Democrats 54

First we had Nancy Pelosi declaring the fact that illegal immigrants actually depress wages for American workers, is simply NOT the point.  And then it was earlier this week that we heard from Chuckie Schumer who essentially said the same thing when he made it very clear that the Democrats now have zero interest in doing anything to resolve on ongoing illegal immigration problem.  It was just this past Tuesday that Chuckie declared that Democrats would reject ANY piece of legislation the purpose of which would be to address the crisis at the U.S-Mexico border, where children have been separated from adults after crossing illegally.

Chuckie said, “There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense.   This America-hating SOB went on to say, “Legislation is not the way to go here when it’s so easy for the president to sign it.” Chuckie’s statements seem to indicate that a bill he co-sponsors, the Keep Families Together Act, is largely for show. That bill, introduced by Dianne Feinstein, is officially co-sponsored by every Senate Democrat and would prevent government agencies from removing an illegal alien child from a parent or legal guardian within 100 miles of the U.S. border or any port of entry.

Chuckie’s attempt to shift responsibility to President Trump suggests that not even Democrat proposals will come to the floor. Chuckie can obstruct Republican proposals, too, of which there are several, including a bill by RINO Mitch McConnell, by whipping his party to use the power of the filibuster to prevent any vote.  Democrats continue to accuse President Trump of keeping the children at the border “hostage” to his policy. For his part, President Trump said on Tuesday that Democrats were more interested in “potential voters” than in helping illegal immigrants and their children.  They seek only to regain control of Congress.

Democrats need an issue to run on for the midterms so of course they’ll reject anything that fixes a problem they can continually whine about.  It’s obvious that the Democrats have been taking acting lessons from their Hollyweird friends because it wasn’t all that long ago, politically speaking, that many very prominent Democrats, including Chuckie, were saying many of the very same things, when it comes to ‘children’ as the president has been saying. Democrats have mastered the ‘Art of Feigned Outrage’ to encourage ILLEGAL invaders to enter our country, and are using innocent children to do it. In reality, they couldn’t care less about what happens to these children. They are ruthless, vile, and blatantly dishonest.

Chuckie favors the president using Executive Order because, as we have seen, that can easily be undone. However, once there is a law enacted by Congress that becomes much more difficult to undo. Chuckie is counting on Democrats winning the next presidential election or impeaching Trump and is refusing to put up any obstacles that could prevent, or impede, their Third World Socialist agenda. What Chuckie, in essence, is really saying here is that the Democrats are now refusing to do their job and seem in favor of choosing to defer their law-making powers to the President when it comes to the issue of immigration. These people are certifiably insane.

As I said, the Democrats have NO platform for the elections and are desperately in search of an issue and now seem to think they have found one. Chuckie, as well as EVERY other Democrat, couldn’t care less about these children, they are, as always, merely props for the Democrats.  Trump is doing what he promised and turning off the tap of cheap labor and Democrat voters. Democrats don’t give a damn about these kids. Democrats as mining for voters and in the process they are trying to replace our population with poor, uneducated people who tend to vote for those socialist policies that now seem to be favored by the Democrat Party.

The immigration act of 1965, a little creation by Teddy ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy, feminism and the destruction of the family has brought us to where we are today in this country. They can’t enact their policies if men and women form strong family units. They can’t enact socialism if children are not brainwashed by liberals in the public school system. This is a grand experiment and the closing chapter is starting now. They thought Hitlery would win and they are now livid the America middle class stood up and stopped them. Wake up! You are being replaced by people because you won’t work for minimum wage or vote for Socialists.

The Democrats are coming out of the closet finally and showing all their true stripes.  It is as a party that Democrats favor: Open Borders, Total amnesty for illegal immigrants, Amnesty and voting rights for felons and total support for lawlessness over law and order. Any vote for ANY Democrat politician is now a vote for the destruction of America and of our Constitution. The remedy, my friends, is at the ballot box.  We MUST vote to obtain a super majority of conservatives in the Senate and to increase, or least maintain, our majority in the House, and for President Trump in 2020.  There is still hope for our country but the stakes are high.

With each passing day it becomes all the more clear that Democrats have no interest in solving the immigration problem. If so, they could have easily solved it in 2009 and 2010 when they had control of both houses of Congress. Immigration is all about ‘Fundamentally Changing America’ and is NOT about the betterment of America! They want a bunch of uneducated, illiterate foreigners coming here so that Democrats can offer them trinkets in order to garner their support and VOTE.  Open borders would mean the demise of America as we know it. It would hand the keys of government to the Democrats for next 100 Years.

This is all nothing more than another example of orchestrated outrage because Democrats have absolutely nothing to run on in November.  Democrats, the party of treason, slavery, segregation, internment, eugenics, abortion, and lawless criminality are using open border chaos and massive ILLEGAL ‘immigration’ as a means to reacquire political power at the expense of the survival of America and the lives of American citizens and LEGAL immigrants. Traitors like them deserve to be driven from office at the earliest opportunity for they are the enemy within that rots the nation.  We the American people MUST take our country back!


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