Flake 10

Apparently more determined than ever, in his effort to be the biggest pain in the ass imaginable as he now heads for the exit, pro-open borders, and soon to be ex- senator, Jeff Flake has committed to introducing what is his likely dead-on-arrival immigration legislation that would, if passed, result in giving amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens in exchange for three years of funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. What a deal, how could anyone say no to that?  Right?

Flake recently took pen to paper composing a Washington (Com)Post op-ed in which this avid supporter of wage-crushing, mass low-skilled immigration into the U.S., said his minor wall funding-for-amnesty plan is necessary because the nearly 800,000 illegal aliens enrolled on the ex-president Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program “represent the very best of America.”  How is it that those who are the very best of America are actually here ILLEGALLY?

Anyway, it was in his little piece that Flake wrote, “But there are teachers, students and members of the military who are DACA recipients. They are friends and colleagues who represent the very best of America — hard workers and productive members of their families and communities — and they do not have the luxury of accepting defeat and moving on to the next agenda item.”

While admitting defeat regarding his effort, and that of a few of his fellow Establishment Republican’s, to work with Democrats to pass what would be nothing short of a massive, wage-cutting amnesty plan without any reduction, whatsoever, to current legal immigration levels, whereby more than one million mostly low-skilled legal immigrants are admitted to the country annually, Flake, like the true spineless RINO that he is, placed blame for that defeat squarely on President Trump.

And Flake, in what can only be described as being true RINO fashion, made clear his true colors by choosing to be one of 14 pro-amnesty and business-first RINO senators who chose to block a President Trump-endorsed immigration plan that would have given DACA illegal aliens amnesty while eventually reducing the number of legal immigrants who enter the country every year to raise the wages and quality of life of America’s working and middle class.  Flake is nothing but a disgusting liar.

Flake went on to write, “But if I’m being candid, after what we’ve experienced over these past weeks, I can’t see this Congress agreeing with this president on a package that includes a path to citizenship for DACA participants coupled with significant changes to our legal immigration structure. That comprehensive immigration reform has proved to be beyond our grasp.”

And he added, “That is why, when the Senate reconvenes next week, the first action I will take will be to introduce a bill extending DACA protections for three years and providing $7.6 billion to fully fund the first three years of the administration’s border-security proposal. I’ll be the first to admit this “three for three” approach is far from a perfect solution, but it would provide a temporary fix by beginning the process of improving border security and ensuring DACA recipients will not face potential deportation.”

And in putting forward this plan of his, Flake makes very clear exactly which side of the immigration issue he’s on.  Because you see, his plan does not include any of the illegal immigration reforms that the Trump administration has demanded, including provisions that would close legal loopholes to more swiftly and effectively stem illegal immigration at the border.  So it should come as a surprise to no one, including Flake himself, that he’s a one term wonder being encouraged to head toward the exit.

After all, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made it abundantly clear that without closing the legal loopholes outlined by the agency in an immigration deal, a border wall would stand alone trying to deter illegal immigration without any other major reforms to keep illegal aliens from entering the country.  But such warnings always seem to fall on deaf ears when it comes to the anti-America, pro-illegal immigration crowd in the Democrat Party and to RINOs like Flake.

The entire concept of expansive amnesty is nothing short of insanity.  Because it has the potential of becoming uncontrollable and could therefore result in a stifling of recent wage increases that American workers have enjoyed due to President Trump’s “America First” immigration enforcement measures.  But such a notion seems not to bother, in the least, supporters of such a concept.  And they pretend that such a claim is nothing more than an argument made by those who are anti-immigration.

And it’s Flake’s plan that would almost immediately flood the U.S. labor market with at least an additional permanent one to 3.5 million foreign nationals who would be legalized and thus eligible to legally compete for working and middle-class jobs against Americans, as well as a flood of illegal alien workers who would likely storm the U.S.-Mexico border in the wake of an amnesty.  We must work on preventing those from entering our country illegally.  We can no longer afford not to.

And I can only assume that Flake must hate legal American citizens as much as the Democrats do.  If he views law-breaking invaders, illegal aliens, as representing the best, what other conclusion is there.  And at what point is it that these invaders no longer represent the best of America?  When they rape or murder American citizens?  Or when they get away with crimes committed in sanctuary cities and states that legal Americans would normally be sent to prison for committing?  Just sayin’.

Let’s face it, Flake and his RINO buddies are little more than traitors.  These DACA illegal aliens are nothing but a bunch of anti-American, anti-White, culturally violent, welfare dependent, spiteful and vindictive parasites who have no desire to assimilate. And why would these RINOs want millions more people who, after gaining their U.S. citizenship, would proceed to reliably vote Democrat?  I mean where’s the logic in that?  And why are they in that big of a hurry to bring about their political demise?

Why is it that so many RINOs seem so willing to take part in bringing about their own political suicide by allowing unlimited immigration?  Low labor costs can only be part of it.  Flake claims they represent the very best of America, and yet in Flake’s home state of Arizona, studies show they’re much more likely to commit crimes.  And yet we’re supposed to believe that DACA recipients are all valedictorians, soldiers or doctors.  It is much more likely that they’re high school dropouts and gang bangers.

Those of us who voted for President Trump know how exactly how this immigration problem can be, and should be, solved.  And we all remember how it was that he promised to get it solved.  It’s all quite simple, really, and we should not be willing to accept any diversions from, allowances for, or variations of, the plan regarding how we all know it needs to be implemented.  The plan is pretty basic and of course it begins with the building of a big beautiful wall.  The simple plan is as follows:

  1. Build the wall.
  2. Terminate all benefits given to illegal aliens and their family members.
  3. Enforce all immigration laws.
  4. Crack down on businesses and employers that hire illegal aliens.
  5. Deport all illegal aliens and anchor babies.
  6. Terminate all funding for sanctuary cities and states.
  7. Implement and enforce E-Verify.
  8. End chain migration.
  9. Terminate visa lottery system.
  10. Arrest all politicians and businesses that harbor illegal aliens.
  11. End the anchor baby BS. Anchor babies are not USA citizens.



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