Hitlery 24

I’m quite sure that by now most have heard the latest bit of hypocrisy to come out of Hitlery regarding the fella that humiliated her at the polls.  It was last week on the Dutch public broadcasting’s KRO-NCRV, Hitlery went so far as to accuse President Trump of undermining the office of the presidency to “enrich himself and his family.”  And I’m thinking the most amazing thing about her making this statement was the fact she was able to get through the entire thing with a straight face.

Hitlery said, “He has undermined the office and used it to enrich himself and his family. Disregarded laws, ethical standards, has been undermining the institutions from the free press to the judiciary.”  She added, “He’s crossed into a territory of behavior and actions that are unpredictable, that are erratic, that are undermining the stability of the global order.”  So it is once again that we see another Democrat accusing someone else of doing that which she herself is guilty of.

And what Hitlery means by “global order” is that every Third World cretin on the planet who wants a piece of America should be allowed in and given all manner of ‘free’ stuff, and be put ahead of American citizens when it comes to jobs.  In Hitlery’s global order, these cretins and their plentiful spawn should be allowed to congest our cities, clog our roads, overrun our public schools and emergency rooms, and overwhelm the safety nets that American tax payers have paid for.

It says a lot about the old girl, that she actually thinks she’s never done anything wrong.  Whether it’s all of her many lies, the email laws that she thought did not apply to her, Benghazi, or the personal enrichment from bribes for pay to play.  She has a dysfunctional moral compass to say the least. It’s the only explanation as to why she is struggling so hard with being a sore loser.  She thinks something had to happen because there is no way that Americans would not vote for her?

But look, what she’s exhibiting here is really nothing different than the very same mental illness that afflicts most of her political persuasion.  We see it everywhere, from Washington to Hollyweird and all parts in between.  Their minds have convinced them that they are always the smartest person in whatever room they happen to be in and that people genuinely care what they think.  When in fact they suffer from extremely low IQs along with just a touch of mental retardation.

Donald Trump came to the Presidency having already accumulated some level of personal wealth.  The Clinton’s came to Presidency with almost nothing and the proceeded to use their position to amass what eventually became hundreds of millions dollars.  So when she starts rambling on about how it was that President Trump, during the relatively short time that he has been in office, let alone been involved in politics, the claim rings more than just a bit hollow and disingenuous.

The time for calling into question Hitlery’s mental status is long overdue.  After all, the whole reason why she had her home made server was to keep the prying eyes of those in government, as well as of the American people, away from knowing exactly what she was up to and the degree to which she was selling her office in order to pad her pockets and the pockets of her family.  She needs to be placed in a straitjacket and hauled off to some mental institution and never be seen again.

After all, here we have one of the greediest, most self-serving and criminally dishonest politicians ever to appear on the political scene accusing President Trump of working to enrich his family?  Perhaps she’d like to explain to us how it is that her no-talent daughter is able to afford an $11 million condo in Manhattan!  There is some serious brain damage here.  Does she actually expect people who have been watching her over the years to believe her claim that Trump wants to ‘enrich his family?’

Someone needs to bring her back to reality.  As Secretary of State, she brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to her Clinton Foundation.  She then took hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees, which, while it may not have been illegal, was at least unethical since she knew she was going to run for President.  She and her family are the greediest, and most power and money-obsessed family in this country.  And she simply cannot stop talking, much to chagrin of many in her party.

Hitlery touting law and ethics, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so nauseating.  As for enriching herself and her family, Hitlery is an expert with her experience as Secretary of State using a private server to circumvent government monitoring, record retention and FIOA requests.  Then destroying subpoena emails that probably showed evidence of her dealings with the Clinton Foundation and foreign government officials during her tenure. This woman is an embarrassment every time she opens her mouth.

Just like Barry ‘O’ made endless excuses and blamed everyone else for his failures, Hitlery continues to play the very same blame game. Here’s what she’s really saying: “Dammit! I pulled off one of the biggest scams in history. I cheated and lied and had the votes of millions of illegals. I had the purse strings of the DNC and and the media in my corner.  I had questions given to me in advance and he still beat me! He MUST have cheated!”  That’s pretty much the gist of what she is saying.


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