Sadly, Americans are truly a pretty ignorant bunch.  Too many of them tend to ignore what’s taking place right before their eyes, choosing instead to believe what some Democrat is telling them.  That what they’re seeing is really nothing more than a mirage, and that what’s truly taking place is the complete opposite of what they ‘think’ they’re seeing.  Take as a for instance the ‘special election’ in Pennsylvania.   The Democrat, Lamb, besides trying to portray himself as being some sort of moderate, a breed of Democrat that long ago became extinct, was out there telling anyone who would listen, that we need to address the level rancor in our politics and he’s the guy who can do it.  Which I thought was rather odd coming from a Democrat.  Because it’s such a brand of politics that the Democrat Party has long been all about.

The Democrat Party, as a whole, has become little more than one of America’s more successful hate groups.  They hate America, they hate hard working Americans, they hate the family, they hate religion and, I would argue, they even hate life itself.  And yet for some bizarre reason they never have trouble convincing people to vote for them.  I can only assume that those voting for Democrats must hate this country as much as the candidate they are voting for does.  And what does it say about our country’s ability to survive when you have a significant percentage of its population willing to vote for those whose only mission is to destroy it.  And again in referencing the Pennsylvania election, you have one candidate who supports making America great again, and another who doesn’t, and yet the race is too close to call?

It’s like we have a significant number of Americans who have what can only be considered as being a death wish.  Why else is it that anyone would be willing to vote for a Democrat, any Democrat?  I’ve heard from many on my side, aka people who actually love this country, that the Democrat Party is out of touch with the American people.  But again, if using Pennsylvania as our example, apparently they are not so out of touch with those who would rather see their country destroyed than do what they must know needs to be done in order to prevent just such an eventuality.  With so much is riding on this November’s election, and for the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone of reasonable intelligence would ever vote Democrat.  But for whatever the reason many will, and mark my words, nothing good will come from it.


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