Ok, so the million dollar question is: What’s going to determine how it is that people vote come this November 6?  Will it be something as basic as the continuing economic boom brought about by the policies of the current administration, and which, despite recent claims to the contrary, the last administration has had absolutely nothing to do with?  Or, will it have more to do with the allowing into this country of millions more illegal immigrants and then providing them with free healthcare and education while also providing all manner of ‘freebie’ to anyone who’s willing to vote Democrat?

I think we can all admit that the first year of the Trump administration was little more than a complete waste of time, and I place the majority of the blame for that not on the president but on those Republican members of Congress who once again seemed to have a difficult time remembering why it was that they were elected.  And it was beyond frustrating that they were so willing to let pass by that which was a ‘golden’ opportunity for making some very significant progress on a whole host of issues, many of which were the reason why Donald Trump was elected president.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have continued to put petty partisan politics above the needs of the American people as they have remained unable to move beyond the unexpected loss of their candidate, Hitlery.  Democrats have made it their purpose in life to stonewall, to obstruct and, yes even, to ‘resist’ on every level our duly elected president and the agenda that got him elected.  But their obstruction notwithstanding, progress has been made on moving forward with that agenda, despite the president receiving very little assistance from congressional Republicans.

Rarely have the Republicans ever been in the position of having complete control of Congress as well as control of the Oval Office, which makes the squandering of an entire year all the more infuriating.  And while that alone may be sufficient to cause some to throw in the towel when it comes to voting Republican this November, I think it goes without saying that should the Democrats gain control of Congress number one on their list will have little to do with the needs of the American people, the number one issue for them will be to impeach, one way or another, President Donald Trump.

So on which side of the election ballot will more Americans come down on?  I go back to my original question.  Does the impeaching of their president really matter more than a thriving economy to the majority of voters, regardless of political affiliation?  I wish I knew the answer to that question, but sadly I don’t.  And yet whenever I hear the Democrats speaking about their vision of America I find myself wondering why it is that there aren’t more people laughing in their face.  Because nearly everything that the Democrats support is, in one way or another, detrimental to this country.

And as we inch ever closer to the next election it’s a very rare occurrence when any of the talking heads out there, including many of those on Fox News, consider the election as being anything other than a cake walk for the Democrats.  And if that does prove to be the case, the Republicans will essentially have no one to blame but themselves.  And even the recent tax cuts may not be enough to protect them if they insist upon moving forward with anything that can even remotely be viewed as being amnesty for those who are in this country illegally.  That’s just a political fact of life.

Yet with all that said, it would still seem to me that all the Democrats really have as a campaign issue, if you can actually call it that, as we head into the next election, is that were it not somehow for the Russians, and old Vlad Putin, Hiterly Clinton would now be president and Donald J. Trump would not.  While this would likely prove to be sufficient motivation to garner the support of most in the Democrat Party, would it, I wonder, provide enough incentive for those outside the Democrat Party, perhaps those noncommittal Independents, to vote for Democrat candidates?

And I guess yet another question is; are there enough Americans who yearn for a return to the days of economic policies that succeeded in nothing more than to get our economy to grow at an anemic annual rate of less 2 percent?  And still another question would be, how many Republican voters might use their frustration over the lack of progress made over the past year to justify simply staying home on Election Day, therefore allowing the Democrats to simply waltz back into control of Congress.  There is so much riding on this next election, and there remains so much uncertainty.

Lastly, I guess I would only ask those on the right who may already be contemplating sitting this election out, for one reason or another, to please don’t.  Personally I am less than satisfied with what I’ve seen coming from congressional Republicans over the last year.  But as dissatisfied as I may be, the last thing I want to see happen, and I mean the VERY last thing, is to see Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer in control of Congress.  As far as I’m concerned that would be nothing less than a nightmare scenario.  That is something that we must, at any cost, keep from taking place.

2 responses to “THE 2018 ELECTIONS, WHAT MIGHT LAY IN STORE???

  1. I agree with you. I am so beyond disappointed in these dam republi-rats. And while I would like to punish them with my NO VOTE – i just can not imagine suffering through any more Pelosi. It’s like we have to choose the lesser of two evils. Speaking of being irritated… this whole Trump invitation for 1.8 million illegals to just stay in America is worse than a terrible case of PMS. I can’t stop shaking my head… WTF..- BUILD THAT DAM WALL AND DEPORT THEM ALL. If I robbed a bank would if be fair for my children to keep the money I stole? I am so upset…. It is a dam shame more conservatives are not outraged at these pond scum republi-rats. This is so very discouraging. Thanks for keeping it real over here on your awesome blog.


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