Regardless of the fact that the case against Judge Roy Moore, that he was, in his younger days, some sort of sexual predator, has now nearly completely disintegrated, we still seem to have more than a few RINOs who remain stubbornly against his candidacy to become a U.S. Senator from Alabama.  And it is one of those stellar individuals, RINO Susan Collins from Maine, who, during an appearance just yesterday on the Communist Broadcasting System’s, “Face the Nation,” put forth her imbecilic argument that it was actually a “mistake” that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has resumed support of Judge Moore.  Imagine that!

RINO Collins said, “I’m disappointed that the RNC has resumed the support of Roy Moore. I think that is a mistake. I would point out that I do not support Mr. Moore even prior to these allegations of sexual misconduct because I was concerned about his anti-Muslim comments, his anti-LGBT comments, most important of all he’s been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for failure to follow lawful judicial orders.”  And it was during the same interview that, and in typical ‘Establishment’ fashion, she also questioned whether the Senate should overturn the will of the people, if Alabama voters do chose to send Judge Moore to Washington.

RINO Collins also said, “I would point out that I did not support Mr. Moore even prior to these allegations of sexual misconduct because I was concerned about his anti-Muslim comments, his anti-LGBT comments.”  And she went on to say, “And also, most important of all, he’s been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for failure to follow lawful judicial orders.”  And it was the host of this pointless program, John Dickerson, who I guess thought it necessary to bring up how it was that President Trump himself was also accused of sexual harassment by, what he described as being, at least a dozen women before he was elected president.

Mr. Dickerson said, “With the president, there were these accusations.”  And he went on to add, “They were adjudicated in the election, the White House says. So the voters knew about them, and they voted for him. And now he’s president.”  He asked Collins, “Why wouldn’t that same standard apply to Roy Moore? The voters of Alabama know exactly what has been alleged. If he gets elected, what business does Senate have telling the voters they’re wrong?”  Of course, Mr. Dickerson, being the blatantly biased journalist that he is, neglected to mention how it is that the allegations made against Judge Moore have now been proven false.

But, it was in responding to Dickerson’s rather sophomoric question that RINO Collins said, “Well, I think that’s the tough question.”  And she went on to say, “If the allegations are known prior to the election, which they weren’t in the case of Al Franken, for example, then we have a very tough decision to make about whether it’s our role as senators to overturn the will of the people.”  She said, “Now, I think it’s a different situation if the allegations are not known or if they occur while the person is sitting in the Senate.”  And what is it in that little pea-brain of hers that makes her think the Senate has any business in overturning the will of the voters?

And then, of course, we also have Senate Majority Leader, and head RINO, Mitch McConnell, who at a news conference just last week said he would have no option but to swear in Moore if he’s elected, “based on a 1969 Supreme Court decision” that says the only criteria for being seated in the Senate is whether a person meets the standard set out in the Constitution.  But McConnell also said if Moore is elected, “I think he would immediately have an issue with the Ethics Committee which they would take up.”  So despite the fact that his accusers have been proven to be liars, time should still be wasted to prove what, exactly?

Now you would think that RINO Collins would realize that we support SENATOR Roy Moore precisely because of his anti-Moslem, anti LGBTQXYZ stance.  It’s RINOs like her, and her buddy McConnell, that we oppose.  And they should count it as being a reality that come 2018 there will be a great many of us, all across the country, who intend to take it upon ourselves to do us some RINO hunting.  RINOs like Collins are no better than Democrats, maybe even worse than Democrats, since at least you know where Democrats stand on immigration, abortion and taxes.  Whereas the RINOs tell us one thing and then, once elected, do whatever they please.

And I’m thinking that RINO Collins is likely upset over the fact that Judge Moore doesn’t seem to be of the opinion that businesses should be required to violate their religious beliefs (as long as those beliefs are Christian), he doesn’t think that Moslems should be allowed to use Mosques as “protected speech” zones when they are being used to recruit domestic terrorists and doesn’t find the displaying the Ten Commandments to be against the First Amendment, regardless what some leftist judge thinks.  And he is not of the opinion that abortions should be performed for any reason except in those very rare and unique circumstances.

And I don’t recall RINO Collins ever having a problem with Obummer defying numerous judicial orders.  Just as I don’t recall her ever defending a football coach for praying at the 50 yard line.  To Collins, freedom is all about ‘political correctness.’  The fight to reclaim our country’s founding principles is going to take decades.  When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, Maine is right up there with the many other bastions of leftwing lunacy.  Let’s face it’s RINO Collins who is just another one on the list of the usual suspects that includes Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi amongst whom, I’m sure, she feels right at home.

The ‘Establishment’ has committed itself in the effort to take Judge Moore out of the running.  All that remains to be seen to what degree they will be successful in doing so.  Because depending on what poll you happen to be looking at, either candidate could come out on top in this contest.  And despite all of the drivel from RINO Collins and her many fellow RINOs, if it is the Democrat who comes out on top in this race, the one big loser will be the country.  And it’s in their effort to drag their candidate across the finish that the Democrats are bringing out their not so secret weapon, the blacks by telling them that if Moore wins it’s back to the days of segregation.

Look, I am by no means proposing that the type behavior which Judge Moore has been ‘accused’ of should be viewed as acceptable, but neither should it be appropriate to blindly accept as fact every single accusation that’s made.  And we must always thoroughly investigate each and every accusation before assigning guilt.  And we should call into question why is it that our leftwing media chooses to focus primarily on the accusations made against those whose politics differ considerably from those who are responsible for ensuring that what they chose to report is the truth and not simply nothing more that “fake news.”  As is usually the case.


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