Word comes that the forces of darkness may once again be on the move.  And those would, of course, be the forces who wish to put to an end to any and all effort that may actually succeed in “Making America Great Again.’  And the banners under which those forces do battle against America are none other than the banners of America’s Democrat Party.  Yes, it’s true!  And these forces have chosen as their rallying symbol, none other than our current President, Donald Trump, and for no other reason than because he loves this country and seeks nothing more than prosperity for all Americans.  The forces that he now finds himself up against have a far darker objective, one might even say sinister.  And they must not be allowed to succeed.

And it is these same forces, we are told, that were able to make what many have described as being rather substantial progress in the November elections, reclaiming numerous state and local government seats long held by Republicans.  And also, apparently, this ‘phenomenon’ is said to be due in large part to an unprecedented level of enthusiasm among Democrat voters eager to voice to their ‘opposition’, their ‘resistance’, to President Trump, the very man who wants nothing but the best for them.  But I’m wondering if this supposed ‘opposition’ to the president may be little more than a smoke screen for something to be used by those Democrat parasites who fear that they just might actually have to go to work should he succeed.

The rather incendiary nature of present day national politics aside, what is it about so many Americans today that they would prefer to live off of their neighbors than to get a job and provide for themselves?  You would think that what would be paramount in the mind of most reasonably intelligent people would be to vote for those who one believes will create the best possible environment for one to achieve the highest level of success which would then in turn allow one to better provide for one’s family.  Because voting Democrat only ensures that that process becomes all the more difficult.  Why would anyone be willing to put personality above being able to take care of one’s family in the best possible way?  But that’s what many Democrats do.

This is not a trend that we who love this country can afford to allow to continue.  Because the primary objective of the Democrat Party, and of those who support the both the party’s mission and candidates, at the local, state and federal level, is to stop at all costs anything that, however remotely, has to do with the process of making America great again.  And unfortunately, it’s not only those in the Democrat Party that we must worry about, because as we’ve seen with all of the going’s on in Alabama, there are many within our own party who would like nothing better than to thwart those whose only desire is to make it so far more people are able to once again realize the American dream.  And while that should be everyone’s goal, it’s not!

But who is it that is truly most responsible for the caustic nature of politics today?  I would argue that it is those within our state-controlled media acting at the behest of their masters within the Democrat Party, all of whom, more than a year later, still have been unable to move beyond the fact that their significantly flawed candidate got her ass beat by a complete outsider and first time politician.  According to them there is only ONE possibility that such an outcome could have come about.  So for the last 12 months there has been this steady drumbeat in an effort to convince as many Americans as possible that something which did not take place, did.  And so there is no lie, no accusation or no innuendo that will not be used to accomplish that goal.

The election coming up in 2018, much like the last few that have preceded it, will no doubt prove to be just as crucial to our ability of being able to prevent our country from slipping back into the Democrat Party created abyss.  And in so doing we can not afford to allow ourselves to be intimidated by those who continue to call us racist, homophobe, misogynist or any of their other favorite names for us.  Because we know in our hearts, that we are none of those things.  And therefore we must keep our heads held high as we work to maintain whatever forward progress we can, which, of course, includes doing all that we can at the grassroots level to keep the number of Democrats able to get elected to the absolute lowest number possible.

To be perfectly blunt here, because that’s what far too many people seem to require these days, it should be obvious that the greatest threat that our country now faces, from any direction, is that entity from within known as the Democrat Party.  And granted, as I mentioned previously, there are those within the Republican Party, those whom many identify as RINOs, or Republican In Name Only, who willingly join forces with the Democrats in the continuing effort to construct a wall, of sorts, not on our southern border where it is most needed most, but between the American people and their ability to create the kind of government that would more closely resemble that which was intended by our Founders and not the leviathan that we have today.

It has become painfully clear that we can no longer trust those in government to do what’s best for our country but, instead, what tends to be best for them.  But we do still control our own destiny, and in so doing we must always be willing to do all that is necessary so that our children are not left to deal with any unfinished business because we saw it as being too difficult.  Elections are the only way that we have to rid ourselves of those who refuse to understand that it is they who work for us.  People must understand that voting is about more than electing the candidate who promises the most in return for one’s vote.  It’s about electing the candidate who promises to assist you in making the best possible country for your children.


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