I think I would be correct in saying that if the election of Donald J. Trump has shown us anything, it’s that we are abundantly aware of just how deeply entrenched ‘The Swamp” truly is.  And I have to be honest, I find it all more than just a little frightening.  And ‘The Swamp’s’ chief henchman, Robert Mueller, seems to be able to do pretty much as he pleases as long as it’s President Trump who remains his intended target.  And both the volume, and intensity, of the threats that are now being directed at the president regarding any decision to possibly fire Mr. Mueller, from both sides of the aisle, makes pretty clear the determination of those mired in ‘The Swamp’ to make sure that this attempt to railroad this president arrives at the proper conclusion.  That conclusion being, of course, his impeachment.

Personally, if I were an advisor to the president, I would be encouraging him to fire this hack, Mueller.  This supposed ‘investigation’ that was initially set in motion to ‘investigate’ any potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Vlad Putin has now come so completely off the rails as to make it appear, even to the most casual of observers, as nothing more than a political witch-hunt of the worst kind.  And a witch-hunt that were it being perpetrated against a Democrat would have ended as soon as it had left the rails.  But since it’s being carried out against a Republican it must be allowed to reach what many see as the ‘right’ conclusion.  Let’s face it, since the search for collusion came to dead end, new issues worthy of impeachment need to be found, and thus the search for such issues continues very enthusiastically.

Let’s face it, if Mueller was truly interested in getting to the bottom of any Russian involvement in our election, and not behaving as some sort of political hatchet man, he would be investigating ALL suspects of any potential collusion including the very obvious collusion that took place between the Hiterly Clinton campaign and…wait for it… the RUSSIANS.  But since that’s not the case, it just makes this entire exercise appear to be more than just a little unsavory.  And it’s behind the scenes that we know many of our spineless RINOs are working right alongside Democrats in what is nothing more than an effort to undo an election that occurred nearly 18 months ago, all the while laughing at Trump voters.  These are ‘The Swamp’ creatures that we must get rid of as they represent the greatest threat to our freedom.

To anyone with even an ounce of intelligence, it should be painfully clear what’s underway here.  And it’s something considered to be far more common in some banana republic than in the country one referred to as being the beacon of freedom.  So we now know that the draining of ‘The Swamp’ will prove to be beyond the capabilities of one man, even if that man is Donald Trump.  So what are we, the freedom loving people who still remain in this country, to do?  Well for one thing it’s not to take the opportunity that this November’s election will present to us, to elect more Democrats to Congress.  Doing that accomplishes little more than to enlarge an already too large and too deep swamp.  The focus must be on electing as many as we possibly can of those willing to assist the president in draining ‘The Swamp!’

And at the risk of sounding overly melodramatic, I would argue that this November’s election is truly one of the most pivotal and crucial elections that we the American people have ever been made to face.  And I also think that it was our three previous elections that essentially brought us to be where we now find ourselves.  In a way, it ALL comes down to this November.  And it is everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, that hinges on what we decide to do, or not to do.  That said, the decision to be made is far from being a complicated one.  Actually, it’s very simple, do we side with ‘The Swamp’ and allow this lynch mob mentality to continue, or do we elect more anti-swamp individuals who will then go to Washington and join forces with the president in addressing what has now become more of a sewer than a swamp.

And what I find to be somewhat worrisome is the fact that there are some Republicans in Congress, who because of their hatred of President Trump are willing to “take out the President” through impeachment if he fires Mueller.  They see this as being retribution, of a sort, for what they fear will be the loss of their congressional majorities in the House and Senate come this November’s elections.  It’s a curious take on things by those Congressmen.  Because if anything is depressing Republican voters it’s the failure of the Republican Congress to enact the Trump agenda. Obamacare is still the law of the land, spending remains out of control, the wall is not funded and, in fact, Congress voted to stop Trump from building the wall or doing much of anything to secure the border and fix the immigration system.

Also Congress has failed to stop the ‘Deep State’ war on Trump and the Senate is stonewalling Trump’s appointments to the courts and his administration.  And now we hear about how some ‘bipartisan’ group of four senators, just yesterday, introduced a bill that would specifically prevent President Trump from firing Mueller.  The bill would, among other things, “ensure that the Special Counsel can only be fired for good cause by a senior Justice Department official, and the reason must be provided in writing.” RINO Chuck Grassley, according to some lawmakers, plans to advance the bill in the Judiciary Committee on Thursday.  If the measure wins the approval of a majority of the panel, which is possible since all Democrats will likely back it, RINO Mitch McConnell will decide whether to bring it to the Senate floor for a vote.

While McConnell still has to sign off on it there’s really no longer any reason to bother with the formalities, the knives are out and unfortunately for President Trump, not one Republican has his back.  So what do you call a system of government in which a man elected to the presidency by legitimate means, and who got 63 million votes, can have his election erased so easily?  It sure as Hell doesn’t fall under either a Democracy or a Republic.  So in the end it’s going to once again come down to ‘We the People’ to make things right.  And at the end of the day either we decide to simply rollover and join forces with the enemies of freedom or we decide to take matters into our own hands and embark on a mission that will result in the kicking to the curb as many of those same enemies of freedom as we possibly can.



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