Oprah 2

Ever since Oprah gave her little speech at the Golden Globe Awards the other night, people, mostly on the left, have begun wondering if she might now be considering a presidential run come 2020.  But would most Americans be willing to elect another black president, especially a Democrat, while the memory of what a horrendous job our first black president did remains so fresh in their memory?  The last thing we’d need while trying to recover from our first black president, is another black president.

And wouldn’t you think that the legacy of our first black president would be sufficient to prevent Americans from even considering the option of voting for yet another black president, male or female?  After all, eight years of Barry resulted in nothing but: The lowest labor participation since the 1970s, nearly 95 million Americans out of the labor force, the weakest economic recovery since the 1940s, nearly 13 million more Americans on food stamps, and over 43 million Americans living in poverty.

And for blacks in America eight years of Barry’s economic policies brought about: A 58 percent increase in food stamps, a 20 percent jump in those out of the workforce, home ownership 20 percent lower than the national average, unemployment higher than the national average, a racial wage gap that was the worst in nearly 40 years, a median household income $20,000 lower than the national average, and a poverty rate 10 percent higher than national average.  Gee, what a deal!

But in getting back to Winfrey, she has coyly sidestepped actually announcing a run, while others have called on her to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, and various ‘fake news’ outlets have run headlines wondering if she would run and what a Winfrey presidency might look like.  Though Winfrey has been in the national spotlight for upwards of 20 years, she has not been particularly vocal about her political inclinations.  But here’s what we do know about her political ‘leanings’:

1) She’s advocated for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Winfrey called for a path to citizenship for the “12 million undocumented immigrants in the country” while giving the 2013 commencement address at Harvard University.  It was then that she told those in attendance, “And we understand that most Americans believe in a clear path to citizenship for the 12,000,000 undocumented immigrants who reside in this country because it’s possible to both enforce our laws and at the same time embrace the words on the Statue of Liberty that have welcomed generations of huddled masses to our shores. We can do both.”

2) She’s called for stricter gun control.  After the 2016 Orlando shooting, Winfrey questioned whether it was necessary for people to own assault rifles, while during her Harvard speech she noted that most people believed in stricter background checks.  She said, “You know, one side says ‘Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.’ That is true.”  And then she went on to say, “But are we a country that really believes that assault weapons should be made available to anybody? Are assault weapons necessary? I just say, ‘Enough.’ When are we going to be conscious enough to say, ‘That doesn’t make any sense?’ We have the right to bear arms, but do we have the right to bear assault weapons? That’s what I ask.”

3) She’s donated to the Democratic National Committee and has enthusiastically supported Democrat candidates in the past.  Winfrey has come out and given big endorsements to major Democratic candidates. She donated $5,000 to the DNC in 1998 and another $10,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 1996.  She officially endorsed ex-president Barry ‘O’ in the 2008 election and also gave $2,300 to his campaign.  She also supported that dope Cory Booker in 2013 when he was making a run for the United States Senate, even hosting a fundraiser for him.  Winfrey also endorsed Hitlery in the 2016 presidential election, and described Hitlery’s candidacy as being a “seminal moment for women.”

4) She’s supportive of gay marriage.  Winfrey once suggested that gay couples being able to get married might help the institution of marriage itself.  It was during a panel on education back in 2013 that she said, “Maybe the gay people can help it.”

But look, it doesn’t take a genius to be able to figure out that Winfrey is anything other than another far left Democrat.  She is also someone who, if she were ever to be provided with the opportunity, would quickly return us to what would likely be an even more extreme version of Barry ‘O’s leftist policies which would ultimately result in decimating our economy and allowing our country to be overrun with illegal immigrants.   And is that REALLY what a majority of Americans want to see happen?

Granted, it’s these days that most everyone willing to admit to being a Democrat is someone who is pretty far to the left.  For the last few decades it’s the Democrat Party that has edged further and further to the left and in a shorter amount of time than any radical liberal movement has in the history of mankind.  And while the Democrats like to accuse Republicans of being ‘extreme’, it’s really they who are far more extreme in their politics.  Today’s Democrat Party is not your father’s party.

And can you possibly imagine the repercussions of disagreeing with the policies of the first black woman as president?  You’d likely be called a misogynistic racist.  Our first black president pretty much destroyed our country and left it far more divided than it was when he found it.  And as excited about a potential President Winfrey as the Democrats may be, I have a difficult time believing that anyone outside the Democrat Party would be all that excited about voting for yet another leftwing zealot.

And while I would like to think that we’ve moved beyond people being stupid enough to vote for someone based solely on the color of their skin, sadly it’s in that area that we still have a very long way to go.  Partly because it would seem that blacks have now essentially lost control of their own destinies by not taking responsibility for the problems within their own communities. It is impossible for a democratic society to work if certain elements of it believe they are somehow ‘entitled’ to immunity.

Look, Winfrey has made a fortune by producing her own television program.  A program, much like ‘The View’, that’s completely unwatchable except by those possessing an exceptionally low IQ.  She does, however, resonate with a certain segment of our population, that being slack-jawed mouth-breathers and other assorted anti-white racists, and her presidential campaign, if there does turn out to be one, will likely have this very same block as one of her core constituencies.

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