outlets, she has said the government “maybe” or “probably” should “start from scratch” on an immigration enforcement agency.  Bernie Sanders, failed 2016 Democrat candidate and someone said to be mulling another run, has stopped short of his colleagues’ calls to dismantle ICE. But he has also been quick to note his vote opposing the 2002 law that paved the way for ICE to replace the old Immigration and Naturalization Service following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Of course, this is like saying that we’re going to stop the issue of police brutality by doing away with police departments nationwide.  While technically it gets the job done, it also completely reshapes society in a way that would never, ever work.  On immigration, the Democrats would rather kill the dog than be forced to pick up his droppings, and that is an incredibly dense outlook.  But over the course of that last 10 years, and in some cases longer, this has become the mentality of those who are proud to call themselves a Democrat.  Which is more than a little worrisome.

I think the Democrats’ new game plan has now become painfully obvious.  They couldn’t care less about DACA, the Dreamers or illegal immigrants.  Five months ago President Trump offered an agreement essentially acceding to Schumer’s every demand and then some.  As soon as Trump agreed, Schumer dropped it like a hot rock.  Trump has now signed an executive order to keep illegal immigrant families together, but Schumer and his party are vehemently opposed even though that’s what they’ve been demanding for the sake of these illegals at this time.

Democrats care only about their ongoing quest for power and money.  It’s obvious that the Democrat Party is now all in for Socialism.  They don’t want to hear about a wall.  They don’t want to hear about border security nor vetting those who wanting to come into our country.  They want open, unsecured borders so anyone can enter.  And with more and more Blacks now realizing they’ve simply been used by the Democrats, the party has to reinvigorate their voter base with uneducated, obedient, programmable minions to replace the ones leaving their party in droves.

The Democrat Party is doing all that it can to bring about what is really nothing less than an outright invasion of the United States.  And Democrats are now making very clear their level of desperation in trying to regain control of Congress so that they can then begin the process of impeaching President Trump.  I can only hope that there are now enough American people who are fed up with the corruption and the illegal behavior of Democrats. The Democrat Party base has become increasingly violent, and in so doing have only been following the encouragement of their leaders.

And it is such antics as the calling for an end to ICE that has done more than the Republicans ever could to diminish the chances of that much talked about ‘blue wave’ actually occurring this November.  Because it would seem that in their effort to ‘energize’ their base, the Democrats may have those who tend to be a bit more rational into rethinking who it is that they may vote for, or even if they even intend to vote at all.  And if the Democrats do regain control of Congress this fall, then this country will have officially moved beyond the point of no return.

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