So I guess the big question out there in state-controlled media land is, just how low can the ratings for the Communist News Network (CNN) really go?  Because, apparently, CNN’s ongoing ratings crisis has now reached the point where the far-left anti-Trump network was unable to place a single show in the top 25 throughout the entire month of May.  Worse still, the network didn’t have a single show that managed to attract an average of even 900,000 total viewers, much less a million.

As was reported earlier this week, the overall picture at CNN has become pretty gloomy. Because even as Fox News climbed in the ratings, the hate-spewing CNN has virtually collapsed just since last year with a rather calamitous drop of -25 percent of primetime viewers.  CNN is now doing so poorly it doesn’t have a single breakout star.  Every hour is a ratings disaster.  CNN’s best showing in May was Anderson Cooper 360, but his primetime hour placed at #26 with an average of only 888,000 viewers.

It was with the exception of Fox & Friends First that every single show on Fox News, every single one, regardless of the hour it aired, beat CNN’s highest rated show.  Other than Fox & Friends First, the left-wing Shepard Smith has the lowest rated show on Fox, but even his average viewership of 1.35 million was still able to crush Anderson Cooper’s 888,000, Erin Burnett’s 818,000, and Jake Tapper’s 793,000. Those folks are what is comically referred to as being the TOP three shows on CNN.

Other than CNN’s ‘Early Start’, which airs before 6 a.m., CNN’s lowest rated show was ‘New Day’, which was co-hosted by far-left kook, Chris Cuomo. New Day managed to only average 584,000 total viewers, while its timeslot competition at Fox, Fox & Friends, averaged 1.58 million.  Nevertheless, Cuomo still managed a promotion to CNN primetime.  The news is all good for Fox, which appears to have fully recovered from its primetime shake-up that came with the loss of Bill O’Reilly and others.

Sean Hannity, who has consistently beat MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow throughout all of 2018, widened the gap considerably in May.  Hannity averaged 3.3 million viewers to Maddow’s 2.6 million.  And it was Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham who were also right there in the mix with 2.1 million, respectively.  Of the top 20 shows, Fox owned 15 of those slots, with MSNBC claiming the rest. The only Fox show not in the top 20 was the aforementioned Fox & Friends First, which airs at 4 a.m.

Overall, Fox News pretty much humiliated both CNN and MSNBC with an average of 2.381 million total primetime viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.384 million and CNN’s 835,000.  And in the advertiser-coveted 25 to 54 age group, Fox soundly beat MSNBC, 461,000 to 329,000, and left CNN in the dust (265,000).  In all of cable, in total primetime viewers, Fox News came in second behind TNT, MSNBC came in fourth, and CNN limped into 12th place behind HGTV and Investigative Discovery.

In total day viewers, Fox News was number one in all of cable with an average of 1.4 million total viewers.  CNN bottomed out in total day viewers with a pathetic average of just 654,000.  All of which begs the question, why is it that CNN chooses not to follow the Fox News model?   Why continually allow yourself to be humiliated and refuse to do anything that could improve things?  There can be no other explanation than that the network continues as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

And if CNN’s failure proves anything it’s that a steady stream of what is nothing more than fake news/propaganda, no matter how expertly delivered, simply doesn’t sell, or at least doesn’t sell well enough to be able to keep the bills paid.  Unless, of course, there’s a certain amount of subsidizing that’s taking place by those whose talking points are constantly being spewed and presented as ‘news.’  CNN will never again be considered as relevant. They have been forever branded as ‘fake news.’

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