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Ya know, when it comes to discussing things that can be considered “normal” versus those things that can be considered as being abnormal, at least as they have to do with today’s state-controlled media complex, I’m thinking the last guy, and I mean the very last guy, who we should be seeking out for an opinion on the subject is none other than disgraced ‘fake news’ perpetrator himself, Dan ‘Blather’.  This poor deranged soul needs to be in some kind of halfway house where all contact with the outside world is suspended till the end of time.

But anyway, anyone who happened to tune into Conan O’Brien’s idiotic little talk show on TBS on Monday night, were fortunate to, or unfortunate depending on your opinion of the man, witness Mr. Blather sling more anti-Trump sentiments around while pushing his new book, ‘What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism.’  I guess my first question to Mr. Blather, had I been Mr. O’Brien, might have been: “So, Dan, what makes a lying POS such as yourself an authority on patriotism?”  But needless to say, no such question crossed Mr. O’Brien’s lips.

And it was during this little exchange that Mr. Blather continued with the same sort of drivel we’ve heard from others when he described Trump’s presidency as being “not normal” and went on to say that he can’t believe he’s witnessing a president attacking the press so frequently.  He said, “This is not normal. There’s never been anything like this before. We’ve certainly had presidents, for example, who didn’t like the press. We’ve never had one that steadily, out of his own mouth, weighed such an unrelenting campaign against the press.”

Now, of course, Mr. Blather chose to ignore completely that that could be because never before have we had a ‘press’ that was so unrelenting toward a sitting president.  But, be that as it may, Mr. Blather continued:  “This is something brand new in American history. That’s first of all. It’s not normal. There is a campaign to convince people, and I think particularly young people, ‘Oh, well, this is just the way presidencies go.’ That is not true. Look, many things about the age of Trump will make the stomach sicker than bad oysters.”

And, he went on to say, “Everything from what he says to the way he says it. For example, trying to strike some equivalency between neo-Nazis — neo-Nazis — and other people who are trying to protest. The signals he sent to outfits such as the Ku Klux Klan — the racist outfit. I mean, this is unprecedented in American history. And therefore, it’s a dangerous time.”  But was it also “not normal” to use forged documents to make false allegations against a president, George W. Bush?  But that’s what Mr. Blather did and he lost his job at CBS because of it.

And as long as we’re discussing what’s “normal”, who is it that’s this side of lefty kookville who sees the media as being anything other than a wing of the Democrat Party?  Unhinged elitist minions like Mr. Blather have either gone ‘full retard’ or are complicit in an attempted ‘quiet’ coup.  The only reason that Blather is still relevant is because he’s a leftist, and they love to slather all over each other no matter how discredited.  Actually, it seems the more discredited a leftist is, the more they are celebrated by their own. It truly is a mental disorder.

And Mr. Blather acts as if we have no reason for the American people to doubt the leftwing “Fake News” propaganda.  But then weren’t they the very same ones who told us:

– Stock market will collapse after Brexit

– Stock market will collapse after Trump

-Trump has removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr from the Oval Office

-There have been no terrorist attacks here from anyone in Trump/Obama 7 hotspot countries (at least 71)

-Called the President’s Executive order a “Muslim ban” (90% of Muslims not impacted, Christians were)

-Trump’s Voter Fraud Expert was registered to vote in three states (registered in 1 state)

-Washington Post said Arab Americans didn’t celebrate 9/11 attacks in Jersey (Washington Post stories in 2001 said they did)

-Muslim-American female athlete detained at airport under Trump’s travel ban (was detained under Obama)

-Asian American Council quit to protest Trump (Obama appointee’s terms expired)

-Trump said all Mexicans were rapists

-Trump and Japanese Prime Minister discussed classified info at dinner (discussed press conference)

-Nancy Sinatra “not happy” with Trump playing “My Way” at inaugural dance (Nancy said CNN Lied)

-Reince Priebus forced FBI to say “Trump campaign did not contact Russians”

-Intel community not giving the president a full intelligence briefing

-Trump deploying National Guard to round up millions of illegal aliens

-Sweden doesn’t have a riot, rape, crime, no-go zones problem with migrants

-Media accuse Trump of anti-Semitism after Trump denounces anti-Semitism

-Trump packed a CIA audience with cheering staffers

-Trump attending Kuwait party at Trump hotel (media lied about the dates)

– Washington Post Falsely Reports Russia Hacked Electric Grid in Vermont

– Trump had fewer votes than McCain or Romney.

– Trump had fewer black and Hispanic votes than Romney.

– NBCs doctored 911 tape of George Zimmerman.

– “Hispanic” shooter at Burlington Mall in WA was really Muslim immigrant

– John Lewis spat and cursed at by Tea Partiers.

– Trump fired the DC National Guard General.

If we’re going to have a serious discussion regarding what’s normal, or not normal, as it relates to the current state of our press, I would only ask who it is that thinks it’s ‘normal’ for our members of the press to look into the eyes of the American people and knowingly lie about our president and for no other reason than because they voted for his opponent?  And make no mistake, those in our media still have not gotten over the fact that Hitlery lost, and so they have now decided to become complicit in the effort to undermine and delegitimize his presidency.

Now I know we shouldn’t be surprised, after all it’s the very same ones now lying to us about President Trump that were lying to us about ex-president Obummer.  First they lied to us in an effort to keep us in the dark about his rather questionable past and then, after he was elected, they lied to us in order to keep hidden all of the damage he was doing to our country.  Obummer was easily the most corrupt president in recent memory.  And yet, rarely were we, the American people, ever told anything other than what a great job he was doing.  Was that ‘normal?’



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