Let me start by saying that anyone who can look into the eyes of ANY Democrat politician and NOT see very clearly that their goal is to destroy this nation is beyond ignorant and represents the same threat level as those politicians for whom they vote.  But sadly, there are also many ‘Establishment Republicans’, aka RINOs, of whom I think it can be said share that same Democrat Party goal.  To the point where it would seem that our current batch of RINOs has little interest in winning a larger majority in Congress, or in retaining their current majority.  It would seem that their only interest is in wanting to prove Trump’s election was a fluke and are willing to do whatever it takes to do so, even relinquishing their current congressional majorities.

Can you imagine if the Republicans were to actually put a little effort into trying to win the mid-term elections, and were able to win a super-majority in both houses of Congress?  But then, I suppose, that would put them in the position of having to get off their dead asses and to actually do something.  As we all know they are rather excellent at making promises, just not very good at making good on them.  So, since they are unwilling to do what is necessary to prevent the Democrats from making significant gains, it’s going be left up to those of us who love this country to make sure that that does not happen.  And how do we do that?  By getting out and voting to keep Republicans in control and then to hold their feet to the fire.

Look, there’s no denying the fact that RINOs McConnell and Ryan are little more Democrats in Republican clothing, and traitors not only to their constituencies, but to the country as well.  And despite the fact that Ryan will be gone after this year, that hasn’t prevented him from trying to pull all manner of political shenanigans as he heads for the door.  And the names now being floated as his replacement as Speaker, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, should the Republicans actually maintain control of the House, should be seen as simply unacceptable.  They both are very far from being the sort of leader that we would so desperately need going forward into the 2020 election.  My personal favorite for Speaker would be Jim Jordan.

So anyway, as we approach these very critical midterm elections, what are patriotic Americans to do?  Well, the answer to that is pretty simply really, and it most certainly is NOT to vote for more Democrats, no matter how sane they may sound, or the degree to which they may try to portray themselves as being anything other than the rabid leftists that we know them to be.  The conservative Democrat is a political animal that long ago went extinct.  And even those who still today refer to themselves as being some sort of ‘centrist’ in their party are doing little more than trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.  Nor is the answer to simply sit out the election.  That’s no different than choosing to vote Democrat.

Now before you start saying that many Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats in wanting to destroy this country, let me just say that I’m well aware of that.  Republican candidates essentially lied to us in 2010, in 2012 and again in 2016.  All manner of promises were made with few, if any, being kept.  And in knowing that, is the proper response for us to not vote Republican this November?  Let’s all remember that just because those we elected were not up to the task that we gave to them, that DOES NOT mean that we simply throw up our hands, shake our head in disgust and walk away.  That’s not only irresponsible, it’s insane.  I repeat, the primary goal of those running under the Democrat Party banner is to destroy this country.

So why are there so many on the conservative side who simply want to roll over and allow that to happen?  Have we forgotten already the first two years of Barry’s presidency when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress?  Or the state of the country upon Barry’s departure after 8 long years.  How there was the weakest of economic ‘recoveries’ from a recession, how race relations were set back 100 years and the rise of Black Lives Matter, the implementation of a disastrous healthcare plan with the only increase in coverage being those already eligible for Medicaid.  Say what you will about President Trump, but even with all his personal failings he has done more positive things for America in one year than Barry did in eight!

And then there’s a Republican National Committee (RNC) that seems reluctant to support non-establishment candidates in the primaries.  They didn’t support Donald Trump and look how that turned out.  We need to get out and vote, holding our nose if we must, if it prevents the Democrats from taking control.  They are already running on raising taxes, open borders and beginning impeachment proceedings.  We put up with do-nothing Republicans for far too long.  At least we have a President doing great things despite them.  We can’t throw it all away now, we just need to suck it up and deal with it.  The Left remains freaked out by Trump’s election and are feverishly agitating and organizing, and willing to vote for anything Democrat.

Meanwhile, many voters on our side seem a bit complacent, to the point where many are unsure whether they’re even going to vote.  And if the Democrats turn out and we don’t, guess who wins?  President Trump’s victory was great but it was simply nowhere near enough.  We need to put in place a far more conservative Congress or at least one with a few less RINOs and even less Democrats.  And as I have said before, we need to replace as many RINOs as we can in Republican primaries, and then replace as many Democrats as we can with Republicans come November.  President Trump is almost single-handedly holding back the forces of evil without any assistance from the Establishment Republicans.  It’s time to send in the cavalry.

And then it was just last week that some reports were saying that the Republicans were gaining some level of traction and had actually narrowed the Democrat poll advantage down to roughly 4 percent.  So how was it that our intrepid Republican leadership chose to respond to such news?  Well, Ryan and his loyalists want to talk with Democrats about amnesty, Grassley, along with his establishment buddies, with help from the Democrats, wants to protect Mueller.  And then we have McConnell who went out his way to kill any chance that President Trump might have had to strip $60 Billion of spending from the recent omnibus debacle.  Hence my wondering if these guys are purposely trying to sabotage their own election prospects.

So look, no one ever said this was going to be easy.  What we have here is quite the dilemma.  In that we have to make sure Republicans remain the majority in Congress, essentially in spite of the Republicans’ best efforts to make sure that they don’t.  And it all could be been so very different.  Republicans had but one task to complete that would have ensured not only that they would remain in control, but would also have virtually guaranteed a Trump landslide in 2020.  But instead, as is usually the case with this limp-wristed, light-in-the-loafers bunch, they chose to take the coward’s way out.  So now all of the heavy lifting has been left to ‘we the people’ if we are to have ANY hope of winning in November.  I sincerely hope we’re all up for it!

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