I swear, the number of kooks who call the Democrat Party home seems to be growing exponentially. And the more they come the more they insist upon applying ALL of the many ‘character’ flaws possessed by Barry ‘O’, onto President Trump.  And so it was, yet again, that entering from stage left we had another leftwing nut who, if we didn’t know he was speaking about President Trump we would have surly thought that he was speaking about Barry ‘O’.  And of course the leftwing nut of whom I speak is that well-known racist kook, author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson.

You see, it was during this past Wednesday’s episode of ‘Hardball’, on MSNBC, that the esteemed Mr. Dyson, chose to make what was really nothing more than one of his very typical, and patently idiotic, accusations in referring to President Trump as our “bigot in chief” who “unleashed” horrendous viewpoints, like actress Roseanne Barr’s racist remark about former Barry ‘O’ adviser Valerie Jarrett.  Now personally, it’s every time I hear the phrase “bigot in chief” that the first person who immediately comes to mind is, Barry ‘O’.  Because he was, and remains to this day, a bigot.

Anyway, the very racist Mr. Dyson said, “We’ve got a bigot-in-chief and racist in residence. That is what it is. He has unleashed some of the most horrendous viewpoints in this country. He said ‘look, it’s okay, come out of the closet, stand up and speak and tell the world what you believe and you will be defended by political bluster.’ And notice in his tweet, he said nothing about the horrendous statement that Roseanne Barr herself admitted was unforgivable. He said nothing about that.”  I’m curious, what was it that the president was expected to say, exactly?

And then this moron went on to add, “He wants to have it both ways. He wants to certify and validate the quiet bigots afraid to stand up and speak out, and at the same time, he wants to get at the other side for its bigotry and for its dumping on him.”  Dyson is hilarious with his stringing together of words which, I can only assume, he must think makes him appear to be more intelligent when in fact all he really ends up accomplishing is the leaving of very little doubt that he one’s of the dumbest boobs you’ll ever meet.  That and the fact he’s a committed racist!

Those on the left, of which Dyson is the prefect example, insist upon hurling labels like racist, white supremacist, Nazi and bigot all in their effort to create the justification for their calling for white genocide.  But if they were ever to succeed in that endeavor, who is it that would then be forced to cover the cost of their welfare?  Would they suddenly develop a desire to go to work?  NO!  So what would happen if the race that produces, educates, innovates and keeps this country operating were to be done away with?  And have they even thought about that?

Comments like Dyson’s get the like-minded all excited, and they’re happy to hear such language.  Hardcore leftists will always vote Democrat, so it really doesn’t matter if they’re happy or sad.  However, this sort of toxic hate, drives reasonable people away, those middle-of-the-road folks who have voted Democrat in the past.  So please, keep spewing hate, leftists. You’re doing President Trump, and his supporters a huge favor.  Those “I say it, so that makes it true” loons have torqued themselves into overdrive, to the point where they may soon simply implode.

Folks like this Dyson character still believe that they can spew whatever hate-filled drivel they like without needing any evidence to back up what they say, or being made to suffer any consequences when their accusations are shown to be false.  And it’s a growing number of us who are now very angry, angry enough to flock to the ballot box and make certain that these infantile clowns are prevented from being able to elect those who possess their same hate-filled views.  And the longer they keep this up, the sooner they will find themselves in the landfill of history.

And I’m curious how it is that President Trump is in any way responsible for what Roseanne Barr said?   It would seem to me that he has got far more important things to deal with such as cleaning up the substantial mess left behind by that misfit we had in office for eight long years.  It was Barry ‘O’ who caused the chasm between the races. Trump has helped American blacks. Witness the lowest unemployment in decades that blacks are experiencing.   It’s the Democrats who fill the airwaves with vile and hateful attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

And considering how divisive, and downright racist, Barry ‘O’ was for those eight years, the conservatives and Independents, despite all of their criticisms, were rather cool and collected, awaiting their chance at the polls.  Yet when Trump wins suddenly leftist comedians were pulling out severed heads, there has been talk of assassination, the open cursing of him and his wife on talk shows, concocted Russian collusion and demand for impeachment with no offense being committed.  No, it was Barry ‘O’ who ginned up his base into a bunch of raving violent lunatics.

And it was also Barry who incited ‘Black Lives Matter’, and actually encouraged members of this group to threaten all manner of violence against the police.  And it was also Barry who went about the spying on civilians and who used the IRS to attack his political opponents.  No, Trump hasn’t unleashed bad people, he has merely brought out the true colors of those on the unhinged left.  And when Dyson speaks of Trumps “horrendous viewpoints”, what is it that seems to have not only his panties, but the panties of so many others on the left, in such a twist?

Well they would seem to include, but not be limited to, the following:

President Trump believes in our Constitution, he believes in sovereign America with real borders, he believes in God and not the Religion of Liberalism, he believes in merit based LEGAL Immigration and loves those Immigrants. He loves the Jewish people and has some in his family, he believes America should have a strong military to protect herself, he believes in the police, military, Border Patrol, hard-working middle class, he believes in lower taxes and keeping jobs at home and he believes in small and large business without the burden of heavy regulatory barriers.

And we also now have a president who believes in just and even trade between nations, he believes in a babies right in the womb not to be murdered and then have its baby parts sold on the open market, he believes in free choices for choosing your schools and that they should teach and not ‘Indoctrinate’, he believes in real reporting of news that is not fake new like those in our state-controlled media is, he believes in standing for the National Anthem and showing respect for America, even if you are a overpaid celebrity be it (Sports or Hollyweird) without significance.

And while I could likely go on for several pages, suffice it to say that we now have a real President who is not bought and paid for by those in the ‘Establishment’, as was Hitlery, and who has still managed to keep a good many of his promises and accomplished much to the complete horror of those in the state-controlled media, the Democrat Party, the many RINO’s and NeverTrumper’s, racists like Dyson, and the rest of our enemies, both  foreign and domestic, who hate this president for wanting to ‘Make America Great Again!’  Keep up the good work, Mr. President.


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