Ryan 14

What is it about these ‘retiring’ RINOS that prevents them from leaving town without doing as much damage as they can while heading for the door.  Whether we’re talking Flake, Corker or Ryan, it seems that none of them can just go away quietly.  So it is once again that we’re hearing about how Ryan is leading his group of lying RINOs in an effort to not only thwart the president of his own party, but in also being hell-bent on making sure that Republicans lose control of not only the House but perhaps the Senate as well.  And what truly worries me is that those easily influenced will simply stay home this November and by so doing hand Ryan one last victory before retiring.

You see, it’s apparently before leaving Congress that RINO Ryan seems determined to make sure that the Republican majority has been completely wiped out ensuring that President Trump’s agenda is effectively dead.  Recent polls now show all of the Republicans gradual gains since mid-March have been essentially wiped out since June 1, when the Democrats held a mere 3.2 point advantage in the generic ballot, which records voters’ partisan preference.  One week later, on June 8, the gap had jumped to 7.6 percent as the establishment media extensively and favorably covered the discharge-petition push and RINO Ryan’s June 6 public support for an amnesty.

Now you’d have to be moron not to realize that the latest push for amnesty is being driven solely by those business groups who oppose the modest wage raises that are happening in President Trump’s high-pressure economy, which is forcing companies to bid up workers’ wages in a tight labor market.  Amnesty advocates use business-funded pollsters to conduct “Nation of Immigrants” push-polls which show apparent voter-support for DACA amnesty, for immigration, and immigrants.  But it’s really all nothing more than a campaign of deception the purpose of which is to provide Ryan’s RINOs some political cover allowing them to say they are only doing what voters want.

But “Choice” polls reveal the often-ignored strong preference most, at least, Republican votes that CEOs should hire Americans at decent wages before hiring migrants.  Those pro-American preferences are held by many blue-collar Blacks, Latinos, and by people who hide their opinions from pollsters.  Similarly, the 2018 polls show that Republican voters are far more concerned about immigration — more properly, the economics of immigration — than they are concerned about illegal migration and MS-13, taxes, or the return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  And yet RINOs like Ryan simply choose to ignore those folks in favor of their rich donors.

I swear it’s almost as if RINO Ryan is working with the Democrats to undermine our Republican president. This guy apparently wants to do as much damage as he can before he leaves. He needs to be tied up and thrown in a closet until his term runs out.  Ryan, in case you don’t know, we want No Amnesty, No DACA, No Sanctuary cities and No Compromises.  Ryan is purposely trying to sink the Republican Party before leaving town.  He needs to be removed now by whatever means is necessary.  It’s either that or he will do everything in his power to ensure that the Democrats take the House.  And that is something that we simply cannot allow to happen.

I think it pretty obvious that Ryan, along with his many RINO colleagues, have forgotten who it is that they are supposed to be working for.  Actually I think it would be far more accurate to say that neither he, nor they, have never recognized that they work for the people.  I love it when he starts telling the American people, “That’s not who we are.” And so it would seem that the Republican Party is on a relentless mission to be in the minority with McConnell and Ryan leading the way.  Then they can go back to blaming Democrats for everything that they could have done something about when they were in the majority, but lacked the balls to do so.

Frankly, I’m beginning to think that this is all planned. If you think about it, they know how the people feel about amnesty, ‘We don’t want it!’ So they try to push it through by using some phony data or by lying, and the people get even angrier.  It’s like they WANT Republicans to stay home which would virtually guarantee a Democrat/RINO victory.  For them it’s a win-win. This is not a fool proof plan, assuming we’re smart enough to get rid of as many of these RINOs as we can in the primaries, then vote Republican in the midterms.  Even if you have to hold your nose, drag every ‘Deplorable’ you can find to the polls in both the primary and the general elections.

Here’s what I see as going on: 40 RINO House members have called it quits this year and ‘The Establishment’ sees a bunch of Trump supporting candidates running in their place. They know that if Republican retain the House and Senate, their dream of mass amnesty is dead.  So, they are now trying to demoralize voters by talking about amnesty with no other immigration reforms.  They know Trump will never sign it and the Senate won’t even take it up ahead of the midterms. Their goal is to have the Democrats take back the House and stop Trump’s immigration reforms.  And whether or not this plan of theirs works rests solely on we the Republican voters.

It is absolute political suicide to run on a liberal agenda but I am sure the RINOs know this, sabotage now appears to be Plan B since their Plan A was to get Hitlery elected. The conservative agenda for the midterm elections needs to focus on building ‘The Wall’, bring an end to abortions, restoring traditional marriage, relieving our job creators from their crippling tax burden, and securing gun rights for all Americans wherever we go with no gun-free zones.  If we can get back to conservative ‘values’, those same values that made America the greatest nation on Earth, there will be a massive red tidal wave come this November. That MUST be our goal!

The strategy of the Republican Party, if we are being honest here, is not to come right out and say they want President Trump gone (which they do) but is instead to push amnesty through knowing they will lose a ton of seats in the House, the Democrats will then gain control of the House and will then immediately move to impeach.  This is the way to protect BOTH parties from any investigation that will uncover not only the corruption of both parties, but to hide and destroy any evidence that they used the power of the federal government against a political opponent. If you think it’s just the so-called RINOs, then you haven’t been paying attention.

As for me let the polls say what they will, I will be persuaded to neither stay home on Election Day or to vote for ANYBODY with a (D) after his or her name.  To do that is to hand to the ‘Deep State’, and its many accomplices, of which ‘RINO Ryan’ is one, exactly what it wants.  I will not allow myself to be used by those whose only mission is to destroy the country I love.  I want only to send Ryan home knowing that he failed miserably in his mission of creating a pathway that would have allowed the Democrats to proceed with their primary objective of impeaching President Trump.  The best thing we can do for our country is to ensure the Trump agenda moves forward.

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