There is a reason why millions of Americans no longer view the Crappy News Network (CNN), as being a viable and responsible ‘news’ organization and have now come to see it as being littler more than a generator of propaganda that operates under the direction of the Democrat Party much the same way that Pravda was once the official ‘news’ source of the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union.  Tune in anytime day or night, for as long as you can stomach it, and it’s in pretty short order that you’ll come to see what I mean and, quite literally, be forced to change the channel.

One of the prime examples regarding the caliber of individuals that the network now chooses to employ is someone who they also bill as being a ‘political analyst’.  And of course it is Kirsten Powers of whom I speak.  And as you can tell, objectivity is something that seems to no longer be a trait that CNN seeks in those whom it brings onto its network under the guise of reporting the news.  It would seem that the skillset that those who do the hiring at CNN are most interested in involves ‘creative journalism’, or the ability to lie and to distort the facts convincingly.

Which brings me to San Francisco and the illegal immigrant who was recently found not guilty of what was, without a doubt, nothing less than the cold-blooded murder of an innocent young women.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a man who had been previously deported from this country was said to have ‘accidently’ shot this young women three times.  Now putting aside the fact that this piece of human excrement was still in this country illegally, even after having been deported five times, how it is, exactly, that one is able to ‘accidentally’ shoot someone three times?

And it was Ms. Powers who tweeted Thursday evening that the verdict in the Kate Steinle, the women that I mentioned, murder case proved that Steinle’s killing was a “tragic accident” that Donald Trump had exploited to encourage bigotry.  It was this imbecile who, after the verdict was announced, tweeted: “Jury found that the shooting was an accident. Nonetheless Trump repeatedly portrayed this as a vicious intentional murder (versus a tragic accident) in an effort to stir up bigotry against Mexicans.”  Spoken like a truly brain-dead progressive Democrat.

Ms. Steinle, 32, was murdered back on July 1, 2015 while walking with her father on San Francisco’s Pier 14.  She was struck by a single bullet fired from a stolen gun that the defendant, Zarate, just happened to be carrying.  Zarate is an illegal immigrant and seven-time convicted felon who has been deported from the United States five times. He was released from incarceration in April 2015 under San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy, which restricts local cooperation with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Such a policy is insane and purely political!

All I can say is that I am certainly glad I don’t live in San Francisco.  A place where you can find people such as those on this jury who, while they were able to convict this scum of possessing a weapon as a felon, were actually ignorant enough to accept as plausible Zarate’s lawyers’ argument that the gun fired accidentally.  Accidentally?  My hope, and I mean this with all sincerety, is that each and every one of these jury members will come to lose someone very close to them at the hands of someone just like this creep, Zarate.  They truly need to experience such a loss.

Because let’s face it, guilty or not, the “accident” that this moron, Ms. Powers, describes involved several intentional acts of lawbreaking committed by Zarate.  He entered the country illegally; he committed a drug crime that caused him to be incarcerated (after which he would have been deported if not for San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy); and he took a pistol that he allegedly “found” but which actually belonged to a federal Bureau of Land Management agent whose car had been burglarized.  He deserved, and still deserves, nothing less than to rot in prison.

As for Ms. Powers’ premise that President Trump is using the death of this young woman to stir up “bigotry,” that’s simply nothing more than the purest form of leftist drivel.  Because it was candidate Trump who made it clear throughout his presidential campaign that he was opposed to illegal aliens, not Mexicans as such.  He even visited the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, during the campaign.  And you know, I can’t help but wonder if Ms. Powers has ever spent any amount of time perusing Mexican immigration law and if she would think it too, to be unreasonable.

Our esteemed Ms. Powers is yet another one of those who can be used, and very easily so, to prove the point that liberalism truly is something of a mental disorder.  And while liberals are a danger to themselves they represent an even greater danger to the rest of us.  Leftists must never be allowed to take power in this country again.  But you see the sole motivation behind their open borders policy is that they see it as being a way for them to create new Democrat voters which will in turn make it easier for them to regain the power which was lost under Barry Obummer.

Democrats are driven by what is their sick desire to destroy this country through unlawful revolution and to then create a new form of government.  An authoritarian one which they pretend is for the greater good of the masses.  And sadly, it was Ms. Steinle, along with a whole host of others, who we can safely describe as having been sacrificed so that the Democrat Party is able to maintain some level of forward progress in this very dangerous endeavor of theirs.  Dangerous to every single American citizen who cherishes being able to live in freedom.

And while I’m sure Ms. Powers will choose to disagree, I think it has become painfully clear that the Democrats have now become every bit the enemy of the American people that the illegal immigrants and Moslem terrorists they are so determined to protect have become.  Our lives and the lives of our children are placed in an increasing amount of peril with each passing day, and it’s all thanks to those on the left like Ms. Powers.  Or in other words, those who care about nothing more than the achieving of political power.  We must fight back!  It’s that or we die.


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