Booker 14

Any of the regular viewers of ABC’s “The View,” tuning in on this past Monday heard what I’m sure was music to their ears as Cory Booker made the claim that President Trump’s “vile, vulgar” Twitter attacks on the intelligence community were bringing down the “dialogue in our democracy” to a “venial, sort of guttural level.”  I’m not sure where Cory was going with that since the definition of “guttural” is: “Of or relating to the throat, harsh throaty, pertaining to or characterized by a sound articulated in the back of the mouth”.  It has absolutely no relationship to the word “gutter” which is what this ignorant, presidential “wannabe” was trying to imply.

But I feel pretty confident in saying that if you’re ignorant enough to be a regular viewer of this type of idiotic programming, then you likely don’t really care that this guy, Booker, is dumber than post.  Because what’s far more important to you is the fact that he supports your supposed ‘right’ to murder your baby right up to the time, and even a short time thereafter, of delivery.  And also, if you’re someone who tends to tune in on what can be considered a regular basis to watch these geniuses at work, I think it’s pretty fair to say that you probably didn’t vote for President Trump, so it’s throughout the program that you probably nod your head in agreement.

Anyway, what follows here is a partial transcript of the exchange that took place between Booker and Meghan McCain regarding his rather low opinion of our president:

McCain: Senator, Bob Mueller is a long-time Republican but Trump tweeted that 13 out of the 17 members were registered Democrats. Six of them donated to Hillary Clinton. Don’t you think the optics are difficult?

Booker: I haven’t fact checked that this morning. I heard “The New York Times” question that fact. I’ve never seen this in any—in business, when I was the mayor. You just don’t see executives heckling and maligning law enforcement the way that this president seems to be comfortable to do. And so for him to be active, this is part of a larger pattern of Donald Trump going after the intelligence agencies, the FBI. This is unacceptable in America.

McCain: You don’t think it’s fair game if there are Democrats that donated to Hillary?

Booker: I don’t think it’s fair game for him to be doing what he’s doing, which is trying to undermine the integrity of agencies by doing all this picking at them. This is so un-presidential of him, but more importantly, it’s exactly what the Russians want, us to be going after our sacred institutions, whether they’re the press or the public. What we see right now is a president going after continuously, in a vile, vulgar way, institutions in our country and people who are trying to serve our nation and keep us safe.

McCain:  Does it concern you if they’re leaking though? That’s the accusation right now and even for people like me, obviously I’ve always had the upmost respect for the CIA and FBI, but if there’s leaking that’s a problem.

Booker: There’s an inspector general report that he could have waited for, let the authorities of the process, let the due process happen. Why is he always on Twitter tormenting people, bullying people in ways that we tell children not to do? It’s the worst type of behavior, and it’s having a consequence on even the dialogue in our democracy He really brings it down to a venial, sort of guttural level. You saw this with Bush, John McCain is somebody who does this all the time, people elevating the dialogue in our country, talking in a more honorable way. This is a guy that for the year-plus he’s been in office and even before that, he’s demeaning and degrading people, heckling folks and really showing the worst, in my opinion, of American conversation and not trying to bring it up to a higher level.

First off, I’m guessing that someone should take the time to explain to this genius that we are not a democracy, we are a Representative Republic.  And if he doesn’t even understand the type of government we have, then why should anyone bother to listen to anything he has to say, least of all about how he views our president.  Second, Booker mentions “our sacred institutions.”  But I’d be curious to know just which of these institutions it is that, as a radical leftwing Democrat, he might consider as being “sacred.”  Likely not the ones most conservatives do.  Let’s face it, Booker is nothing more than a whining socialist/fascist who hates President Trump.

And it’s because of his hatred of President Trump that this political lowlife will do anything, and I mean absolutely anything, to denigrate Trump, no matter what the damage he may end up doing to the country.  That’s what’s so pathetic, Democrats possess so much hate they will gladly risk damaging the country in their effort to do all that they can to damage President Trump.  Democrats, and especially scum like Booker, are disgusting anti-America fascists.  Booker was part of Obama & Co. and as such was all in for in for the shameless and the blatantly Crooked, Crazy, Creepy, Corrupt, Traitorous Benghazi Liar and Hate-America First Progressive, Hitlery.

Yes, as we all know how the Democrats are famous for having elevated the dialogue for some time now.  NOT!  They speak only in vile lies, complete distortions, feigned outrage, false equivalencies, references to perverse sexual activities while championing sexual freedoms, using fake statistics, mocking people of faith, knowingly confusing correlation with causation, spewing vitriol and hate as Comedy, championing abortion without any understanding of Human embryology and using terms like “fetal goo” and “clump of cells.”  Yet if you ask any one of them to define “Liberalism” as a philosophy of governance they will not even attempt it.

Booker’s yet another example on what has become a rather long list of examples of the hate-America crowd, aka Democrats, who must be purged from every level of government, local, state and federal, and then cast into what is nothing less than the everlasting darkness of political oblivion, especially if we are to ever have any hope of surviving as a sovereign nation.  Clearly, they are nothing but a menace, a plague, an infestation and a scourge of the deadliest sort.  They are clearly as dangerous as they are hazardous to the well-being of our nation.  And to elect more them, besides being an act of rabid stupidity, only serves to reduce our survivability as a nation.

You know, in a way I hope this clown does end up being the Democrat candidate for President, because I’d like to think it would be a cakewalk for President Trump if he does.  But then there are a lot of ‘sheeple’ out there who will vote Democrat if for no other reason than it increases their odds of getting more ‘free’ stuff.  But if a Democrat, regardless of who it is, does actually win in 2020 everything that President Trump will have accomplished by then will be destroyed.  Taxes will again be made to go through the roof, we will become a sanctuary country and far from building a wall the borders will be thrown wide open.  And that we simply cannot allow to happen.


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