Warren 4

In what has to be one of the more extreme examples that I think I’ve ever heard of, involving an incident where we have a pot calling a kettle black, it was just this past Tuesday at a gathering identified as being the Center for American Progress “2018 Ideas Conference,” that we had Elizabeth Warren, who just so happens to be up for re-election this year, accusing President Trump of lying “for sport.”

It was Warren, the senior senator from the ‘People’s Republic of Massachusetts’ who said, “The debates I see happening around me in Washington these days —they aren’t real. Most of them are just for show. The real deals get cut behind closed doors like the one and a half trillion dollar tax bill drafted in secrecy and rammed through without so much as a single public hearing, let alone a real debate.”

And it was then that this leftwing-kook-of-a-Democrat went on to say, “And the debates we actually do have are plagued with misinformation which is another part of the problem. The President of the United States lies for sport and gets away with it.”  I found this to be a rather bizarre statement coming from an individual who very rarely lets any day go by without making any number of false statements.

Warren is a demonstrable liar who, even at the request of the tribe from which she pretends to hail, has refused to take a DNA test to verify her longstanding, and rather absurd, lie.  I find it rather curious that this charlatan of the highest order has the temerity to label our president with the moniker for which she herself is best known, a liar for sport.  But nothing much about her surprises really me.

Warren is a total and complete fraud who knows full well that she criminally checked the Native American box on every school/job application she has ever completed.  Without remorse, she has gone about the stealing of jobs/opportunities from true Native Americans.  And despite the fact that she has been repeatedly confronted about her blatant dishonest heists, she has PERSISTED in her lies.

She screams accusations of racism and ridiculously spews endless idiotic yarns about how her family told her Native American tales.  She is the epitome of cultural appropriation.  But as is usually the case when it comes to those who vote for her particular brand of politician, none of the lies matter.  Because all that matters is the amount of ‘free’ stuff being offered up in exchange for one’s vote.

And it is this hypocritical clown, like her genital hat wearing ilk, who has the gall to smear Trump and scream racism and sexism. But many, I think, are able to see right through it, they both laugh at her and are nauseated by her. This unhinged, frightening quack is the poster child of the left and their media lackeys: they have nothing to offer except hypocrisy, corruption, fraud, hysteria, hate and rage.

They are proudly on parade daily as they go about screeching racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Trump hate and rage with every breath.  As their heads explode 50 times a day, the people simply laugh at them and hopefully will make them pay at the polls.  And although Pocahontas is a great name for this ignoble bozo, I think that ‘Screeches with Crazy Goats’ would be far more fitting.

And it’s in a weird way that she reminds me of somebody’s psycho grandmother.  I always half-expect her to whip-out a plate of cookies, home-made and fresh from the oven. But if you slip the mask off, just a bit, what who you find behind it is a lying, pandering, thieving, power-mad psycho, ‘Indian’ version of Hitlery. Remember them both up on stage looking like the twins from that movie, ‘The Shining?’

Look, what Warren is doing is exactly what liberals ALWAYS do, they accuse others of committing the very crimes that they themselves are most guilty of.  You gotta love ‘em.  Warren lies about being an American Indian and that creep from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, lied about serving in Vietnam and both supported the most corrupt and dishonest president in the history of our great Republic.

But you know, I’m thinking that what really has her panties in such a wad is the fact that President Trump has managed to keep a good many of his campaign promises unlike the lying Democrats, and many RINOs, who will lie about anything in order to get elected and stay in office.  She, for example, made up a ‘Victim Card’ to get an Affirmative Action Professorship at a swanky school.  Pathetic!

And whenever I ask people to point out what lies the president has told, they’re never really able to point to any.  Barry ‘O’, on the other hand, remains known for the many lies he told to the American people.  With Barry if his lips were moving, he was lying.  The only truth he EVER told was when he said that once elected his mission would be to “fundamentally transform” America.  And, sadly, he largely succeeded.

But anyway, in getting back to Warren, any Democrat pretending to value honesty is nothing more than a fraud.  Lies are their only stock and trade, it’s what they do.  And anyone who willingly trusts any Democrat will most certainly always live to regret having done so.  Democrats, like Warren, are a cancer of the worst kind, and together they form the greatest threat that we face as a free and sovereign nation.


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