RINOs 13

Yes, it’s once again that we have yet another reason to thank the people of Kentucky for their willingness to send back to the Senate someone who, together with Paul Ryan, is one of the most useless assholes, politically speaking, on the planet.  Because instead of assisting in the defense of one of our Republican candidates against what are, most assuredly, nothing more than scurrilous accusations, what do we see old McConnell trying to do?  Nothing more than to try to exact a little revenge by torpedoing the man who defeated the candidate he endorsed in the primary.

It would seem that in his rush to judgement, McConnell has assembled a few of those usual suspects, his fellow RINOs, one of which is John McCain, of all people, and announced that if allegations of misconduct are true, Alabama Senate Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore should drop out of the race.  Well duh, but it would seem that McConnell and his buddy, braindead McCain, are unwilling to wait to see if they’re true as they are already calling for the Judge to step aside.  Might that be because the Judge would be someone unwilling to go along with the RINOs, if elected?

Anyway, as most should already know, the rag known as ‘The Washington Post’ released a story earlier this week alleging that Judge Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32, as well as other cases of sexual misconduct.  In a written statement, Moore denied those allegations.  That statement said in part: “These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.”  While this smear is so completely transparent, it should not have been unexpected.

But the Judge’s statement apparently wasn’t sufficient for McConnell and his band of RINOs.  McConnell said, “If these allegations are true, he must step aside.”  And of course right behind him was fellow RINO Jeff Flake, who stated, “If there is any shred of truth to the allegations against Roy Moore, he should step aside immediately.”  And yet another longtime RINO, Susan Collins, said, “If there is any truth at all to these horrific allegations, Roy Moore should immediately step aside as a Senate candidate.”  These clowns would like nothing better than for the Democrat to win this election.

And joining in the chorus we have other RINOs now crawling out from under their individual rocks to join in the slandering of Judge Moore.  It was none other than Lisa Murkowski who went so far as to say, “I’m horrified and if this is true he needs to step down immediately.”  Murkowski also said that she has already spoken to Luther Strange about becoming a write-in challenger to oppose Moore in the December 12 election.  RINO Rob Portman said, “It was very troubling … if what we read is true and people are on the record so I assume it is,” adding that “Moore should step aside.”

And then we have he who is perhaps the biggest fraud of all, John McCain, who tweeted on Thursday, “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.”  A candidate we can be proud of?  Like we’re all so proud of you, you lying sack of shit?  Over the years McCain has become little more than a sick joke, and to be honest, I am literally counting the days until I see the headline track across the bottom of my television screen that he is finally dead.

I’ve always been told that you can judge a man by the caliber of his enemies.  And if we take a closer look at those now calling for Judge Moore to abandon this Senate race, it’s a rather unscrupulous and rancid bunch that we come up with.  McConnell, Flake, Collins, Murkowski, Portman and McCain, RINOs all.  Not a true conservative in the bunch and yet we’re just supposed to follow the recommendation of these swamp creatures, that Judge Moore needs to now throw in the towel?  Really? There is absolutely nothing about that that would make any amount of sense.  Nothing!

Oh, and we can now add another name to our list of RINOs calling for the Judge to step aside.  That would be none other than failed RINO candidate for president, Mitt Romney, who’s quite willing to take part in this slandering of Judge Moore, where the accused is put in the impossible position of trying to prove a negative.  I’m ashamed I ever voted for Romney, or McCain.  Of course our ‘Establishment’ RINOs want Moore to step aside.  If they can’t beat conservatives in the primary elections, then they will do whatever they feel needs to be done in order to maintain their control of the GOP.

Look, I think it’s pretty clear what’s really underway here, and it’s nothing more than a coordinated, and even quite possibly a preemptive, strike against Judge Moore because he dared to run against McConnell’s handpicked candidate, Luther Strange, in the primary run-off back in September and was able to defeat him, and pretty handily so.  Judge Moore’s campaign said in a subsequent statement that if the allegations were true, they would have surfaced during his previous campaigns.  And he added, “This garbage is the very definition of fake news.”  And on that point I would agree!

It would seem that there is now no level to which our RINOs in Congress will not sink in their effort not only to sabotage the Trump Presidency, but to also ensure that come 2018 they will be able to willingly hand over control of Congress to the Democrats.  Which I can only assume must now be their ‘Priority One’.  Because our Republicans in Congress, who have been handed control of both houses, have once again chosen to squander yet another opportunity handed to them by the people.  And what have the people gotten in return?  Nothing, they’ve just gotten SCREWED!

This is a perfect example of just how little these ‘Establishment’ politicians care about the forgotten men and women of this country.  And quite frankly it doesn’t matter if they have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after their names because they’re all from ‘The Swamp.’  The attacks on Moore are obviously politically motivated since there haven’t been any past allegations until after he’d won the primary.  It’s no surprise that McConnell and the other usual RINO suspects are piling on the Judge.  After all, behaving as they now are is much easier than doing what they were elected to do.

Republican voters must fully prepare themselves for the attacks that will surely be coming not only from the Democrats, but also those we now know will be coming from those within our own party.  As 2018 creeps closer it will be all manner of “accusers” that will be crawling out of the woodwork.  It’s all the RINOs and their Democrat compatriots have left.  It’s in this latest scam that we have to hope Alabama voters will see through the timing of these false accusations.  Such tactics didn’t work against Trump, nor will fake ‘Weinstein-like’ accusations work against the Judge.

The RINO’s involved in this little charade are easily as corrupt as the Democrats.  They all need to be gotten rid of.  I’m sure that they’re hoping to convince the good people of Alabama, or at least enough of them, not to vote for Judge Moore.  They figure the voters in Alabama are too stupid see what it is that they are actually up to.  I only ask the voters not to allow themselves to be fooled by what is so very obviously a politically motivated hit job.  And the RINOs should not be allowed to get away with it!  Voters must stand strong against this blatant attempt to influence an election.

And besides, if the Judge steps aside it will only serve to encourage these RINOs, and their Democrat allies, to dig up even more supposed victims to accuse every conservative candidate of this crap, all in their effort to maintain their status quo.  So there’s really only one of two ways to go on this.  You can either wilt under what are clearly false accusations, or you stand and fight fire with fire.  Personally, I’m for fighting fire with fire.  Because that’s really all these ‘swamp’ creatures understand.  They’re far more concerned about winning at any cost, because they can’t win on the issues.


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