Ya know, it was really a very simple task that President Trump had laying before him back on January 20, 2017.  To keep the promises that he had made to the American people who chose to support him and who voted for him.  What could be easier than that?  But once again those of us on the right have been made to deal with yet another disappointment.  Promises made should be promises kept, but I guess that’s simply too much to expect from a politician, even one new to the ‘profession.’

And the source of my most recent bout of frustration comes by way of this latest spending boondoggle, this RINO/Democrat collaboration that does absolutely nothing to make good on the promises made to those who voted for Trump.  But it does provide funding for Planned Parenthood and blocks penalties for Sanctuary Cities. This pork-riddled bill forks over half a billion dollars to build a tunnel for Chuckie Schumer yet fails to provide one dollar for a border wall along our porous southern border.

And it is this same bill that also does NOT include the necessary language that would allow for carrying concealed weapons across state lines, which was yet another promise made but apparently not worthy of being kept.  And hidden deep in the over 2,000 pages of this monstrosity is buried a little section on school safety which actually prohibits money from being used for guns and gun training.  In other words, there are zero funds allotted for arming teachers or school resource officers.

So when all was said and done it’s the Democrats who got nearly EVERYTHING that they were wanting while those of us who supported, and have continued to support, President Trump got next to nothing.  And while I held out hope that the president would veto this abomination, even he too took the easy way out.  So, so much for running the country like a business, which is what I thought I was voting for.  Once again, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

This bill should be seen as being completely unacceptable and conservatives should be outraged.  It’s nothing more than a continuation of the status quo that has infuriated conservative voters all across the country and for longer than I care to remember.  Republicans in Congress should be championing tax reform, cutting stifling regulations and getting the federal government out of the way of job creators.  Instead, they seem interested only in coming up with more effective ways to lose in November.

We’ve all heard the many excuses regarding why this bill came out the way it did.  You know, how it’s all because the Republicans hold just the slimmest of majorities in both houses of Congress and how the Republicans had to give a little in order to get a little.  And that would be fine if they had only given a little.  As I have said before, it’s almost as if the Republicans are doing all that they can to ensure that come this November they will lose, and in rather spectacular fashion, to the Democrats.

So where do we conservatives go from here?  Do we just suck it up and deal with it like we’ve been forced to do so many times before?  If I suck it up anymore my bellybutton will pop out my backside.  I had such high hopes for President Trump.  I thought finally here was a presidential candidate who thinks the way I do.  And yet I find myself feeling more than a little betrayed.  I, like millions of others, listened to candidate Trump.  What we heard, or thought we heard, was a man who cared.

And I think that there is now very high probability that this bill will turn out to be somewhat of a unifying force that may result in keeping conservatives, like myself, home this November.  And who can blame them?  Since first being able to vote, I have NEVER not voted.  But I too am beginning to wonder, what’s the point?  Conservatives are tired of getting screwed just as they are tired of voting for Republicans and getting Democrats and tired of being lied to by those whom they elect.

Year after year these RINOs run for office promising to stand with the people, then, once elected they continually vote with the Democrats.  I remember the promises of “give us the majority in Congress and we will get rid of Obamacare and stop the flood of illegals.”  Well, we gave them the House and got nothing.  Then we gave them the House and the Senate, and we still got nothing.  And then we gave them the House, the Senate and the White House and here we are, still with a whole lot of nothing.

In all likelihood it’s too late to do anything regarding the next election.  ‘The Swamp’ has been very successful in essentially running out the clock.  To the point where the election is now less than eight months away and our chances of being able to come up with viable conservative primary candidates gets just that much slimmer with each passing day.  I envision the Democrats taking back control of Congress come this November with impeachment hearings beginning by the end of January.

And President Trump could have so very easily averted all of this by simply choosing to veto this horrible bill.  And though he did threaten to veto it, in the end he did what I’m sure he intended to do all along, and that was to sign the bill.  And he only proceeded to make matters worse when he tried to justify the act.  People were expecting a fighter when they elected Trump, but a fighter would have vetoed the bill and sent it right back to Congress so fast RINO heads would have been spinning.


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