Donkey 06

Apparently lost in amongst all of the talk of a pending ‘blue wave’ said to be headed in our direction this November and the 99 percent negative ‘news’ coverage that President Trump has been made to endure since he was inaugurated, is who it is that most folks see as being the ‘head’ of the Democrat Party.  Because it’s according to a recent poll that such information that seems to escape a pretty significant number of voters.  But does it even really matter that no one can identify a supposed leader of the Democrat Party?  Is the party’s hatred of President Trump enough to win?

You see, just five months out from this November’s midterm elections, voters in competitive battleground districts essentially have no idea who it is that can be said to be leading the Democrat Party.  According to a CBS/YouGov poll released just this past Sunday, when voters in key districts were asked to name the party’s leader, the most popular answer was, “There isn’t one.”  It was 45 percent of midterm voters who seem to think that the Democrats are leaderless.  And voters who said the Democrat Party actually does have a leader, couldn’t agree on who that leader is.

Because, apparently, 16 percent of those asked said Senate Democrat Chuckie Schumer is the leader of the party, 15 percent said Nancy Pelosi, and even 13 percent said Bernie Sanders.  Also it was 7 percent who actually named ex-secretary of state and two time presidential loser, Hitlery as being the leader of the party, while another four percent listed someone else.  And, it was this same poll that found that that the midterm battle for control of the House is currently seen as being pretty much of a toss-up.  So the much heralded ‘blue wave’ seems to have dissipated.

This should come as a surprise to virtually no one.  Before Rosanne Barr made that tweet about Valarie Jarret, you could have asked any number of Democrat voters who Valarie Jarret was and most would have had no idea, nor that she was a major player in Barry’s little crime family.  Some folks vote Democrat, or Republican, just for the sake of voting for a particular party.  Those voters are the ones who keep folks like McCain, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer along with any number of others in office, therefore extending the problems we’ve with our government for decades.

The sad thing is that rank and file Democrats don’t seem bothered by their party’s lack of leadership, or the lack of any real message other than hatred of President Trump.  That said, we dare not underestimate the sleazy Democrats for they are a sinister bunch chock full of ways to advance their destructive liberal agenda.  And they have an army of propagandists disguised as our media that is always standing at the ready to assist in any way they can.   Bottom line: those who comprise this cadre of toxic liberals are most dangerous when they feel the most threatened.

The S.O.P. for any Democrat who’s glommed onto power is to systematically destroy anyone who might even consider replacing them, out of fear that they might.  This generation of Democrats is little more than a bunch of ‘snowflakes’ who have no idea of what they’re complaining about.  The Democrat Party has now become entirely dependent on the stupidity of its voters.  And the Democrat propaganda media machine has been so obsessed with destroying President Trump that they seem to have fallen down on the job a bit in the effort to promote their most favored party.

And what a great message we have from the Democrat Party. After all, nothing screams “Vote for us!” quite like a leaderless mob that wants only to raise your taxes so they can then use that money to give more ‘free stuff’ to those who will agree to vote for them!  And remember, Democrats also pretty much own our state-controlled media, run most of our institutions of ‘higher learning’, and have lots of very wealthy friends, like George Soros and the Koch brothers, who have never been the least bit shy when it comes to helping the Democrats advance their corrupt agenda.

And finally, I have no doubt that the majority of those who identify as Democrats have absolutely NO concept of what a true ‘leader’ is, and therefore most of those taking part in this poll were likely dumbfounded by the question.  All those who vote Democrat are interested in is how much ‘free stuff’ they can acquire in exchange for their vote that someone else, and not they, will be required to pay for.  That’s really what the modern day Democrat Party has become, nothing more than a bunch of parasites willing to hand over their vote to whoever is the highest bidder.  Sad.


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