Democrats 47

When trying to decide who it is, exactly, that’s the biggest empty-headed twit within the Democrat Party it has become increasingly more difficult, of late, to identify just who that might be.  But two of the leading contenders now vying for the honor would have to be that dimwit from California, Adam Schiff, in the House, who apparently thinks a Russian was hiding behind every voting booth and forcing folks to vote for Trump, and his intellectual equal over in the Senate, Chris Van Hollen from Maryland.

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” it was this boob Van Hollen who actually tried to make the argument that companies announcing they’ll give out bonuses, hire more folks, and invest more after the passage of the Republican tax bill, are doing so as, now get this, “a PR stunt.”  A PR stunt?  Just how much of a rabid ideologue, and leftwing kook, must one be in order to come to such a blatantly political conclusion as that?  Van Hollen said, “I think they are doing it as a PR stunt.”

And he went on to say, “These are some one-time bonuses, sounds very nice, but that was not what was promised. What was promised was a $4,000-a-year pay increase into the base. And that is why you see union members going to these corporations and saying, ‘Look, thanks for the one-time bonus, but that is not what was promised as part of this tax cut.’ So, at the same time, you see those one-time bonuses, in the last couple weeks, you’ve seen reported $87 billion in stock buybacks.”

And then this hapless boob added, “So, that’s money going to the shareholders. And I want to remind people that 35% of those stockholders are foreign stockholders. And so, in the year 2019, $48 billion is going to go into the pockets of foreign stockholders, coming out of the pockets of millions of middle class taxpayers.”  I think what really has this guy’s panties in a wad is the fact the Democrats have been proven to be frauds when it comes to their claim of caring for working class Americans.

Because let’s face it, Barry and Hitlery surrounded themselves with so many corporate donors that it was difficult at times to determine who was actually running things. If anything, Barry was giving tax breaks to himself and to his inner circle.  And don’t even get me started on that 2% annual GDP growth under Barry.  Moreover, any tax cuts made under Barry were completely wasted by the ridiculous premiums that he was requiring everyone to pay for under his health insurance scam.

And since President Trump’s arrival on the scene we have had 3% annual GDP growth for three consecutive quarters, we now have more Americans in the workforce than ever before and the stock market gained 5000 points in a single year for the first time in history.  Also, we heard earlier this week how several large corporations have announced expansion plans here at home and are also now giving out bonuses to their employees all thanks to the recently passed Republican tax plan.

And a $220 Million dollar PR stunt going into the pockets of their employees is one Hell of a good publicity stunt that I’m sure their employees will appreciate.  What this classless moron seems not want to talk about is the reinvestment in facilities that companies are discussing and the wage increases they are promising.  Also if a company buys back its stock from foreign investors, what it means is that more future dividends will tend to go to stockholders who are Americans rather than overseas.

Anyway, what Van Hollen insists upon spreading here is nothing more than your typical Democrat talking points the purpose of which is to exaggerate any negatives while ignoring completely all of the positives.  And it’s a lack of business acumen possessed by those on the left, and their willingness to lie about almost anything, that inhibits their understanding.  I mean what we have here is a cadre of career politicians pretending to know all that is required to run a successful business.

And what he fails to note, or chooses to ignore, is that Americans own a full 75% of all the stock listed on ALL stock exchanges throughout the world. A huge amount of stock is owned by pension funds and they prosper when the stock market goes up–which it does when companies get to keep more of the money they’ve earned. And that helps all those millions of ordinary boomers who are getting ready to retire.  So either he’s lying, or he needs to go back to school and take a course in basic economics.

And what’s really sad here is that for decades the Democrats have claimed to be the defender of working class Americans and yet it’s Democrats, like this jerk Van Hollen, who absolutely cannot stand the fact that the American worker is finally going to have a little more cash in his/her pocket next year and beyond.  And it’s not because of anything the Democrats did, but what they actually tried very hard to keep from happening.  And whether they pay a price for that is yet to be determined.


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