Democrats 67

It was a recent CBS “battleground” poll, that oddly enough was +8% Democrat, which succeeds in making it all the more clear just how thoroughly out of touch the Democrat Party has now become with a majority of the American.  Because it is this poll that shows it is now that a solid 63% of Americans who favor illegal immigrants being arrested or sent back to their home country.  Only 21% (hardliner Democrats and open border lobby) want the illegals to be released and trusted to show up for their court hearing.

What this poll clearly shows is that in spite of what has been, and continues to be, a full court press by not only those in the Democrat Party, the state-controlled media, Hollyweird celebrities and many of this country’s leftist activists/anarchists, the American people simply refuse to buy all of the hype.  Not that abject rejection will stop those who have become so very obviously unhinged. They will continue to find a way to rationalize that these poll results do nothing less than to indicate that they are somehow still winning.

Look at these so-called ‘children’, coming into our country.  If indeed 63% of Americans do agree that we should arrest and deport those in this country illegally, then it proves the American people simply are not buying the constant propaganda from the left and they realize what’s underway here is nothing more than a Democrat sponsored invasion. I hope President Trump sticks with that theme because it is an invasion, asylum seekers are supposed to stop at the first country they hit, but they don’t, they come to America.

And Mexico continues to allow them free passage through the country, even assisting them as they pass through on their way to America. The leaders of Mexico are complacent, and very willingly so, in this ongoing invasion. Mexico is in no way a friend of the United States.  Efforts needs to be made to punish Mexico. No more trade until they secure their side of the border and stop helping these people. Even for those welfare recipients, more illegal immigrants represent a threat. They are competition for government resources.

No American citizen or immigrant benefits from illegals, except those business owners seeking cheap labor instead of hiring American workers. Not even current illegals already here, benefit from more illegals coming. Properly explained to the public, it is a huge losing issue for the left. I didn’t expect them to try to be so overt about what they want. I suppose the need to fill the news with other information to hide the new facts showing that the Mueller investigation was started as a result of political motives, requires a distraction.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, all their cards are on the table! The Marxist left and their globalist brethren are showing who they really are. If we choose to ignore them we could just lose our country. But if we spread the truth and counter all of the propaganda we can save our Republic. What these individuals are attempting is nothing less than a coup. So we must stand united and fight these traitors with everything we have. Either that or we watch our freedom, economy, and children’s futures die as their agenda is allowed to spread.

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