I suppose we shouldn’t have be too surprised to have heard how it was on this past Tuesday night that ex-president, and he who was without a doubt the worst president in the history of our great nation, Barry Obummer did the inevitable when speaking at the Economic Club of Chicago.  It was there that he dropped the worn out “Trump is Hitler” comparison much to everyone’s enjoyment.  But the whole Hitler comparison has been so overused that it’s become ignored except by those on the hard left.

And also it was no surprise to hear that Barry apparently spent a great deal of time talking about being a “citizen of the world.”  The ex-president boasted about saving “a million lives” thanks to his efforts in the Ebola outbreak in Africa.  And it was in demonstrating the same rather juvenile behavior we saw from him while in office that he said, “Things don’t happen internationally if we don’t put our shoulder to the wheel.” Which of course was an obvious retort to Trump’s “America first” mentality.

Obummer also weighed in on how a “free press [is] vital” to the country’s survival, noting how the U.S. came through communist Joseph McCarthy and President Richard Nixon.  And of course what Barry was leading up to was, of course, his perceived danger of “grow(ing) complacent.”  Barry said, “We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly.”  He seems to forget how it was that things fell apart, socially, economically and internationally, during his tenure.

Barry said, “That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s, which despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolph Hitler rose to dominate.”  And he added, “Sixty million people died. . . So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.”  What continues to be so very odd about the whole comparison to Hitler, is that it’s Barry himself who bears a much closer resemblance, politically speaking, to Hitler than does President Trump.

Also during the evening, Obummer expressed “regret and disappointment” that he didn’t get tougher on guns as president.  It is noted that his voice seemed to wobble with emotion as he talked about the Sandy Hook shooting.  He said, “Something is broke.”  Obummer was a busy boy on Tuesday in Chicago, also attending a conference of mayors with his buddy ol’ pal Rahm Emanuel who has declared his city a “Trump-free zone.”  But nothing was mentioned about the city’s escalating murder rate.

And as someone who has never been shy about patting himself on the back, even when it came to those things that he had absolutely nothing to do with, Barry actually credited himself with the soaring economy occurring on his successor’s watch.  He said, “As we took these actions, we saw the U.S. economy grow consistently. We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far, a streak that still continues by the way.”  And he added with his trademark smirk, “Thanks, Obama.”

So, here we have the president who presided over the largest increase in our national debt in history, presided over the most anemic economy “recovery’ in recent history, and the largest mass-migration onto public assistance now taking credit for the Trump Boom?  Dream on, Barry!  As they say, victory has 100 fathers, but defeat is an orphan. And why wasn’t he on the south side of Chicago strutting his narcissistic self?  Was it because he and Rahm don’t want to take credit for THOSE grim statistics?

And something that I always find worth noting is how it is that in so many of what have become essentially Republican-free zones, or those locales where Democrat politicians and their policies have prevailed for decades, it’s only poverty, urban blight, intergenerational welfare dependency, and homicides that have run rampant.  You would think that with all of these examples of what comes from decades of liberalism, Democrats would never get elected.  And yet they do.  Go figure.

And lastly, it is in my humble opinion that our pathetic ex-president really should think about curtailing these pathetic attempts of his to remain relevant by taking credit for the successes of others.  And am I the only one who sees the irony here in that we have this pathetic boob who spent the entire eight years of his presidency blaming EVERYTHING that went wrong on the guy who came before him, and is now claiming credit for the primary accomplishment of the guy who came after him.



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