Slowly but surely the true agenda of the Democrat Party, as it relates to the Second Amendment, is beginning to leak out.  And while those Democrats considered to be more moderate may deny their goal is the repeal of the Second Amendment, what’s being said by the more prominent voices of the party would seem to indicate that that is exactly what the party is seeking.  And as was recently made clear by someone who sounds very much as if he is already a Democrat candidate for president, we had ‘Slow Joe’ Biden recent stating how, in his opinion, our Second Amendment has been very badly interpreted or to use his words, has “been so prostituted.”

And then we had some bimbo by the name Karen Carter Peterson, (having three names makes you sound more important) who is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) vice chair for ‘civic engagement and voter protection’, who was successful in unleashing the wrath of Twitter when she recently tweeted, “Repeal the Second Amendment.” The Louisiana state senator tweeted out Justice John Paul Stevens’ op-ed from last week in The New York Times calling for repealing the Second Amendment.  Her tweet got only 50 likes and just over 70 retweets, but it conjured up plenty of negative responses which would be far too numerous to try to list here.

Now while I’m not sure what sort of response this DNC moron was expecting, I feel pretty confident in saying that it wasn’t the overwhelming response that she got.  Also her tweet pulls back the curtain a bit, and allows us a glimpse of what the true position of her party really is.  And despite all of the denials about wanting to repeal the Second Amendment, make no mistake that is in fact what the Democrats will be seeking to do if they are successful in their effort to take back Congress this November.  It will be after the impeachment of our duly elected president that next on their agenda will be the wholesale gutting of the Second Amendment.

As I see it, these leftwing politicians, by calling for a ban or the repeal of the Second Amendment, are, in fact, in direct violation of their oath of office.  They swore to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, when they took office.  I see this rhetoric as being grounds for their removal from office, and being permanently barred from ever running again!  It’s sad that when tragedy does occur, our so-called leaders lose all rationale and go on some rant against the Constitution. They offer no hope or solution for the root cause of the problem. It’s like ramming a boat into an iceberg then blaming the boat for sinking, not the guy at the wheel.

The Democrat Party essentially came out of hiding during the Barry ‘O’ years in that Democrats stopped trying to hide what it is that their party stands for, and just how far to the left they have now become.  Where in the past Democrats were far more clandestine about where they stood on those specific issues viewed as being important by a majority of the American people, today it’s as if they don’t really give a crap what the people think.  They made much progress over the last eight years, to the point where they feel much more emboldened when it comes to revealing their true goals.  And while their candidate lost in 2016, that too may soon be rectified.

The Democrat Party is still forced, albeit to a much lesser degree, to depend on deceit and deception in order to garner for itself a sufficient level of both support for the causes that it endorses and enough votes for those who continue to run under the Democrat banner.  But while the truth is coming out, Democrats can thank their many minions in the state-controlled media for providing them cover.  But despite their best efforts it becomes clearer every day that the Democrats have little interest in merely banning any one type of weapon, what they essentially want to do is to ban the Second Amendment or make it into something that is totally unrecognizable.

The platform of the Democrat Party as it exists today is one that: 1) Has illegal immigrants being viewed as more important than American citizens, 2) Seeks to repeal tax cuts, 3) Seeks to allow men in women’s rest rooms, 4) Seeks the repeal of the Second Amendment, 5) Seeks to severely limit the First Amendment, 6) Allows for and even encourages, unlimited, unvetted and unfettered third world immigration into this country, 7) And seek to eliminate any real education choosing instead to focus on the creating of politically correct, mind-numbed little robots through the complete and very thorough indoctrination of our young.

Make no mistake, if given the opportunity, Democrats will confiscate guns!  The American people must not allow them to take control of Congress this November.  We need to vote FOR America, vote FOR the Constitution, and vote FOR those who will work with the president and against liberal policies.  And I can already hear the grumbling about how even after we gave the Republicans first the House, then the Senate and finally the White House we still ended up with the Democrats still seeming to run the show.  Ok, I’m not thrilled that we elected a bunch of spineless wimps either.  But we can’t turn our backs on the country we’ll be leaving to our kids.

And I can also now hear folks asking, “So where’s my incentive to vote Republican?”  Well, I guess my only answer would be that the time has now come for those of us who love this country and want to prevent it from going down the tubes entirely, to do more than simply sit back and complain about our crappy Republican leadership.  Obviously we can no longer trust them to do what’s right.  We must get much more involved in our political process.  I think we can all agree that the Democrats are in it for the long haul. And should they be able to regain control of Congress they will waste precious little time in trying to further restrict what few rights we have left.

For years those who proudly identify themselves as members of what has become an increasingly leftwing, and rather radical, Democrat Party have made the claim that nobody wants to take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights.  It’s amazing how many on the left are now admitting they want nothing less than to rip up our Constitution, which is the most unique document of its kind ever created in all of human history, because it makes clear that our rights come to us from God.  The Democrats think our rights come only from government, a government that would also be free to take those rights away.  It that truly how most Americans wish to live?

Anyone who believes in the dismantling, or the reinterpreting, of our Constitutional, or feels that the government somehow possesses the power to infringe upon those rights contained therein, should be disqualified from ever holding, or even running for, ANY public office.  Because if one does not truly believe that all of the rights we possess as free people, as they are so very clearly laid out in our Constitution, come from God, then how is it that any oath that has one swearing to protect and defend that same Constitution has any meaning?  Our Constitution is the very soul of our Republic and as such it must be protected from those who seek only to destroy it.




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