Democrats 54

I’m beginning to think that for years I’ve been giving the Democrats far too much credit for being crafty, cunning and even smart.  And I’m beginning to think that it was the wimpish behavior of those on our side that simply made them appear to be so much smarter than those on our side.  Because as we recently saw with how the Democrats brought a rather speedy end to the ‘SchumerShutdown’, all it takes, as is usually the case with any bully, is a little push back to send them home crying.

Which brings me to this past Tuesday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” during which Chuckie Schumer was heard to say that the Democrats in the Senate “came to the view that” if the government shutdown continued, the country would lose support for the shutdown and for the DREAMers because people “don’t want to the government shut down for” DREAMers.  And yet, Chuckie put forward the claim that the Democrats had actually “advanced the cause.”  How’s that, exactly?

Chuckie continued to make excuses and to play the blame game by saying that Democrats don’t control the levers of power and therefore have to be strategic in how they push for DACA protection and that it was the president who was responsible for the government shutdown, which is a lie.  And we know the only reason why this shutdown came to the abrupt end that it did, is because Chuckie understands that government shutdowns only work if he can blame them on the Republicans.

Chuckie said, “All of us in the Democratic caucus, not just the moderates, but the liberals as well, came to the view that if we carried it on much longer, two things would happen: A. No one would budge. The public would lose support of the shutdown. The public does not like shutdowns. And we’d actually lose support for DREAMers, too. Because people love the DREAMers, but don’t want the government shut down for it. So, we cut the best deal that we could.”  What moderates?

Now of course, the liberal translation of Chuckie political gibberish goes something like this: “The non-lunatics in my caucus came to me Sunday and explained that President Trump’s tweets have set the narrative and it’s kicking our collective ass because the media is actually challenging us when we keep lying about the Republicans having full control and they shutdown the government.  So Chuckie, what you need to do is to end this thing now before we are beaten into the ground.”

Chuckie realized, maybe too late, that President Trump had the cojones, and the willpower, to hold out, no matter what.  And regardless of Chuckie’s little fantasy, It wasn’t the president who shutdown the government, Chuckie & Co. did that!  And when the discovered they were doing more harm than good regarding their chances of regaining the majority in Congress, they slammed the brakes on.  And now the Democrat spin machine has gone into full overdrive, that it wasn’t all for naught.

Why is it that the Democrats insist upon making thing so difficult?  Enough with the political games already!  Are they that blinded by their desire to obtain more political power?  And if so, that’s all the more reason to never vote for another Democrat.  EVER!  All that needs to be done, first and foremost, is to pass a clean budget.  Then build the damn wall, end ALL chain migration, end the visa lottery and strictly enforce E-Verify. But the Democrats steadfastly refuse to put Americans first!

Commonsense dictates that ALL immigration going forward should be 100% merit based, regardless of the country of origin and in reasonable numbers that facilitate assimilation to American ideals.  These proposals are perfectly reasonable and are favored by the vast majority of Americans.  It is pro-America, it is reasonable, and it is fair, for both Americans and those immigrants that come here ‘legally’. The American people simply do not relate to the Democrats position on this issue.


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