Hitlery 12

Imagine just for a second, because it’ll only take that long to scare the crap out of yourself, that on November 8, 2016 the absolute unthinkable had actually taken place and Hitlery had been elected president.  And then consider the rather incredible level of corruption and yes, dare I say, collusion, on the part of the Democrat Party that would have never, EVER seen the light of day?  All of which, I must say, should lead most everyone to a much greater appreciation of the president we have.

Except for those who have been living under a rock, you would have to realize that it’s been for the past 18+ months that Hitlery has been in what can only be described as a perpetual snit.  “No, I’m not over it,” she recently confessed while turning Yale’s commencement into a self-pity pity party.  Anyone who is the least bit familiar with her personal history knows quite well how the “I’m a victim” shtick didn’t start with November 2016, and most certainly would not have ended even if she had won.

Hitlery has been a perpetual blamer and finger-pointer her entire public life and no doubt would have taken her woe-is-me attitude right into the Oval ­Office.  And that, coupled with her breathtaking sense of entitlement, makes it more than difficult to see her, as president, lifting the nation’s self-confidence, either at home or abroad.  In economic terms, how much higher would unemployment be?  And how much worse off would the stock market and median family incomes be with President Hitlery?

And I’m pretty sure we all remember how Hitlery promised, yes promised, to put coal miners out of work.  Now that’s a promise that she would definitely have kept.  And remember, it was she who also wanted to raise taxes, even on the middle class, instead of cutting them and no doubt she would have further loosened our already lax immigration policies instead of making ANY attempt to tighten them.  So try to imagine what the current state of our economy would be with Hitlery as president.

And remember, it was Hitlery who was also part of Barry ‘O’s team that tried to force Israel into making concessions that its leaders believed were dangerous to the Jewish state’s security. And it’s a cinch that the U.S. Embassy still would be in Tel Aviv instead of in Jerusalem and Palestinians would have kept a veto over our policy.  The Iran deal would have remained firmly in place by a Hitlery presidency, therefore leaving the Mullahs free to be ever more aggressive in their pursuit of regional power.

Now it is true that a President Hitlery would be far more popular in Western Europe than is President Trump, but that’s only because with Hitlery there would be no America First agenda.  And, as it was under Barry, Hitlery would continue the policy of allowing Europe to call the global shots which would ensure that appeasement would remain the default position.  Then there are the aggressions of China and North Korea.  Does anyone believe that Hitlery would have pushed back harder than Trump?

And among the any number of other consequences of a victorious Hitlery, consider the extraordinary political and legal aftermath of the election, ranging from the resistance to Robert Mueller’s investigation to the emerging evidence that the FBI and CIA conspired to SPY on the campaign of then candidate Trump.  And I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Hitlery would have fired James Comey even faster than did President Trump.  But then maybe not, depending what Comey may still have on her.

And along with a victorious Hitlery we would have likely had Loretta Lynch serving as attorney general and scumbags like Brennan, Clapper, Rice and Power now holding cushy government jobs instead of having to fight to keep their dirty tricks from ever seeing daylight.  Mueller would be in private law practice, the highlight of his bio the fact that he was the longest-serving FBI director since Hoover.  Instead, his legacy will be that he led a witch-hunt the purpose of which was to take the president.

But thankfully fate and voters stepped in with other ideas, and the truly remarkable fact is that President Trump’s stunning Electoral College victory came despite the rather impressive alliance that formed against him involving the White House, law enforcement, the intelligence agencies and 99 percent of the state-controlled media. In the coming days, I’m quite sure that we will likely come to learn more about that squalid alliance, giving us more reason to marvel at the resiliency of our republic.

And let’s all try to keep in mind here that even when it looks as if President Trump may have come off the tracks, we need to consider the alternative and remember that it all could have been so very much worse.  And so it is then that I remain as firmly convinced as I was on the day after the election that America dodged a very sizable bullet with the election of President Trump and the defeat of Hitlery.  The country would have never survived a president Barry followed by a president Hitlery.

I think we can all agree that President Trump still has much work ahead of him in his effort to truly ‘Make America Great Again.’  And while I think we can all agree that he is trying to do all that he can, we should also be able to agree that he was with left quite the mess to clean up upon the departure of Barry ‘O’, a mess that would only now be getting much worse if it was Hitlery who had been elected president.  But I firmly believe that if anyone can do it, it is without a doubt, President Donald Trump.

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