Hitlery 28

Nearly two years after Hitlery lost her second attempt be become president, the former first lady, former Senator and Barry O’s secretary of state still can’t let go of the fact that she actually lost. So it was then that repeat presidential candidate Hitlery spent much of her speech given at England’s University of Oxford this past Monday heaping a bit more criticism on America’s Electoral College. Hitlery, as you may recall, lost the 2016 presidential campaign with 232 electoral votes to President Trump’s 306, and has previously called for scrapping America’s system of electing presidents, instead relying on a direct one-person, one-vote election.

She has recently traveled to many other foreign countries since the election for the purpose of dumping on the Electoral College and other great American ideas, probably because her American audiences is essentially done listening to her complain in their own country.  And it was during her speech at Oxford that Hitlery said, “Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. Now, there are many other lessons like this. Louise mentioned my personal experience with winning three million more votes but still losing.”  And she then went on to add, “And we will leave discussions of American Electoral College for another day.”

But the sad fact is that Hitlery had 90 percent of the media promoting her and tearing down your opponent. She had nearly all of Hollyweird in her corner as well as most of academia. And she effectively owned the DNC. And still she couldn’t manage a win. She lost because most people didn’t believe her to be trustworthy and she confirmed their distrust by keeping a private email server and then lying about why she had it. She lost because she called 50 percent of the voting public “deplorable.” She lost because she’s a hypocrite, championing women’s rights and then trashing/threatening the women your husband harassed and abused.

She lost because her political positions shift with the wind. She lost because she offered no compelling reason for people to vote for her, other than “it’s my turn.” But most of all, she lost because, while Donald Trump was talking about the economy and jobs, she was talking about nothing more than Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for those of us who still love this country, “He’s worse than me” proved not to be an effective campaign strategy.  And so she will continue on her tour telling anyone who will listen how it was that she was cheated out of what was rightfully hers and about how she deserved to be president.

Hitlery was lamenting the power of populism when the subject of the Electoral College came up.  She said, “Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. Now, there are many other lessons like this. Louise mentioned my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes, but still losing. And we will leave discussions of American Electoral College for another day, but Mounk concludes by saying, ‘Turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites, both inside the country and around the world, persistently underestimate the threat which these kinds of leaders pose to the survival of democratic institutions.’”

Hitlery also suggested American citizens, under President Trump, may come to lose their rights to due process.  She said, “Today, the American president tweeted there should be no judicial process, there should be no due process for anyone who crosses the border.”  And she went on to say, “I can’t help but think, if you strip immigrants and asylum seekers of due process and judicial review, who is next?” Hitlery said President Trump’s immigration policies have brought about a “dark hour in America.”  On the contrary, it has become obvious that we finally have a president who seems to see the value in ensuring that America remains a sovereign nation.

Hitlery said, “Fundamental rights, civic virtue, even facts and reason are under assault. And as we have been painfully reminded in my own country, the consequences are severe. Over the past few weeks, Americans from every political background, ideology, religion and walk of life have watched heartbroken and outraged as immigrant families are ripped apart.”  She added, “Children as young as infants, three months, eight months, babies one and two years, toddlers are treated cruelly as political pawns. Yet even in this dark hour in America, we are witnessing an outpouring of moral conviction, civic engagement, a commitment to standing up for the most vulnerable among us.”

So, having said all that, let us all take just a moment to be thankful that it was she who lost the election and Donald Trump who won! This woman is so dishonest. The founders put in the Electoral College for good reason, each state gets a say in the election, not just the highly populated ones. Does anyone really want the idiots in California and New York to be deciding every election? Would the candidates ever bother visiting voters in Iowa? The irony is that the Democrats want to switch to simple one-man/one-vote national election scheme. And yet, they screamed about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.

It is the simple popular vote that is more easily corrupted: fowl the election system in one (or several) relatively large populous states, like California, New York or Illinois and the legitimacy of the election outcome can be compromised. The Electoral College, as Barry himself stated, makes it virtually impossible to affect election outcome. Yes, predictably the Democrats would wish to move to a system where the outcome could be more easily compromised, even manipulated.  There is always an ulterior motive for everything the Democrats come up with, and can you think of anything from which there would be more dire consequences?

The case for keeping the Electoral College can be very easily made by using a football analogy.  During the game we have one team that marches down the field 8 times for 540 yards, but doesn’t score each time. The other team gets good field position on a few punts, throws long passes for three touchdowns and a total of 320 yards. Final score – 21-0. But the team that couldn’t score demands the win because they gained more yards during the game. The Electoral College worked as advertised. It exists PRECISELY for the purpose of removing the natural advantage of urban population centers giving “Flyover America” a more equal footing in the exercise of power.

Let’s be honest, Barry NEEDED Hitlery to win so his corruption and treasonous acts against America would never be discovered and would remained covered up until such time they had long been forgotten. But she lost and all the treasonous acts and concocted stories about Russian collusion on the part of the Trump campaign are being seen for what they are: lies and Democrat corruption with the help of the FBI and DOJ. Spies within these organizations have continued with their attempts to get President Trump impeached but it hasn’t work and hopefully all who took part in this corruption will soon be in jail and goes as far up as Barry himself.

Hitlery has no shame, and displays her mental illness publicly over and over. The genius Founding Fathers didn’t want less than a few densely populated coastal states with a different culture than the rest of the 45 states to dictate to the overwhelming majority of states the leader of the country. Most of her votes came from millions of illegals immigrants in California who would be dependent on the state and vote for the state handouts. The Left seeks to replace the American electorate with them. But keep it up. Hitlery, Pelosi and Mad Maxine are the quintessential representatives of the failed in debt, rabidly violent Democrat Party.

Hopefully, what should naturally be huge Congressional gains in November for the party out of power, will be a rare mid-term victory for the party in the White House. And if so we’ll have those like Hitlery, Pelosi, Cryin Chuck, Mad Maxine and Warren to thank. I’ve always believed (and still do) that any U.S. politician who goes to another country and complains about the U.S. or about our system of government is a coward. If he or she has something critical or constructive to say, it should be said here and dealt with here. Going abroad and complaining about life at home demonstrates both a lack of courage and an absence of character.

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