Booker 6

Without a doubt Cory Booker, Democrat from New Jersey, has to be considered as being one of the most insignificant, inconsequential and, to be perfectly honest, useless members of the U.S Senate.  And, oddly enough, despite all of that he still seems to fancy himself as being the next Barack Obama.  Here is a fella who managed to maneuver what was a very mediocre performance, at best, as mayor of Newark into a gig as a U.S. Senator.  If nothing else that would seem to prove the point that the political pickings must be pretty slim there in ‘The Garden State.’

This past Wednesday Booker was invited to appear on MSNBC’s “The Beat”, hosted by some clown by the name of Ari Melber, for what turned out to be little more than yet another mindless rant by a Democrat regarding just how ‘dangerous’ a man our current president really is.  And as is usually the case, Booker did not disappoint those who had tuned to hear him spew the latest talking points as he again made the claim that we have heard from others on his side about how President Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric” and “dangerous decisions” are causing “a crisis” in American government.

A partial transcript from this rather bizarre exchange is as follows:

Melber asked, “On the Mueller probe, last question to you. When you see the president under scrutiny for potential obstruction, the way he’s treated the DOJ and the FBI, and then you see his former aides, like this witness Sam Nunberg, openly talking about defying Muller then now saying maybe he will cooperate, do you think the president bares any responsibility for that and should publicly tell everyone to cooperate?”

To which Booker responded by saying, “The leadership really stems from the top and we have seen the way the president has been attacking the Justice Department, attacking high level officials, from firing an FBI director to attacking Jeff Sessions, who I am no apologist for, but you see how he’s treating the rule of law and important institutional norms. He’s setting the standards of his administration and a lot of the bad behavior we’re seeing is reflective of the person at the top.”

Booker went on to say, “So we’re in a crisis in American government right now, where you see very important institutions that the Founders knew about, from the attacks on the media and the First Amendment rights to the attacks on the rule of law, and this is all stemming from the dangerous rhetoric and the dangerous decisions that are being made in the White House that really have me worried about the long term institutional strength of our country.”

And he added, “Which ironically is exactly what the Russians have been attempting to do, undermining the strength of our intuitions, undermining the strength of our media, and undermining our very faith in truth, and that’s something we should all be working against.”

Booker is another of those on what has become a rather long list of many leftwing zealots who support employment based on social engineering, the concept of hiring and promoting mediocracy in the workplace.  The government is the leader of hiring non-white/non-male employees, even when many of these hires are not the best qualified applicants when compared to their white male counterparts.  And the resulting increase in errors and other workplace issues that are related to affirmative action in the workplace are hidden under the guise of employee “privacy rights.”

While Booker supports unyielding union protections and employee rights, he also rejects firing minority workers for any cause or error.  President Trump wants to change things up.  The president wants “Deplorables” hired when they are best qualified and he wants to be able to fire government workers for mediocracy or just cause.  As the former proprietor of a large privately held company, President Trump is well aware that no enterprise, public or private, can operate efficiently when those under its employ lack the required knowledge, skill, or abilities to perform their job.

And frankly I was more than little surprised that Booker actually brought up the subject of leadership as being something that comes from the top down, because as mayor of Newark this man was blatantly inept when it came to displaying anything that could even remotely be defined as leadership.  And he speaks of the president’s “dangerous rhetoric?”  What about the steady stream daily lies and verbal attacks on everything conservative by these out of control Democrats in Congress, like Booker?  They have lost all sense of reason and attack anyone who dares to question them.

Democrats have zero respect for the law and for our Constitution.  Another stellar Democrat is Adam Schiff who’s a prime leaker regarding meetings which are supposed to be secret.  You would think that the Democrat Party would be doomed as more Americans come to see the danger that it now represents to America.  And they MUST be held accountable?  Most Democrats no longer possess any credibility when it comes to those issues that are most important to the greatest number of Americans.  And while they remain able to win elections we cannot allow them to be in charge.

Despite all the rhetoric, there is no crisis in our government.  This president has accomplished more of real substance than almost any president before him. The ‘crisis’ exists for the Democrats.  They have refused to work with this president. Their main focus is to obstruct in every way that they can like a bunch of grade school bullies on the playground who didn’t get their way.  That is the crisis here.  And much to their chagrin, they may well learn that most Americans are fed up with their obstruction and the leaving the ‘people’s’ business neglected and un-done.

And I am curious as to which dangerous rhetoric Booker may be referring to.  That we should build a wall to stop those who are flooding into our country ILLEGALLY?  Or, that we should show respect for our flag?  Or, perhaps that Americans deserve to keep more of their own money?  And yes, that would include even those evil rich!  Or, that we need to get rid of Obamacare which has cost millions to lose their insurance, or prevents them from getting care because of enormous deductibles?  Or perhaps that we need to support those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us?

Many of us “Deplorables” are sick and tired of those in the Democrat Party who applaud violence and have no respect for law and order. We’re tired of being afraid in our own homes and of seeing violent criminals being protected by people like Booker and put back into our communities instead of in prison.  And we’re tired of the attempts being made to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves with a gun. And we’re tired of the assault on our pocketbooks and watching as our hard-earned money is used to entice people to vote Democrat.

Look, Democrats like this boob Booker can lie and cheat and throw their hissy fits all they want.  But come November, we ‘could’ be looking at the beginning of the end of the liberal Democrats in this nation, and I will not miss them one bit, starting with this idiot Booker.  I say we ‘could’ only because there remains in this country a great many people who would like nothing more than for politicians like Booker to have far more say over in which direction we go as a country.  But one need look no further than nearly any big city to see what it is that the Democrat Party seeks for America.

At the end of the day I think it fair to say that Booker and his Democrat Party are busy waging a war on hardworking, patriotic Americans to happen to love their country and who believe in our Constitution.  These people are tired of seeing this country’s institutions being destroyed by those who think as Booker does.  And they’re tired of those would rather burn our flag than to proudly hold it high.  In truth it’s Booker and his Democrat Party that is guilty of spewing dangerous and violent rhetoric.  They are the party of hate, and they seek only the complete destruction of our country.


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