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I know, I know, it’s impossible for someone who’s black to be a racist. But there is no one who proves better the falsehood of that claim than someone who, oddly enough, was laughingly once referred to as a ‘civil rights’ leader.  And yes I’m talking about John Lewis.   And in proving my point I need to go back no further than last Friday, when during Friday’s Democrat Weekly Address, Lewis remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He stated there has been progress made in the past 50 years, “But there are new forces trying to take us back, trying to turn back the clock, trying to take us to a darker time.”  Yup, and the majority of those forces are…BLACK!

You can watch Lewis’s racist rant here, or read the transcript of the rant which follows:

“Hello. I am John Lewis, and I represent Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District.  On April 4, our nation and the world paused to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Growing up as a boy in rural Alabama, I remember when Rosa Parks and Dr. King came together in December 1955 to launch the bus boycott in Montgomery.  As a young man, I wrote Dr. King a letter, and his response changed my life forever. Dr. King was my inspiration, my leader, and my mentor. He was my friend.  Back then, segregation and racial discrimination were all around us – in the voting booth, in the courtroom, and in the classroom.

In many parts of our country, people of different races could not sit together on a bus, sleep in the some hotel, or drink water from the same fountain.  Dr. King taught us the philosophy and the discipline of nonviolence and sparked a nonviolent revolution – a revolution of values, a revolution of ideas, and a revolution of action. On August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the world learned of his dream of building the beloved community.  Over the years, he convinced President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, and President Johnson to understand that civil rights was a moral issue.

He used his moral leadership to fight for equal justice for sanitation workers, for people of color, for those who had been left out and left behind.  In particular, I will never forget when Dr. King spoke in Berlin against the danger of building walls. He reminded the global family – the global community – that God’s children were on both sides of the wall.  In the past 50 years, as a nation and as a people, we have made progress. But there are new forces trying to take us back, trying to turn back the clock, trying to take us to a darker time.  Times like these can seem overwhelming, but I ask you to recommit yourself to the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.

I ask you to look in your heart and to trust that justice will prevail.  If Dr. King were with us today, he would continue to push our country to respect the dignity and the worth of every human being – no matter where they are born, no matter their race, age, religion, or gender identity.  He would argue that we have a right to know what is in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  He would preach that we have a mission, an obligation, and a mandate to leave this country and this little planet a little cleaner, a little greener, and a little more peaceful for generations yet unborn.

Most importantly, if Dr. King were alive, he would ask each of us to speak up, to speak out in the face of injustice, and he would demand that each and every one of us to do our part and do it well.  Thank you.”

I guess, in one sense, you could say Lewis is right.  There ARE forces wanting to help blacks in America get back to the days when they worked, went to school, got married, had children, stayed away from drugs, stayed out of prison, respected the law, and didn’t spend so much time killing one another.  But those hideous days are too difficult for Lewis and his ilk to comprehend.  He much prefers how 75 percent of blacks are now born out of wedlock and 50 percent of blacks are dropping out of school, and chooses to ignore how those things hurt the Black community the most.  But Democrats always ignore the facts, it always has to be someone else’s fault.

Lewis has been in Congress for over 30 years and his district is one of the worst in all of Georgia.  And therefore I think it perfectly fair to say that Mr. Lewis, himself, can safely be described as being the member of these ‘racist forces’ of which he speaks.  As such, it’s doubtful that he’s played any part in the progress that has been made.  And when has this man ever done anything to help anyone but himself?  All that he has managed to create for himself came by using Dr. King’s name and reputation.  Lewis chose to exploit his relationship with Dr. King and, in so doing, was able to construct for himself a political career that has gone on for far too long.

All this guy has ever done throughout his entire career is to look out for himself.  He doesn’t give two squats about those folks in the black community.  He views them as being nothing more than as a source of votes.  He’s accomplished nothing, zero, except continued racial bitching and moaning.  He has elevated himself on the backs of his constituents while their plight has only further deteriorated.  Just look at the crime and poverty statistics for his district.  He should be thankful that Dr. King is not around today, because if he was he would be ashamed of all those like Lewis who cry that racism is the reason why blacks are not able to better themselves.

And then there’s the rampant drug problem, non-achievement mentality, fatherless children, welfare breeders, the dropout rate in the black community and the embracing of violence that seems to be a part of their culture.  The black community is its own worst enemy but they continue to blame everyone else for their problems.  Then there’s Lewis, a ‘supposed’ former civil rights leader, who has made a rather nice living for himself by complaining about things the ONLY solution for which is the spending of MORE money, lots more.  And after all the tax money giveaways, and eight years of having a black president, things are now worse than ever.

I am well aware that you don’t need me to tell you how it is that Democrats base everything on the color of one’s skin or how they do NOT want blacks with character.  Because possessing character means that you believe in yourself and can think for yourself.  Democrats long ago turned Dr. King’s dream into a national nightmare and for no other reason than to maintain them as a reliable voting bloc.  Democrats use it AGAINST blacks, having convinced them that they cannot succeed without them.  Whites have lost all patience and compassion for their plight.  As for myself, fool me once, shame on me, fool me for three entire generations, shame on you.

Lewis talks of how we need to commit ourselves to the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.  This pathetic hypocrite preaches love, peace and nonviolence while he remains a very vocal supporter of openly violent groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’.  A group you’d be hard-pressed to describe as one committed to “the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.”  And where was racist scumbag while this very same group was chanting, “Pigs in blanket, fry ‘em like bacon?”  Oh, that’s right, he was nowhere to be heard.  Such is the reason that it has become a waste of time to take anyone in the Democrat Party seriously.

Lewis is a racist of the very worst kind!  He followed Dr. King around for years while he preached about the races working together, judging a person by the content of their character but ever since Dr. King left us racist scum like Lewis, Cummings, Sharpton, Jackson, Barry ‘O’ and others have done nothing but work night and day to cause discord between the races, and to moan and groan about how everything is so unfair.  I doubt that Dr. King would be pleased with their behavior!  What a shame because we were turning things around and now we’re right back where we began, and it’s only because of these black racists like Lewis and others like him.


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