It should come as no surprise that several members of our illustrious state-controlled ‘fake news’ media were determined to blame President Trump for a shooter who killed five ‘journalists’ on Thursday at a newspaper in Maryland.  And the fact that this shooter had a longstanding dispute with the newspaper dating back to before Trump even declared his candidacy for the Oval Office was apparently not worthy of being mentioned.  And it was Brian Karem, a Communist News Network (CNN) contributor and the White House correspondent for Playboy, and CNN’s Don Lemon who suggested on the same day as this shooting that being a ‘journalist’ has now become far more dangerous than being in a war zone.

It was Lemon who began what was a rather silly exchange by saying, “Well, it shows you the dangers of this job.”  Lemon went onto say, “So many people throw out terms about journalists and say really derogatory things about journalists, but our jobs are very dangerous and many times we go into a war zone.”  And he said, “This turned into a war zone today without anyone having to go overseas and put on flak jackets.”  Karem then chimed in saying, “I’ve served in a war zone and it didn’t feel like this. I got a couple of of threats today after the shooting. People saying I don’t deserve to breathe air and that — why am I alive.”  Does this stooge really expect us to believe that there is someone out there sending death threats?

And this boob then continued saying, “And they send it to our newspaper and they send them to other newspapers. And that’s the new reality in which we live.”  Karem then compared journalism in the United States to “the ranks of Russia and third world nations where reporters lives aren’t safe.”  Personally, I’m of the opinion that most of us would be rather hard-pressed to come up with any sort of a list of any bona fide journalists that we might have these days.  Because while clowns like Lemon may view themselves as being ‘journalists’, they are, in reality, nothing of the kind.  Not even close.  What they are are paid propagandists.  They are paid to do one thing and one thing only…Lie to the American people at the behest of Democrats!

What a slap in the face to our brave, honorable military personnel actually serving in war zones, past and present.  And what an idiotic claim to make.  A war zone?  These boneheads, whether or not they can bring themselves to admit it, are protected everyday by soldiers who willingly put themselves in harm’s way, and give their lives if necessary, in order to protect the life of every American citizen. These self-important douche bags need to be slapped upside their head for thinking that what they do is in any way considered dangerous!  Let’s face it, a day in the life of these so-called journalists consists of sitting at a computer and typing ‘fake news’ for their next column of broadcast. Their lives are just so dangerous.

It would seem that those involved in our state-controlled media complex are experiencing increasingly twisted panties.  The Left has a real projection problem. When Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter and an undeniably conservative hater who was incited by the media, they said nothing to see here…Move on.  In fact they were downright content and, dare I say, glad that it had happened.  I firmly believe that they actually thought those who got shot were getting what they truly deserved.  Because that has become the mentality of those who present to you, on a daily basis, what is supposed to be usable ‘news and information’ but that is in reality, nothing of the sort.

And I find it difficult to believe that any of these pathetic losers are on the receiving end of any credible death threats.  If so, they need to be providing some kind of proof that they have.  Show us the emails, the texts, or the letters they’ve received. Or, show us the police reports that were prepared when they notified the police of the threat.  If I received a credible threat, the second thing I would do is contact the police.  The first would be to make sure one is in the chamber.  But as is usually the case with such claims made by those on the left, these supposed threats were either never made in the first place, or were made by someone known by the person supposedly being threatened.  In other words, they’re bogus.

And let’s be honest, these self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ long ago lost any comprehension of what it takes to be a bona fide ‘journalist’, or what the job of those in the press is supposed to be.  And I know this to be true because a real ‘journalist’ does not behave as if they are an agent of a particular political party, nor does he, or she, collaborate with that party to spread a false narrative for the specific purpose of bolstering the party’s position on a specific issue.  There is a reason that so much of what we hear from supposed ‘mainstream news’ sources is described as being little more than ‘fake news.’ Because that’s what it is!  Which is why those in the media are trusted even less than those in Congress to tell the truth.

And I can’t help wondering if those involved in the creating of all this ‘fake news’ genuinely think that the majority of Americans are really that stupid.  Because, personally, I’m pretty pissed off to think that these morons see me as being stupid enough to believe whatever they tell me.  Over that last decade or so, and to some degree even before, it’s become increasingly difficult to see any of these self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ as being anything other than a parody and the nightly news programming as anything other than a bad SNL skit.  And yet, they keep peddling the same crap night after night, week after week and year after year.  They just don’t get that a growing number of people no longer believe them.

Words and actions matter. Truth matters.  And yet it’s the truth that most often tends to be the first thing sacrificed and all in the effort to get the story out.  And if the president throws the ‘fake news’ flag, via Twitter or by some other means, all of these faux ‘journalists’ have a cow.  If they don’t want to be accused of spreading ‘fake news’ then they shouldn’t spread ‘fake news.’  It’s pretty simple.  But the sad fact is that they hate this president to such a degree that there is nothing to which they will not stoop in what has been, and continues to be, their effort to bring down our duly elected president.  As I said, words and actions matter, but it’s the truth that now no longer seems to matter to these people.

And the fact that they continue to appear as being totally unhinged doesn’t really help their cause or encourage us to believe anything that they have to say.  It would seem that they’ve become desperate to have us believe them.  And when we don’t, instead of toning down their rhetoric, and trying to sound a bit more sane, they tend to only ratchet things up to the point where they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  You can’t convince someone that your argument is worthy of being listened to when you come across as a raving lunatic.  President Trump is not a Nazi. Nor are those of us who support him, Nazis.  And yet every single day that’s what we are accused of being.  It’s a lie and it’s nothing short of crazy!  And yet…

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