It is once again that those of us trying so desperately to prevent our country from being taken over by the dark forces of the left may now be faced with a scenario that very few of us likely saw coming.  That being, unfortunately, the fact that our Republican leaders in Congress no longer wish to have our party in control of Congress.  It’s beginning to look as if they actually prefer being the minority party if for no other reason than because governing is simply too hard.  Now while I’d like to say this isn’t true, all of the evidence would seem to say that it is.

So now, once again, in order to prevent the Democrats from seizing control, we the voters may be forced into taking matters into our own hands.  But with that said, we seem to have very few options.  We can choose to vote for those who many of us, as conservatives, long ago lost confidence, and the trust in, however distasteful that may be, or we work to gather together suitable primary candidates who would be willing to challenge those who are nothing more the Democrats in Republican clothing.  If we choose to go the primary route, we need to hurry.

Or we do nothing.  We simply roll over and allow what has become a radically leftwing Democrat Party assume complete control of Congress.  And it should be obvious what happens from there.  The primary focus of this new Democrat majority would be one thing and one thing only.  And that would, of course, be the impeachment of our duly elected president, Donald Trump.  In other words, we would be allowing ‘The Swamp’ to simply rewrite history and make it appear as if the 2016 election never even happened. Is that what we REALLY want?

And then we have that soon to be ex-senator Jeff Flake, who just last week told a New Hampshire audience that maybe the Republican Party does not deserve to lead.  But Flake doesn’t seem to be the only one to hold that opinion.  Republican ‘leaders’, and I use the term loosely, including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, have frequently lectured Republican President Donald Trump on his words and actions.  And now we have word that Ryan is set to pass the second largest spending bill in U.S. history, one that is second only to Barry’s Trillion dollar stimulus debacle.

This ‘Ryan budget’ funds all of the Democrat priorities but leaves out any funding the Trump border wall.  The bill will also funnel billions of dollars to Obamacare markets. Is this what Republicans who are interested in maintaining their majorities would do? This feckless, gutless bunch of RINO’s are apparently tired of being in charge.  As the minority, they can campaign as conservatives without ever having to deliver. As the majority, they’re expected to deliver, but WON’T, because they’re NOT really conservatives and are really no different than the Democrats.

And I’m thinking that losing in November has now become the Republican plan.  They want the Democrats to regain control so ‘they’ can then begin work on impeaching President Trump. That way they can get rid of Trump without leaving any fingerprints behind.  It’s a win/win for them.  Democrats impeach Trump and stop all of the committee investigations into ‘The Swamp.’  And once Trump is gone next they’ll be coming for our guns and erasing our tax cuts.  In other words, the returning of things back to the way they were before President Trump.

And it seems to become a little more obvious with each passing day that the Republicans are less and less interested in remaining the majority.  And we all know that once the Democrats return to power it will be in very short order that they get back to their agenda of destroying this country just as quickly, and as completely, as they can. Republicans will never again have the opportunity to be in control of any branch of government.  But then I don’t suppose it really matters, because they give the Democrats everything they want anyway.

Republicans have done nothing that indicates they want to win.  Despite record tax revenue, falling crime rates, rising stock markets and myriad other signs of successes, they always come back to how “President Trump is mean.”  So like I said, it’s going to be up to those who genuinely love this country if we are going to have any hope of keeping control of both the House and Senate.  And if we succeed then we must DEMAND new leadership with zero RINO’s at the helm.  Either we work to ‘Make American Great Again’, or allow the Democrats to destroy it.

I’m confident that most Republicans realize that McConnell and Ryan are traitors, it’s just the folks back home who seem to be a bit myopic in that regard.  Neither of these guys have any intention of trying to hold onto the House or the Senate, because they are not loyal to any party, nor to the Constitution. Their gravy train was nearly derailed by President Trump, and they want to get it moving again.  And while they can’t impeach him, what they can do is to allow the Democrats to take control of Congress so THEY can then impeach President Trump.

And so it would seem that election becomes all the more the consequential than the one before regarding the country we love.  And it’s not just the Democrat Party that we are now being forced to contend with, but it also seems to be a growing number of those in the Republican Party.  And while the effort to safeguard our country from the forces of darkness may seem overwhelming at times and more than a little daunting, we should never allow ourselves to even consider the possibility of defeat.  If anything, we should now be more determined than ever.

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