Rather 4

It never ceases to amaze me how it is that members of our illustrious state-controlled media, even the many disgraced ones, continue to hold themselves to a much different standard than those who choose to disagree with them on nearly every important issue.  So when during this past Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” ex-Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) “Evening News” anchor Dan Rather likened President Donald Trump to a “fertilizer spreader in a windstorm,” I’m sure very few people were surprised.  It’s a mentality we come to expect.

And it was during this interview that old Dan said, “Most people understand that they’re facing on a daily basis from the White House and from the president himself the rough equivalent you’re facing a fertilizer spreader in a windstorm. And it is past the point of shock with the president.  That Donald Trump, in his mind, you can argue he’s delusional, he thinks he’s triumphant. You say well he’s 35% approval ratings, how you can think that? I have no explanation, but that’s what he thinks.”  Actually, it’s the ‘news’ media that’s doing all the spreading of fertilizer.

Now I’m sure most folks remember very well exactly how it was that old Dan came to lose his rather prestigious anchor position at CBS’s ‘news’ back in 2004. How it was when just two months before the election, he and his crack news team, there at 60 Minutes II, reported that George W. Bush had been AWOL during his time in the National Guard. He based this claim on some documents provided to him by a guy named Bill Burkett.  It turned out that the documents were forgeries.  Rather and his team never bothered to authenticate them.  He simply didn’t see the need.

On the subject of President Trump’s approval ratings, as of last week, they stood at 50 percent, which is higher than Barry ‘O’ was at the same time in his presidency.  Which is pretty amazing considering the endless amount of ‘bad press’ he continues to get and has gotten practically since the day he announced his candidacy.  So if President Trump is a loser, then Barry ‘O’ is the bigger loser.  And whether he is popular or not is irrelevant, what’s of far greater importance is his honest desire to do all that he can in his effort to help the most Americans.

The fact that President Trump happens to have very high poll numbers these days doesn’t really matter.  Because polls go up and polls go down and the truth is polls don’t really matter much until an election, which, as they say, is the only poll that really matters.  And this accusation is coming from a guy who tried to interfere with an election by spreading a proven FALSE letter vilifying W. Bush.  His credibility is zero and yet he has the nerve to show his face and to call President Trump delusional! Our news media is now little more than a source of propaganda.

And what I find ironic is that we have the Clown News Network interviewing a boob like Dan Rather?  I mean, here we have the ‘fake news’ network interviewing a proven dispenser of ‘fake news’.  But let’s talk about whose actually delusional.  The leftist agenda of taking our guns, now that’s delusional.  Or the parading children victims out on stage, brainwashing them and using them to push your ridiculously rehearsed talking points thinking that the American people are too stupid to see exactly what these leftist sociopaths are doing, that’s also delusional.

And let’s face it, Rather was one of the very earliest poster boys for ‘fake news’, but he was, and remains, a member of a rather infamous crowd in the regard.  He tried to deceive us with what was nothing more than ‘fake news.’  He ended up being busted and he forced to resign.  But here he is, still being treated like he someone worthy of being listened to.  Liberals love their hateful liberal media scum.  It’s the only way to explain how networks like CNN, NPR, MSNBC continue to remain on the air.  Sadly journalism is America is dead, and it’s been dead for a long time.

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