So according to the New York Times, not generally a reliable source of accurate information, Robert Mueller recently subpoenaed the Trump Organization for any documents related to Russia and to any other topic that he is currently ‘investigating’.  So it now appears that Mr. Mueller is apparently seeking to determine whether foreign money had any role in President Trump’s political activities.  But it would also seem that we have gotten to a place where he’s now grabbing at straws.

I think it’s safe to say there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this supposed ‘investigation’ being conducted by Mueller, and his army of Democrat hacks, the purpose of which, or so I thought, was to look into any possible collusion between the Trump and Russia, long ago came completely off the tracks.  And as much as I may have at one time held a high opinion of Jeff Sessions, the time has now come for him to grow a pair and bring all of this insanity to an end.  Either that or resign!

Because this ‘investigation’ has now moved well beyond being merely a ridiculous waste of time and an exercise in political chicanery, but it has also been a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars.  And I also think it safe to say that the ONLY ones who wish to see this madness continue are those partisan Democrat hacks, which would include the entirety of the Democrat Party, who see it as being something that they will be able to easily exploit as we head further in the midterm election cycle.

Personally, I can’t believe this circus has been allowed to go on. A “Russia Collusion” investigation based on a fraudulent “Russia Collusion” dossier paid for by Hitlery’s campaign and being used as “evidence.”  No one believes this Russian conspiracy theory any more now than they did when all this nonsense started.  For every phony Russian blogger, there are a 1000 phony Leftist bloggers spewing all manner of what was nothing more than ‘fake news’ that was then echoed by ‘phony’ journalists.

This ‘investigation’ has now essentially morphed into what is nothing more than a fishing expedition or a witch hunt on steroids, an effort to collect all sorts of information that can then be used against Trump when he runs for re-election in 2020.  As well as, I suppose, being an effort to financially bankrupt Trump and destroy his businesses.  And make no mistake here, the RINOs are just as complicit in this charade as is Mueller and the many Democrat Party operatives on his team.

Democrats are hoping that this ‘investigation’ will turn out to be a real two-fer for them, first resulting in the destroying of any and all incriminating evidence that exists against Hitlery and secondly the destroying of Trump’s businesses just as the Democrats said they would do when Trump won the election. And if those of us who voted for Trump simply sit by and watch it happen, then we’re nothing but accomplices in what is a concerted effort to bring down our duly elected president.

Meanwhile, we have Hitlery jetting around the world telling anyone who’s willing to listen to her how it was that she hated half of America even BEFORE she got her butt handed to her in the 2016 election.  We were deplorable AND irredeemable, she said. She called those who dared not to agree with her every name in the book and disparaged them/us at every opportunity. The fact is that she and those on her side DO hate America and they despise the Founding Fathers as well as our Constitution.

The mere sight of the American flag turns her stomach as she sees it as being nothing more than a symbol of “white privilege” and “oppression.”  Like all Democrats she has a far different view of America than do those who voted for Trump.  She and her party want a borderless country.  She, and her party, hates America and every single tradition and institution that NORMAL Americans respect.  This is another reason why President Trump must be destroyed, which is why Mueller remains on the job.

The Democrats have to stretch this out to at least until the mid-term elections because right now it’s all they have.  They have to keep their emotionally unstable base happy with perpetual stories of, “we almost have something that could, possibly, maybe impeach Trump.”  And then we have the Republicans who are worthless feckless wimps who whine about everything but do nothing about anything.  Mueller should have been defunded and McCabe should have been fired months ago.

Let’s face it, Mueller is not the least bit interested in finding the truth. He is only interested in getting Trump on something, anything no matter how trivial.  If this were truly about Russian collusion he has tons of evidence on Hitlery and the DNC. Trump and his associates were the victims. Where’s their justice?  Mueller is now treading into unconstitutional territory.  He is way out of line and Sessions is his enabler. Enough is enough. Shut this politically motivated witch hunt down NOW.


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