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It was earlier this week that ex-vice president ‘Slow Joe’ Biden was heard to say how he’s so “angry” that some leading Democrats just “don’t get it” when it comes to understanding the dignity of work and the concerns of working-class Americans.  He made his comments while in Pennsylvania campaigning for Democrat Conor Lamb, a candidate for Congress in next week’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. ‘Slow Joe’ told the crowd that he grew up “watching aunts, uncles, friends,” and neighbors losing jobs, and that his dad told him that a job was about “dignity,” “respect,” and “and your place in your community.”

He said, “They don’t get it. Some people in my party don’t even get it anymore. It’s about our pride. It’s about our dignity. It’s about who the hell we are and what we’ve done.” And he said, “It makes me angry. It makes me angry.” ‘Slow Joe’ also slammed Republicans who are threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, telling the crowd, “You paid for it. You paid for it.”  He said, “There was a sacred promise made.”  And, he added, “You paid for it.”  Last year, ‘Slow Joe’ also whacked Democrats for not talking about the concerns of working-class Americans.  He asked then, “When was the last time you heard us talk about those people?”

I would argue that working class Americans have now become a Republican constituency.  They have been for decades, really, it just took some people longer than others to realize it.  After all, if you work for a living, the Democrat Party’s only contribution to your family consists of extracting ever larger percentages of taxes from your paycheck for the sole purpose handing it over those who are most likely to vote for them.  The Democrat Party of the 60’s and 70’s, that supported and fought for the working class, has become extinct.  The Democrats have essentially sold out the working man/woman in favor of supporting those in this country illegally.

And ‘Slow Joe’ can portray himself as having some connection with the common man until the cows come home but little Joey attended expensive private schools in Delaware and has spent nearly his entire life as a member of an elite wealthy class.  And after having lived off hardworking taxpayers now for more than 40 years, what could he possibly have in common with working class Americans?  Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nadda, that’s what!  He has no idea what he’s talking about. He puts on this phony scowl and speaks platitudes. The trouble is no one in his party listens to him and it’s unlikely the Democrat Party will nominate an elderly, wealthy white guy.

And where was ‘Slow Joe’ while Barry ‘O’ was spending his entire eight years in office wrecking the country and putting historically high numbers of the working class out of work and on welfare?  Barry was actively conspiring to destroy the economic foundations of this country yet, what did Joe Biden do?   He simply sat back and watched.  The Democrat Party has devolved into what is nothing more than a gaggle of limousine riding, champagne swilling Socialism loving global elitists. They refer to people who work 50-60 hours a week to put food on the table as a bunch of deplorable knuckle draggers.  Get with it Joe, you are so old school.

What I find to be more than just a little surprising is the fact that there are people who will still vote Democrat, in spite of their favoritism toward illegals.  But then the majority of those folks tend to be unemployed blacks living on subsidies, old hippie retired west coast/east coast whites, snowflakes who are still at home and living on their parents dime, militant socialists dressed in black, soy drinking tech nerds who censor speech, individuals with identity problems, non-citizens, dead citizens, Moslems with terror ties, sociopath mass shooters and people who just outright hate everything about our country.  So I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised after all.

And I think it fair to say that the Democrat Party of the 21st century apparently believes that most working class Americans would be quite content to be living on welfare and long for the chance to sit around and watch television all day.  That’s it!  Guilt-free freeloading and sitting around watching TV, where you will see all manner of liberal messaging so it’s a win for the Democrat Party!  And it’s a win for couch potatoes everywhere!  Barry ‘O’ thought he could push millions of Americans into welfare and then once they were on it they would see that it wasn’t so bad. And would go through the rest of their lives that way, and voting Democrat.

Look, ‘Slow Joe’ couldn’t care less about working class Americans.  In fact he’s on the side of those who continue to work against those Americans, and have been for longer than I care to think about.  What Democrats care about, and the ONLY thing they care about, is coming up with new and improved ways to garner more votes for themselves and what they see as being one of the most effective and efficient ways of doing that is the flooding of the country with illegals.  The Democrat Party has become the party of the wealthy elite globalist who want cheap labor, essentially slave labor.  They simply don’t give a crap about American workers anymore.

Democrats no longer represent the poor, they work to make people poor.  Democrats no longer honor hard work and they denigrate those who do.  They do not understand why it take two incomes for most families just to make ends meet and they seem interested only in taking actions that will decrease the number of jobs available.  And they will never tell you the truth when it comes to what they are truly all about. They are an evil group, incapable of empathy.  And so many of those determined in their efforts to keep the party alive are merely lemmings, unable to discern the real truth and facts. They are not your Daddy’s Democrats, they are Alinsky’s communists.

Democrats have become so far removed from being able to connect with everyday people. They defend completely indefensible positions and points of view simply for the sake of opposition.  I don’t want to think they’re evil or that stupid, but at some point, logically, that’s all that’s left.  After all is said and done, I can only deduce that there is a general IQ problem and lack of a properly calibrated moral compass in the liberal mindset.  Because you simply can’t reason with many of these people and most are completely unwilling to accept any position that differs from theirs, even in the slightest.  I’ve seen scenario play out thousands of times.  Sad!

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