Democrats 47

Now the last thing I want is to be accused of raining on anyone’s parade, or for bringing someone down especially when I know there is now much celebrating going on within the Democrat Party since they finally succeeded in winning some elections after picking up the governorships in both Virginia and New Jersey.  It’s just that I remember all of the euphoria among Democrats that had as its source the election of one Barry Obummer in 2008 as president, and how it was said at the time that with his election would come 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  And I also remember all of the anger and frustration when that 40 year estimate didn’t quite pan out for them.  Mainly because Democrats tried to move us too far to the left a little too quickly.

What I’d like to do here is to focus on those recent electoral victories, the two governorships I mentioned.  You see, I would argue that Democrats are far from being able to take much credit for their victories.  And it is instead of taking credit that the Democrats should now be thanking the Republicans for their continued stubbornness when it comes to their refusing to support our Republican president and his agenda.  And not until those responsible for advancing the president’s agenda begin to do so, and more aggressively, and those running for office under the Republican banner choose to enthusiastically support our president will there be any progress made in bringing an abrupt end to the Democrats’ dreams of becoming the majority party.

But it is my little way of bringing the Democrats back to Earth that I would simply like to point to a recent poll that seems to show that the Democrat Party is at its lowest approval rating in 25 years.  This despite the never-ending, and very negative, coverage of the president by our state-controlled news media that has continued to wage, since election night 2016, a war to not only destroy Donald Trump’s presidency, but to destroy the man himself.  And it’s despite the best efforts by their media cohorts that favorable views of the Democrat Party are shockingly low, according to a new poll that was conducted for the Crappy News Network (CNN).  The party’s favorable ratings have tumbled from 44 percent to only 37 percent just since March.

According to this same poll 54 percent reported having an unfavorable view of the party. This is the party’s lowest point since the 1990s, also according to the poll.  And what may be alarmingly for the party, the numbers are falling even among the key demographics of nonwhites (48 percent) and those under 35 years of age (33 percent).  In addition, 33 percent of respondents who called themselves liberals had a negative view of the Democrat Party.  Also, 42 percent of those who said they were independents disapprove of the party.  And it would seem that the Democrats, recent electoral victories notwithstanding, may be too focused on the short term when perhaps they should be focused more on what may be their long term problem.

I’m just curious, but has anyone else ever happened to notice how it is that every time the Democrat Party flies into the deck there’s always a Clinton to be found somewhere near the controls?  It was 25 years ago that they had ‘Slick Willy’ at the top of the party, and the Republicans took the House and the Senate. Then they pulled the usual bone head move and ran Dole, because it was his turn.  This time, it was Hitlery, who purchased the DNC with Uranium One money.  Fortunately, the Republican didn’t run JEB, even though it was his turn and the people elected Trump.  But, once again, the Republicans are on the verge of squandering yet another opportunity to move the ball because of a couple of RINOs, McConnell and Ryan.

Democrats include many communists who, while they might not like the word, support the full set of communist beliefs.  Police officers across the country are still being murdered because the Democrat leaders support the murder of police officers.  The Democrat leaders of 2017 support and defend criminals and terrorists, not law-abiding citizens or police.  We who might describe ourselves as, “Reagan Republicans” must be true to America, to Americans, to the United States Constitution, and to the Rule of Law.  We, who are honest American citizens, are being viciously attacked by evil people inside America and out.  If we stay true to Trump’s campaign promises and continue to support his “Make America Great Again” agenda, the Democrats will fail.

That’s because Democrats in 2017 are very happy to support the notion that all 206 million white Americans are all racists and are somehow guilty of owning slaves and supporting slavery, even though none of their ancestors arrived here much later.  Also, if you are a Democrat, white people are not allowed to express political opinions or to even have an opinion, unless they follow the political doctrines of Communism, Islam, and anti-Americanism.  And, oddly enough, if you’re a Democrat you see all police as being criminals and all criminals as being honest.  And one party rule, as long as it’s the Democrats, with zero checks and balances, is wonderful because Democrats are perfect and free from sin and the biases that other people have.

Also, if you happen to be a Democrat, you’re likely to view the United States Constitution as being nothing more than a bunch of words written on a piece of paper and as something that doesn’t really matter.  Being “fair”, according to the subjective opinion of liberal activist judges, is the only thing that matters.  It is the responsibility of those same activist judges to essentially re-write the Constitution, whenever needed, in order to correct the mistakes made in policy and philosophy by past elected officials.  Democrats typically view themselves as being far superior in every way to those of us who are non-Democrats, especially intellectually, and they think that non-Democrats don’t even deserve to vote or to have an opinion.

Also it’s Democrats who seem to be of the opinion that five-year-old children should be encouraged to have sex-change operations and to suspend all reality regarding the biology they were born with.  Also they support the notion that women must accept men with lipstick gazing at them in the women’s restroom and that young girls must accept grown men with lipstick and testosterone-supercharged teenage boys showering with the girls and gazing at them in the locker rooms and bathrooms. Women and girls who oppose being humiliated and endangered are bad people who discriminate.  And it also seems to be a great many of those in the Democrat Party who think women must come to accept Sharia Law and the enslavement by Islam.

And it’s the vast majority of Democrats who seem to view the United States not as an independent country, but instead as a ‘sanctuary’ dumping ground with no borders and open to absolutely ANYONE who desires to come here.  And then there’s the issue of what the Democrats like to refer to as “science.”   Only in this sense, ‘science’ is whatever it is that supports the political goals held by Democrats.  Suspending reality and evidence is perfectly acceptable “science”, as long as it supports the goals of the Democrat Party or any of the many front groups that fall under the party’s umbrella. “Science” is defined by calling people with a penis “women” and by calling cooling temperatures “global warming, climate change or climate disruption”.

And if you’re a Democrat you believe that all immigrants are good, especially the illegal ones and all American citizens are, for the most part, bad.  All monuments and history that involves what white people did in North America must be erased. A new man must be created for the new Communist Utopia, absent of any memory of anything from the past, except for bad things America, Americans, or white people may have done.  Post-century convictions are acceptable, where 21st Century liberals condemn and retroactively punish people who lived hundreds of years ago, and their descendants.  And then, there’s the question of abortion.  Democrats support aborting perfectly healthy babies right up to the time of delivery and for any reason.

So there you have it, what the Democrat Party of 2017 supports and, I assume, what those who vote for Democrats must also support.  If not why, regardless of one’s skin color or ethnic background, would anyone vote for a Democrat?  If you support nothing that the Democrat Party stands for, what is it about one’s race or ethnicity that convinces one to vote for a Democrat?  Nothing!  So I can only assume that the vast majority of those in our minority communities must agree with the positions held by the Democrat Party when it comes to such things as abortion, men being allowed in women’s restroom and the continuing to allow into this country massive numbers of illegal immigrants.  Minorities have been brainwashed into hating our country.

And remember that most candidates running under the Democrat banner tend not to be very forthcoming when asked about the specifics regarding the issues that they truly do support.  Therefore it’s never a good idea for one to take at face value anything a candidate may say before an election.  Voters should always take the time to do the necessary homework, to look back at the candidate’s history and to look at exactly who their candidate has supported and at who it was that they were willing to betray and sacrifice for the sake of advancing the left’s agenda.  And while Democrats are thumping their chests this morning just because they won a couple of elections, they’re crowing about nothing more than winning a couple of liberal states.

And while I’m sure you’ll not find a Democrat anywhere who will agree, I still argue that all their party needs in order to bring about its total and complete collapse, is a just little push in the right direction.  If only those on our side had the necessary courage to do so.  But they’re far too busy spending time worrying about how they’re going to being able to keep their cushy job, than they are worrying about the survival of our country.  And it is they who need to be replaced not with Democrats, heaven forbid, but with those willing to support our president in his efforts to “Make America Great Again.”  The truth is, if you vote Democrat then you vote for Socialism.  And that will lead nowhere but to a dead end for both America and ALL of her people.


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