MItch McConnell

Ok, so we all know that Mitch McConnell’s official job title is ‘Majority Leader of the United States Senate.’  But it’s upon closer inspection that it becomes rather obvious that that’s not exactly an accurate description of the role that McConnell has come to play in Congress.  And nothing makes that clearer than how it was that the recent, and horrendous $1.3 Trillion boondoggle of a spending bill came to be passed.  Because it’s a careful review of the crucial Senate reveals that it was Democrat members, not Republicans, who actually passed the bill.

And also I find it rather revealing that it was his own Republican caucus that opposed the very bill that he negotiated.  The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 65 to 32 (with three abstentions).  Of the 65 ‘Yay’ votes, 39 Democrat senators supported the bill with only 25 Republicans signing on.  Now keep in mind that it’s the Republicans who control the Senate, at least for now, with 51 seats.  Of the 32 ‘Nay’ votes, 23 were Republicans, including stalwart conservatives such as Ted Cruz, James Lankford, Cory Gardner, Rand Paul, Tom Cotton and Mike Lee.

Democrats were absolutely giddy about the bill’s passage, so much so they could not contain their glee.  Chuckie Schumer was practically beside himself, saying, “We Democrats feel very good because so many of our priorities for the middle class were included.”  Chuckie was especially happy because chief among his priorities was the funding for a $30 Billion the infrastructure project in New York known as the Gateway program. Gateway includes a rail tunnel under the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York. The Senate approved $540 Million for the tunnel.

Meanwhile, conservatives lamented that not one dollar went for construction of the wall along the Mexican border, a project President Trump has championed since his inauguration and promised throughout his campaign.  Republicans dismay about the final bill was perhaps best voiced by Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina.  He said, “It is troubling when we get a tunnel and we don’t get a wall.”  He added, “The last time I checked, the president didn’t make any promises about getting a tunnel in any of his campaign stops, at least not in North Carolina.”

This bill is what you get when you allow four members of the establishment to ‘negotiate’ the future of America.  Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are, perhaps, the most ineffectual leaders the Republican Party as ever had.  For this entire year these two have been outsmarted and outwitted at every turn. The question in my mind is are these two so anti-Trump that they would sell their country and their party down the river just to get rid of him?  Apparently so.  Unless these two are replaced this country and Republican Party are doomed for many years to come.

Look, we all know who the Republicans in Democrat clothing are. This country is going down in flames and these corrupt senators and representatives only care about what they are going to get out of it, not what will work to make this country great again. They want to essentially do away with our borders and allow anyone to come into this country who wants to.  If they are allowed to have their way it will be in fairly short order that our country will be made into just another Third World sh*thole. I feel sorry for my grandkids as they are the ones who will pay the biggest price.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is, in any way, an attempt by me to provide President Trump with an excuse for signing this abomination into law.  And I believe that his choosing to sign it will likely come to have a very significant impact on this coming November’s midterm election.  All of which could have been so easily avoided had he simply chosen to veto it.  Instead, by signing it into law he comes across as appearing more like McConnell than those hundreds of thousands of regular folks who attended his rallies during the campaign and who show up still.

I’m thinking that the only thing President Trump accomplished by this one act is to ensure he becomes a one-term president.  There will likely be many people staying home in November allowing the Democrats to first easily retake Congress and then to impeach him.  Or, at the very least to bring NOTHING of his agenda up for vote.  Trump’s presidency is effectively over because of this.  He will get NOTHING done from here on out.  And he can thank the RINOS and himself for that. He should’ve never signed it and I still can’t believe that he actually did it.


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