Well it would appear as if all the talk coming from Democrats about what they intend to do ‘when’ they take control of the House this November, things like to impeach the president, to raise taxes and to drive a stake through the heart of the Trump Agenda, ‘may’ be having a bit of an adverse effect.  The Communist News Network (CNN) recently released a poll, on Wednesday, the results of which shocked even its own political pundits.  Because it would seem that the much heralded “Blue Wave” so hoped for by many in the Democrat Party regarding the coming midterm elections, has now pretty much evaporated.  At least that’s what we’re all being led to believe.

Anyway, it’s according to this recent poll that the Democrat generic Congressional Ballot advantage has dwindled to three points, 47 percent to 44 percent among registered voters, two points below the five point generic advantage Democrats need to hold onto the 196 seats they currently hold. That five point bar is due to the significant gerrymandering advantage Republicans obtained when Republican majority state legislatures in states that had Democrat majority legislatures in 2000 redrew Congressional district lines after the 2010 census.  The CNN poll of 901 registered voters was conducted between May 2 and 5, and has a margin of error of 3.8 points.

The fall to a three point advantage has been a steep one for Democrats, who according to the same CNN poll held a 16 point generic Congressional ballot advantage as recently as this past December.  And even CNN’s Chris Cillizza had to bring himself to admit that the poll could actually be good news for the Republican Party.  Cillizza wrote, “But dig into the poll further and other shoots of optimism for Republicans sprout up.”  And he then went on to add:

  1. The economy is becoming more prominent as a voting issue, as Trump recedes somewhat. More than 8 in 10 voters (84%) say the economy will be “extremely” or “very” important to their votes, while 64% say the same of the President. The better the economy does — or is perceived to be doing — and the less that people see the 2018 election as a straight referendum on Trump, the better for Republican chances.
  2. While Trump’s job approval numbers remain stuck in the low 40s, he appears to be less of a drag on congressional Republicans today than he was a few months ago. In January, 52% said they would be more likely to vote for a congressional candidate who opposes Trump, while 41% said they’d be more likely to back someone who supports him. That margin has narrowed in the new poll; 48% said they’d rather choose a candidate who opposes Trump, while 43% prefer a candidate who supports the President.
  3. Republicans are getting more interested in the 2018 election. In March, just 1 in 3 GOPers (and GOP-leaning independents) said they were “very enthusiastic” about the midterms. That number is up to 44% in the new CNN survey.

Now even with all that said the RealClearPolitics Average of Polls paints a slightly better picture for the Democrats, currently giving them a 6.1 percent generic Congressional ballot advantage.  Yet even though Nancy Pelosi has been very loudly and quite publicly measuring the drapes in the Speaker’s Office for some time now, her advisers who are reading the latest polls may well be telling her it would not be prudent to begin selecting new patterns quite yet, or to at least be doing so a bit more quietly and a little less publically.  But I doubt Ms. Pelosi will soon be following anyone’s advice in that regard.  She seems convinced the Democrats “Will Win!”

Or, should those of us on the right consider this CNN poll as being little more than another bit of ‘fake news’, the purpose of which is to lull us into what is meant to be some false sense of security or into thinking that we have this thing all but completely wrapped up?   Might a better strategy, on our part, be to simply ignore any and all polls, and simply work as hard as we possibly can to elect more ‘Trump’ Republicans to Congress?  The president has done the best he can with the ‘help’ that he now has.  But it’s time for us to step up.  The ‘midterm tradition’ is about to be hammered.  We MUST NOT surrender Congress to the party of slavery, amnesty, and illegal aliens.

To be honest, Democrats are little more than the political equivalent of drug dealers whose ‘success’ is measured only by how many ‘constituents’ they are able to keep firmly addicted to government ‘freebies’, who then willingly cast their vote in exchange for obtaining the ‘fix’ that only Democrats are willing to provide.  Of course there is no real ‘fix’ only a business model that provides the party with a near endless pool of voters and which provides not one clue about fixing such issues as joblessness, drug dependency or crime.  If anything the Democrats do their darnedest to keep all of those things going the same way that they aggressively support open borders.

I feel pretty confident in saying that Americans all across the political spectrum have become tired of the incessant, relentless and pretty much nonstop political BS.  People are experiencing negativity overload and are now so sick of all the repetitive lies and fictitious scandals that simply don’t appear to accurately reflect any sort of reality.  The leftists will remain tone deaf, vile and nasty, because hate and lies are all they know, it’s their default mode, which they substitute for true solutions.   But as we all know, the left doesn’t really want real solutions. They can only survive by sowing discord and disunity. The left is a joke, an asinine parody of reality.

So it would seem to me that the ONLY viable option available to those of us who are so desperately in search of real solutions for what are some very real problems is to, like it or not, vote for those who, at least going in, say they will support the president that we elected.  It seems to make absolutely no sense to me to vote for those, in either party, whose only interest is in trying for a do-over regarding the last election.  The time has come to move on.  There are issues in need of being addressed, and while we have a president willing to tackle those issues, he has now gone about as far as he can by himself.  Those in Congress are going to need to do their part.

And that’s where we the voters come in.  As I mentioned earlier there have been numerous Democrats who have already made it very clear what their priorities will be when, and not if, they are permitted to again assume control of the House, and, perhaps, the Senate as well.  And those priorities include, but are obviously not limited to, the impeaching of our duly elected president, the attempting to revisit our recent tax cuts and to do all that can be done to stifle the Trump agenda.  These are not the priorities for making America stronger, safer or more prosperous, and therefore are not the priorities that we the American people should be voting for.

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