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After years of watching this hapless boob make a complete ass out of himself on pretty much a daily basis, I’ve always found it more than a little amazing how John Kerry-Heinz was able to make it far as he has, especially since he’s never been known for possessing much of an intellect.  But, it was from Yale, to his spending a very brief, yet quite rewarding, four month tour in Vietnam, from which he returned heavily laden with bogus medals, to his going onto law school followed by a gig as an Assistant District Attorney in Massachusetts and then as Lieutenant Governor under Michael Dukakis that in 1984 Kerry-Heinz was finally elected to the U.S. Senate.

And it was during his 2004 failed attempt to become President that Kerry-Heinz took every opportunity he could to criticize President George W. Bush for the Iraq War.  And thankfully he and his running mate, then Senator John Edwards, lost the election, finishing 35 electoral votes behind Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.  And it was after his loss that Kerry-Heinz returned to the Senate.  In January 2013, Kerry-Heinz was nominated by Barry ‘O’ to succeed outgoing secretary of state Hitlery and was then confirmed by the Senate, assuming the office on February 1, 2013. Kerry-Heinz retained the position until the end of Barry’s tenure on January 20, 2017.

And now we fast-forward to as recently as this past Sunday when Kerry-Heinz was heard issuing a ‘warning’ to President Trump that the Democrats are not afraid to go against his “America First” policies.  Ok, so who exactly is surprised to hear that bit of news?  The opportunity came while Kerry-Heinz was in attendance at New York University’s Abu Dhabi’s commencement ceremony where he proceeded to take some rather obvious jabs at the president’s “America First” trade and immigration policies.  He said, “We won’t win, any of us, ultimately, by retreating within our borders, by focusing on our own nations only, or by going it alone.”

Kerry-Heinz lashed out against the president in early May for withdrawing from the disastrously flawed Iran nuke deal, calling the administration out for stopping a “working” strategy.  American politics has become “almost all accusatory and all bombastic,” Kerry-Heinz told those gathered, arguing we are at the point where we can’t even “agree on what the facts are.”  He said, “No matter how big or how many the challenges, I want you to leave here today confident about our ability to win that future.” Adding, “Every single problem we face is created by human choices. And to the best of my knowledge, those problems can also be solved by human choices.”

Now I’m sure many thought that back when Barry said, upon becoming president, his primary objective was going to be to “fundamentally transform” the United States there were some who actually thought that he was seeking to make the country stronger.  And I’m sure at least some were quite shocked when it was just the opposite that took place.  Because it was upon his departure that we came to find America much, much weaker that it was before Barry came into office.  Weaker militarily, weaker economically and much weaker when it come to the amount of influence we had over world events.  And Kerry-Heinz definitely played a part.

I love America, so much so that I served 24 years in her military.  And as near as I can tell Democrats, and I mean ALL Democrats, along with their many friends in the state-controlled media, hate America, and are still very much in favor of fundamentally transforming it from the greatest, most generous and prosperous nation ever to exist into a country that many of us would have a rather difficult time recognizing. The Democrats and their European leftist allies want desperately to destroy America and bring an end to any amount of positive influence it is still able to provide in a world that, thanks to Barry, Hitlery and Kerry-Heinz seems to be in chaos.

Kerry-Heinz was, without a doubt, an absolute disaster as our Secretary of State.  And were it not for Hitlery, he would very easily be considered the absolute worst Secretary of State in the history of this country.  And his past is not one of his having been a patriot, but quite the contrary.  Just consider the accusations he made against his fellow soldiers in order to build for himself a political career and more recently his willingness to undercut the foreign policy of a duly elected President of the U.S.  He has a history of meeting with foreign government officials in secret in order to undermine U.S. foreign policy.  He is a traitor of the highest order.

Very little has changed with respect to John Kerry-Heinz’s anti-America views, from his highly questionable service in Vietnam to his speech before the Senate when he came home, accusing and condemning his fellow soldiers of the worst atrocities imaginable, to his time as a U.S. Senator, presidential candidate, Secretary of State under Barry, to his life as a private citizen, doing what he is doing now in speaking out against America. John Kerry-Heinz has disgraced himself every step of the way.  Not only does Kerry-Heinz have delusions of power, he was not elected president and yet he assumes his policy ideas overrule those of our duly elected President.

It all makes pretty clear the fact that Democrats, and their voters, are a pretty pathetic lot as they continue to believe it’s the job of the government to put our own country and our own citizens first before helping others.  No one is saying we won’t participate in trade or give assistance to other nations, but it doesn’t help us one bit when we put other nations’ interests, profits, welfare, defense, trade and everything else far ahead of our own.  When America is weak and broke not only does it embolden the dangerous leaders of third world nations, but it puts us in a position where we cannot help others, yet the Democrats prefer us weak and broke.

And let’s face it, if the Democrats have their way America will be the low man on the totem pole and then who will be the superpower helping others?  What nation will others turn to for help, for trade, for innovation?  China?  Hardly!  Countries were formed to protect lands, people, religions, economies.  We don’t pay taxes so our government can ignore us and give our money and our jobs and our future away to everyone else in the world.  The left in this country, of which the Democrat Party has come to be a major player, has been on mission to take down this country for decades.  Think how bad things would now be if Hitlery had won.

And so while Democrats like Kerry-Heinz do not support President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda, what is it we’ve learned over just the course of the last few weeks that Democrats do seem to enthusiastically support?  Well we know for sure that the Democrats support MS-13 gangs over law-abiding Americans.  And we know that they seem to have no issue with a presidential campaign being spied on by the FBI, at least as long as it’s a Republican being spied on.  And we know that there is no tragedy they will not exploit in their effort to destroy our Second Amendment right.  And we know they hate Israel and do not support the American embassy in Jerusalem.

President Trump now has been placed in the rather unenviable position of having to correct, and/or undo, much of what came about during the eight disastrous years of Barry ‘O’.  And it was Kerry-Heinz who was far more than just a willing accomplice regarding Barry’s many failed policies the purpose of which was to both weaken American influence across the globe and to effectively set the world ablaze, Kerry-Heinz was a very active participant in what was a rather dangerous process.  He is a disgrace to his country.  And as such, he is the perfect Democrat.  And now there are rumors that he is now considering another run for the White House.  God forbid!


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