The ‘Left’ in this country continues to execute what can only be described as a coordinated effort to portray our duly elected president as being some sort of crazed, out-of-control dictator.  And yet another attempt was recently made by Democrat Joseph Crowley claiming that President Trump’s plan to send National Guard troops to our southern border is “a very provocative move” because of the language that he has used towards immigrants.  At least that’s what he told Democrat sympathizer Chris Wallace during an appearance this past weekend on “Fox News Sunday.”

According to this boob, “Here we have a very partisan approach to this. The president talks about building a wall, but Mexico is going to pay for it. Now, he’s putting troops down at the border, a very provocative move. But at the same time, it’s not really solving the problem.”  Crowley seems to have forgotten how it was that ex-president Barry ‘O’ sent 1,800 National Guard troops to the border through Army National Guard Operation Phalanx in 2010.  And prior to that, former President George W. Bush sent National Guard troops to the border through Operation Jump Start in 2006.

Wallace reminded this genius of just that by saying, “Wait a minute. You say it’s a very provocative move. Barack Obama put 1,800 at the border.”  To which Crowley responded by saying, “It was to some degree provocative, not in the same breath that this president has done. What the verbiage, the language that our president has used towards immigrants in this nation is really — it’s abhorrent to me, quite frankly. It’s not representative of who we are as a nation. So, this president, making this move is different from any other president doing it quite frankly.”

I’m tired of hearing these dirtbags saying, “It’s not representative of who we are as a nation.”  It’s not about racism, it never has been.  It’s about citizens being fed up with there being laws for me, but not for thee.  And this creep knows it, he’s just too duplicitous to admit it.  And you have to wonder, do guys like this hear how stupid they sound when they oppose President Trump on an issue they supported under Barry ‘O’, or do they think we’re just too stupid to notice?   It’s just incredible that no one ever challenges these idiots on the left no matter how blatantly hypocritical they are.

And when asked how confident he is that Democrats will win mid-term elections and take back control of Congress, Crowley said, “We’re a long way from November. Let’s be clear about that, but I’m confident that the American people want to bring balance back to the United States government.  He added, “What they see right now is Republicans in charge of the presidency, the Senate, the House and some would argue the Supreme Court. Every branch of government seems to be controlled in some way or facet by Republicans.”  Wallace said, “Forgive me. That was what voters decided.”

Crowley said, “Well, look, they have an opportunity here to change course and correction. That’s the beauty of our democracy. The House of Representatives, every member of the House of Representatives is up for election this year and a third of the Senate. So, people have the opportunity to bring that balance back.”  And he added, “We know that the first midterm election of an incumbent president on average sees 40 seats swing in the opposite direction. It’s not going to happen on its own. Democrats are not going to win that back just simply being against President Trump.”

He went on to say, “We need to be for, as I mentioned before, our economic policies, our better deal and is a deal are become very clear to the American people.”  As far as the economy goes, we saw what those policies favored by Democrats were able to accomplish during the eight long miserable years that we had Barry ‘O’ in the White House.  The very same policies which this moron, Crowley, no doubt favors never resulted in anything more than an anemic growth rate that was constantly described as being a ‘recovery’ by both Democrats and their many minions in the media.

President Trump is by no means the out-of-control dictator that Democrats would have us all believe he is, any more than the Democrats are the folks that we should want to be turning over the task of creating economic policy.  Because, after all, higher taxes do not a stronger economy make.  And if that’s not something you learned during the Barry ‘O’ years, then I would argue that you’re too stupid to vote.  The Democrat Party has absolutely NO interest in securing our borders or in taking the measures we all know we need in order to maintain a strong and vibrant economy.

So come this November one would think that the choice between which side to vote for would be fairly obvious.  Granted, the Republicans have done precious little to demonstrate that they are worthy of maintaining control of Congress.  But that said, what’s the alternative?  Being forced to tolerate two years of impeachment hearings that would then be used by Democrats as nothing more than a means of further obstructing the president’s agenda regarding border security, protecting our Second Amendment, and the economy?  Come on people, get with the program.



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