Hitlery 19

So everyone’s favorite two time loser of the presidential sweepstakes, Hitlery Clinton, has now once again made it abundantly clear that she has no intention of straying from the political stage.  She said that she’s not going to go away or stop talking about her concerns regarding President Trump, despite the noise coming from critics who want her off the public stage.  It was during a paid speech, albeit for 90 percent less than usual, at Rutgers University that Hitlery was asked by the moderator to respond to the critics who want her to “get off the public stage and shut up.”

She responded by saying, “They never said that to any man who wasn’t elected.”  To which those gathered in the audience applauded.  And of course she accused those in the media of leading the charge of asking that question, pointing out that it was, of course, sexist.  She pointed out that Al Gore continued talking about climate change after he lost the election and John Kerry-Heinz became Secretary of State and RINO John McCain returned to the Senate after he lost to Barry ‘O’.  But all of those ‘men’ were able to, at least to some degree, move on beyond their loss.

Hitlery said that she was committed to speaking out and having a voice in the modern political debate, despite losing to President Donald Trump.  But speaking out is one thing, but her constantly making excuses for and her endless whining about her loss to President Trump is something else entirely.  She said, “You won’t be surprised to hear me say that I have some concerns.”  And, she added, “I think we need to all be talking about it, not just me but every one of us needs to be speaking up and taking part.”  Her ONLY concern has been, and continues to be, the fact that she lost.

She said, “I have often thought that I am a kind of a Rorschach test for people who are trying to make sense, not just of me personally, but of women’s roles and women’s expanded opportunities, in not only America but around the world.”  Hitlery expressed disappointment that she is no longer seen as an individual because she has been in the public spotlight for 25 years.  She pointed out that she was “the first woman of my generation” as First Lady who had a law degree before going to the White House with her husband, which brought about “assumptions and caricatures.”

Hitlery also pointed to her “monumental” role in working for health care reform as First Lady.  She said, “I would hope that people would spend a little bit of time actually looking behind the image or the picture, and that is I think is what we hope for all of us, we want to be known as who we are and judged positively and negatively based on what we actually do and not by what people said we did.”  Now when you stop and consider what she’s saying here, this is exactly why most people feel the way they do about Hitlery, they’re judging her on what she’s actually done.

She also warned the audience that they should be prepared to experience people who want to pull back opportunities and progress for women.  She said, “You have to understand that’s part of breaking through glass ceilings and moving forward and bringing others with you.”  And she went on to say, “You cannot allow yourselves to get discouraged about that because it’s going to happen.”  That is simply just so much BS.  Hitlery was not not elected because she is a women, she was not elected because there were enough people who were not in favor of her socialist approach.

And then it was at one point that the moderator invoked Nazism when talking about what “could happen” in America.  Hitlery’s long-winded response touched on a number of things, including the “absolutely essential role of the press.”  She said, “Well, I am fundamentally optimistic and hopeful, but I don’t think that optimism and hope is warranted unless we do what we’re supposed to do as citizens.”  She added, “And so, I worry about the degradation of institutions, the dismissing of norms and values–because remember, a democracy is fundamentally held together by trust.”

Hitlery said she’s worried “about whether our Constitution is going to be honored, whether we will see the rule of law protected, whether we will have the predictability and stability we need in the foreign affairs.”  All of which was, I thought, rather odd coming from someone whose political party wants to limit free speech like the Nazis did, wants to Nationalize Health Care like the Nazis did, wants to disarm the populace like the Nazis did and who sent thugs to disrupt the rallies of their political rivals, like the Nazis did!  So what’s she talking about here?

Finally, the failed presidential candidate addressed the question.  She said, “So I’m hoping that the worst, the kind of question you asked me, Ruth, is just never even approached, we never get to that.  But, it will require people turning up and voting in these midterm elections, and it will require a lot of Republicans to take back their party and to put their country back into the equation, for the Republican Party going forward. And it will not be easy.”  In other words we Republicans, at least according to Hitlery, need to see the error of our ways and elect fewer conservatives.

But seriously folks, I kinda like Hitlery being on stage and not shutting up.  I enjoy all of those slip and fall moments, and how her mind tends to wander when she’s trying to answer the simplest of questions.  Poor liberals with their heads exploding because she won’t shut up.  I still like to think that she’ll be convicted of something, but I’m just not going to hold my breath.  Hopefully as more things come to light in the search for collusion between Trump and Russians something will be found that seals HER fate.  It would be nice to see her in a one piece orange prison jump suit.

Hitlery really has no idea how vile people, outside of her circle of supporters, think she is.  On a side note, I was watching Tucker Carlson earlier this week and he had one of her die hard supporters, Jennifer Palmieri, on his show to discuss primarily the issue of gun control as it relates to the Democrat Party.  And as is always the case with someone like Palmieri when the subject of Hitlery this dolt Palmieri argued how Hitlery is seen by so many as being such an accomplished women yet she still lost the election because…wait for it… she’s a woman.  Which caused Tucker to chuckle.

But anyway, in getting back on topic, Hitlery would probably claim that men don’t have to be likable so why should she have to, completely ignoring the fact that hubby Slick Willy’s ability to charm people was the real key to his success.  Slick told people the things they wanted to hear, meanwhile Hitlery forces people to listen to what she wants to say.  She wants to blame her gender for her failure, but the blame rests on her lack of authenticity and her general disdain for so many Americans.  Remember all us ‘Deplorables?’  How we’re all just a bunch of racist, misogynistic homophobes?

Hitlery’s rather sizable ego, second only to that of Barry ‘O’, insures that she remains tone deaf to the political realities of her own party.  Even the most far left moonbats are smart enough to know that she’s hurting their warped cause by hanging around whining about why she lost an election that occurred over 17 months ago.  She’s an embarrassment to a party that is usually unable to recognize when they’ve been embarrassed, and that’s saying something!  And, she should be an embarrassment to every intelligent woman who views herself as being responsible and self-reliant.

Hitlery’s the gift that keeps on giving.  The Democrats will have to be the ones to bring out the hook to yank her off the stage and I’m not sure that even now there is anyone willing to do that.  So as long as she keeps talking and injects herself onto political scene I think it’s a positive for our side.  It’s the same with gun control, let the Democrats and their ‘surrogates’ continue to make it their position that the Second Amendment should be repealed and that confiscation is their ultimate goal.  Because it does little more than to harden the position against them.



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