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I’m pretty sure that it won’t come as much of a surprise that the fella who, were it not for Barack Hussein Obama would have continued wearing the moniker of ‘Worst President in American History’, is another of those corrupt politicians who denies knowing why it is that the Second Amendment exists.  Which is, of course, as that last line of defense against a tyrannical government.  And while our all-knowing and all seeing federal government has yet to reach that point, those paying attention see it as moving ever closer with each passing day. Thank the Founding Fathers for having had the wisdom to provide the citizens with the Right to safeguard their freedom.

And so it was on this past Tuesday on the Communist Broadcasting System, aka CBS, that ex-president Jimmy Carter claimed during an interview “CBS This Morning,” that the National Rifle Association (NRA) represents the interests of gun manufactures and sellers, not gun owners.  And talking about student gun control activists, Jimmy said, “I just hope and pray they will be persistent in their commitment and they will continue to use their influence on adults that who have reached voting age already, and when they reach voting age they will be willing to turn out of office the people who have abjectly submitted themselves to the domination of the NRA.”

And Jimmy added, “The NRA basically represents gun manufacturers and sellers instead of the average hunters and people who use guns for their own defense. I think the distortion of the Second Amendment has been a mistake. There is no threat to the Second Amendment among the side of young people to have good background checks before you can buy a weapon and you can do away with the rapid-fire military weapons that we have authorized.”  Once again it’s Jimmy who seems to go out of his way to make sure we all remember just how dishonest he truly is.  Like any of us who were around during his presidency would ever really forget.  Not hardly!

Look, there is but one reason that this bonehead was ever elected president in the first place, and that’s because he was simply in the right place at the right time, politically speaking.  Watergate was still very fresh in the minds of the American people and many were upset with the fact that President Ford pardoned Nixon.  That and Jimmy didn’t ‘appear’ as some crazy left wing bomb-throwing-dictator-wannabe.  And of course we didn’t have Fox News or the Internet to give us both sides.  And there was the media running in lock step with no push back as there was NO talk radio because the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ was still very much in effect!

Let’s face it, Jimmy has always had a rather difficult relationship with the truth.  Now, according to Jimmy, we are not only controlled by guns, we are controlled by their manufacturers as well.  It seems that guns have their own type of derangement syndrome.  Guns, guns and more guns, it’s all about guns, or is it?  Because what it’s really all about is banning the private ownership of guns, which, by the way, would be enforced by people WITH guns, so that we the disarmed masses would have no way of protecting ourselves against their intended, and highly desired, brand of tyranny.  They are fine with well-armed storm troopers just not a well-armed citizenry.

If the government were to tell you tomorrow that you no longer had freedom of speech, and that if you were to say something considered by that same government to be ‘the wrong thing’ and for that offense you would be jailed, how would you be able to resist?   Despite the claims made by Jimmy and his leftist cohorts it’s the Second Amendment that protects all the rest of your rights by providing you a means of resisting tyranny!  It’s not about hunting or target shooting, it’s about providing ‘We the People’ with the ultimate means of resistance!  Resistance from what it is that Jimmy and his friends on the left dream about inflicting upon this country.

Why is it that when it comes to this most recent shooting in Florida and this silly made-for-TV ‘March for our Lives’, that none of the players mention how it was that we had a Sheriff’s Deputy standing outside while the shooting took place, how the County Sheriff set up a parameter instead of rushing in to save lives, or why the police, after 38 visits to this kid’s house, had no idea there was an issue, OR why the FBI, after receiving a tip that there was a threat that he was going to blow, did not take the time to go to check out the tip?  None of these things are talked about, because it’s easier to blame the gun or the NRA, than say government screwed up!

Can we all agree that Jimmy is nothing more than a pathological liar? The NRA has millions of members and we are not gun manufacturers.  What we are, are folks who love our country, our freedom and our Constitution, unlike Jimmy and the rest of his Godless Democrats.  His lies are believed only by those who call the Democrat Party home.  He makes the argument for wanting to take our guns using the false premise that by doing so we can prevent loss of life, while it’s the same time that Jimmy and his friends actively advocate for the wholesale butchering of over a million defenseless baby’s every single year through abortion for both convenience and profit.

The long term goal of the left is to make it so we are all as defenseless as those over 60 million babies that they’ve had no problem whatsoever with killing since Roe versus Wade.  This quest of the left to seize our guns has nothing whatsoever to with children, or cutting the level of gun violence or even with public safety.  It, as had been said so many times before, has EVERYTHING to do with control and about power.  Control of, and power over, the people.  And Jimmy’s idiotic rant about how the NRA somehow only supporting gun manufactures proves just how ignorant and blatantly dishonest he truly his.  But then this is how those on the left operate.



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