You know, I seem to recall how, just a few years back, there was a rather substantial number of Democrats who were so euphoric when it came to the election of the first black president that they very confidently announced that his election was something so special that with it would come 40 years of solid Democrat rule all across America.  Even the candidate himself had rather boldly proclaimed to anyone who would listen that ‘He’ was the ‘One’ for whom we had all been waiting, and if the American people saw fit to elect him they would be ushering in what he described as being a “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.

Well, thankfully, that much ballyhooed claim about 40 years of Democrat rule fell just a bit short, by about 38 years, when it was just two years later that the Republicans were handed control of the U.S. House.  Not that they chose to do all that much with their new found power.  But if nothing else it did seem to start a chain reaction, of sorts, as all across the country as the Democrat Party was tossed out of a number of governors’ mansions, lost a rather impressive number of state legislature seats, as well as more than a few U.S. House and Senate seats and finally in 2016, even the presidency.  All in a span of eight years starting with the election of the ‘One’.

All of which brings to this past Wednesday and ABC’s “Powerhouse Politics” podcast during which 2016 Democrat presidential candidate and ex-Maryland governor Marty O’Malley made the rather unusually honest statement regarding how it was that ex-president Barry Obummer’s decision to set up ‘Organizing for America’ rather than “infusing” his energy into the Democrat Party devastated the party on state and local levels like a “bad forest fire.”  And while I think blaming most, if not all, of the problems currently facing the Democrat Party on Obummer is little more than an excuse, it is also something that should come as being not much of a surprise.

It was during this same podcast that Marty said, “To put it kindly, President Obama decided to set up a separate political organization rather than infusing that energy of his candidacy and his amazing and historic victory, rather than infusing that energy into the veins of the Democratic Party and making the Democratic Party new and more energetic, instead the president and his people decided to set up a separate organization in ‘Organizing for America.’  I guess the president, perhaps and his people, thought their roles in history was to transform us, allow all of us to transcend beyond the need for political parties. ”

He continued, “So when the Republicans and their small group of very wealthy donors, who are not afraid to write big checks, saw what was happening, they immediately filled that vacuum. And in a very methodical way, fielded candidates with a whole lot of money to run for state senate, state legislators, backed candidates for governor. And they were able to wipe us out at the state level and increasingly at the local level. We’ve never gone through a period of time, at least not in modern history were the Democratic Party lost so many seats and so many governors offices even as our president was a Democratic.”

And Marty went on to say, “That was a mistake that we made. We have to learn from that mistake. And I believe what is happening now is the party is regenerating itself, almost like after a bad forest fire.”  Now granted the Democrats did recently win a couple of governorships, in New Jersey and Virginia, but those were in two states where they were pretty much expected to win.  And just they did shortly after the election of Obummer, the Democrats might once again be feeling just a bit over confident.  Because, at least at this point, I doubt that these two victories can be seen as being some sort of harbinger regarding the 2018 elections.

But Marty is far from being someone who anyone should be listening to when it comes to what’s best for his party.  After all, he was the guy who ran the city of Baltimore into the ground as mayor, before becoming Maryland’s governor.  And it was after that, that he decided to run for president, and in the primaries couldn’t even carry his home state!  We saw firsthand how the voters who knew him best wanted no part of him being their President!  He had done such a terrific job as governor that the people of Maryland elected only the ninth Republican governor in Maryland’s history to replace him.  That should tell you all you need to know about Marty.

But anyway, in getting back to Obummer, I think it’s safe to say that after his first four years many of us were able to recognize in which direction things were heading.  And why it took a full eight years for some folks to see what many of us were able to recognize much sooner, well, that’s something you’ll have to ask those who thought voting for Obummer once just wasn’t enough.  I know Trump’s message was different but in 2012 there was a choice that would have allowed for at least a “slightly” different direction than to continue down the very SAME path for another four years.  But unfortunately it was another opportunity missed.

Missed because Romney was weak and, as it turned out, someone who was nothing more than another political creature of ‘The Swamp’.  To this day I feel that he could have beat Obummer, but he was just too worried about bringing up those issues he needed to in order to win.  But even at that, I did vote for him, and as disgusting as it may sound to some, I did it because I viewed him as being the definite lesser of two evils.  I knew he wasn’t the conservative I had been hoping for, but I felt that regardless of that fact, the dams would have closed a bit in 2012 rather than having them wide open during another four years of Obummer at the helm.

And I find it all to be rather amazing that all of these sore losers, like Marty, never mention all of the extremely bad legislative and policy decisions that have resulted in the Democrats, until very recently, continuing to get their asses handed to them, electorally speaking.  There’s never any mention about unpopular Obamacare, nothing about their addiction to identity politics, nothing against those Democrats who are so vocal in the supporting of any number of anti-US groups and nothing ever about what appears to a concerted effort by the Democrats to ignore white, middle class America.  Kind of what the Democrats are continuing to promote.

And I also found it interesting that Marty failed to mention the 70+ taxes that he signed into law during his tenure as governor, taxes that put a huge burden on the people of his state, such as his absurd rain tax.  Interesting too is how he failed to mention the 72,000 Marylanders who left the state during his tenure due to the punishing taxes and the absurd liberal policies that he put forward.  And he also failed to mention the fact that his Lieutenant Governor lost the bid to succeed him as governor when Marylanders picked Republican Larry Hogan, only the second Republican in nearly 50 years, primarily because of those tax and liberal policies.

But those like Marty fail to recognize that it was NEVER about money.  It has ALWAYS been about the ideology.  Democrats lost because they allowed, and even encouraged, socialists and communists to infiltrate your party in an attempt to change the very fabric of our country.  The American people were having none of it or of our Dictator-in-Chief who came into office as a man on what was nothing less than a mission to search and destroy.  And to assist him in his endeavor he had what was a proxy army, of sorts, in the form of the state-controlled media.  And it was Hitlery who had made it clear that Obummer’s mission, would be her mission as well.

Democrats attack our economy, our police officers, our schools, our doctors, our military and even the skin color of the majority of Americans.  And then they presented Hitlery as being their candidate for president.  Hitlery’s ideology is not America first, it’s “Me First.”  Hitlery, she who has committed every crime known to mankind and is still allowed to walk free.  I just wish more folks would come to see the Democrat Party as something worthy of nothing more than to be relegated to the ash heap of political relevancy, if for no other reason than because of its near total lack of morality and a level of degeneracy seldom seen.  But I doubt many will.


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