It’s unfortunate but the current situation in which we Republicans now find ourselves, regarding November’s election, can be blamed directly on those in our leadership positions.  And it is those same individuals who, very clearly, have no business being in those positions.  As I’m sure many are well aware, the general consensus is that the Republicans will almost certainly lose the House and could quite possibly lose the Senate as well.  And it has much to do with the fact that our ‘leaders’ chose to support a $1.3 Trillion omnibus bill, which was not just the most reckless spending bill in history, it was an abject surrender on every single political and policy pledge made to those who put them in office.  They have now botched every opportunity presented to them that would have resulted in November’s election being a runaway for them.

And it’s been this way practically from the very beginning.  First, they asked for control of the House and its appropriations authority to right the fiscal ship, and as importantly, to end Obamacare. In 2010, they got it — and immediately stated they could do nothing without the Senate.  In 2014, they were awarded that, too — and just as quickly declared they could do nothing without the White House.  So, in 2016 they were handed that, and with it complete control of the legislative process, and with no more excuses available what exactly have they done?   They surrendered without a fight to where any real advances that have come, have been driven by the White House.  Congress has done nothing.  But I still maintain that our ONLY viable option come this November has us essentially saving the Republicans from themselves.

Here’s the difference, as I see it, between the two parties.  For the past eight years, the GOP has been the party that begins each conversation with, “This is why we can’t do it.” The Democrats begin theirs with, “This is how we’ll get it done.”  That needs to be seen very clearly for what it is, a failure of ‘leadership.’  Who we must have in those positions of leadership are those who are capable of creating smart political strategies and are able to craft much needed legislative victories.  And the part we have to play, as voters, is to keep the Republicans in control long enough, and to make all concerned well aware that while we remain willing to back the Republicans for now, there must be an endgame in sight.  There must be the advancing of an agenda the purpose of which is to prevent any further slippage to the left.

Our Republican members of Congress need to get busy and they can start by showing a willingness to wrap themselves around the president in order to save him from impeachment.  This means publicly embracing him as their leader.  More to the point, it means supporting everything he puts on the table from here through November, and doing so with great enthusiasm.  They must get to work on reversing the disastrous $1.3 Trillion omnibus and to finally kill Obamacare once and for all, because nothing less will do.  Republicans must stop the funding of an organization that proudly massacres more than 300,000 babies annually with $450,000,000 dollars taken from American taxpayers.  They must fund border security and deliver real personal tax cuts to the American people.  These are the reasons people voted for Republicans.

Here is the bottom line. On September 30th, five weeks before the election, there will be the need for a new spending bill to keep the government running.  Everything that have mentioned is able to be accomplished in that one piece of legislation.  No more excuses. No more punts.  No more stalling.  Now what those of us who have tolerated much from this bunch of the last 10 years could say is: “We gave you complete control, and you not only accomplished nothing, you broke your word on virtually everything. Good-bye.”  And while we would be correct in doing so, what would be accomplished other than perhaps making ourselves ‘feel’ better?  Is that really what’s best for the long term?  Personally, I don’t think so.  Because to do so would be nothing less than a complete surrender on our part.

We who love this country had a real chance for positive change and sadly the party leadership, to be perfectly blunt, let us down.  Sadly with RINOs Ryan and McConnell leading the charge too many on our side were willing to follow them instead of doing what they were elected to do.  So now what we, the conservative voters, need to do, what we must do, is focus.  Focus our anger, our frustration and our disappointment on an effort to remove every single RINO that we can, and replace them not with some radical leftwing Democrat but with, yes, another Republican.  If we’re foolish enough to think that handing control of Congress back to the Democrats is the best way to force upon the Republicans some level of retribution then all we have done is to doom not only our country, but our children and grandchildren as well.

For those who say this far and no farther I would only ask that if we do decide to allow the much talked about “blue wave” to simply run its course, what happens then?  Because if that happens it could be an entire generation, if ever, before we may ever have another chance to regain some of what we will most assuredly lose.  The left already has near complete control of the news media including, I would argue, Fox News.  It controls our schools and therefore access to the minds of our young.  As things stand right now at least we have our foot in the door and if we were to focus on electing more would be allies of this president isn’t that at least worth the effort?  Look, we know who the RINOs are, let us be determined in our efforts to get rid of as many of them as we possibly can.  That’s what should be our mission.


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