Perez 3

According to Tom Perez, the foul-mouthed imbecile who’s chairman of the Democrat Party, President Trump is the “most dangerous president in American history.”  He made that rather bold declaration on Monday of this week.  Now if he were talking about ex-president Barry ‘O’ I would likely agree with him because looking back at the state of the world BEFORE Barry took the helm here at home and the mess it was in after he left, Barry was nothing short of a disaster for the entire planet.

Anyway, Perez said that Democrats have to make sure that President Trump’s tenure as president is “as short as possible,” when asked if Trump should be impeached.  It was MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt who asked Perez whether the Democrat Party should hold the official position that President Trump needs to be impeached.  To which Perez responded, “I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history.”  And he added, “Not only because of his refusal to take actions against Russia.”

He said, “I mean, the most serious threat to the integrity of elections is Russia. I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history because he’s hurting workers, because he’s dividing America.”  He added, “For me, as the head of the Democratic Party, the most important thing that I believe that I can do is to win elections.”  He said, “That’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the last year, winning elections in places like Oklahoma, Doug Jones in Alabama, elections in Virginia and elsewhere.”

It was from there that he went on to say, “I’m out here in Washington State right now because we have tremendous opportunity to pick up congressional seats. We’ve seen what happens when you take over the state Senate. Washington State just enacted a wide array of voting rights reforms to make it easier for people to vote.”   He said, “They did so because the Democrats finally took over the State Senate.  So, I feel like my role is to make sure we are electing Democrats everywhere.”

And he concluded by saying, “He’s undeniably the most dangerous president in American history and we have to make sure that his tenure is as short as possible.”  The fact that Perez can so causally overlook all of the damage left behind by the last Democrat president proves beyond all doubt that he’s little more than the worst kind of political hack.  But then, that’s what the modern day Democrat Party has evolved into, a bunch of hacks, since being taken over by the extreme left in this country.

But as someone who voted for President Trump, I guess I’m just not seeing what it is that makes the president so dangerous.  After all, he has, and in a very short period of time economically speaking, created a bona fide economic recovery.  Unemployment for all is at all-time lows, respect for America around the globe is coming back, conservative judges are being appointed, and liberals remain unhinged and still unable to move beyond the 2016 election.  What could be better than that?

But then I suppose from Tom’s point of view President Trump could be considered as being very dangerous.  He’s dangerous to Democrats and Establishment RINOs who seem to hate this country.  He has pierced the armor of the sacred ground of those who have become millionaires in some cases while earning what is no more than an upper middle class salary.  He has opened the door for real life citizens of every political persuasion to go straight to the top of the political leadership.

And I guess we could also argue that President Trump is dangerous to those who are in this country illegally, many of whom have been preying upon our citizens (as well as on each other).  And he’s dangerous to the mortal enemies of the U.S. like Iran and North Korea.  He is dangerous to the countries that have been ripping us off for decades courtesy of lopsided trade deals.  And he is dangerous to the treasonous left which, in turn, is really the greatest threat that we face as a nation.

Unfortunately we now seem to have an entire generation of Snowflakes and Femo-Nazi types who are only too eager to accept this sort of idiotic drivel that’s based on nothing but lies.  The Democrat Party is now nothing more than the party of hate, and of division. And how did we get to a point when an America hating communist is now in charge of the Democrat Party?  After all, there was a time when the Democrat Party put America first, it would appear that that time has long since passed.

Perez, and his sleazebag sidekick Keith Ellison, along with an army of hacks have nothing to run on but cartoonish fear-mongering eagerly abetted by a compliant state-controlled media complex that is less interested in providing news that it is in spreading leftwing propaganda. I keep waiting for the gulags to go up and the Trump SA to parade down Pennsylvania Avenue but I’ll be damned if I’ve seen it.  And yet most Democrats willingly swallow this toxic rhetoric that boarders on science fiction.

Perez is a complete buffoon, which I suppose is quite fitting for the man who is the face of the Democrat Party.  Let’s not forget, even though Perez would rather we did, that ex-president Barry gave $150 Billion to terrorist regime Iran, initially gave a pass to the genocidal dictator Assad, bent over backwards to aid Russia, did nothing to stop North Korea’s march toward nuclear weapons, etc.  I would say Barry ‘O’ was the most dangerous president EVER!  President Trump is merely cleaning up Barry’s MESS.


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