Donkey 06

Has anyone else noticed how it is that so many of those in the state-controlled ‘fake news’ media complex continue to spend so much of their time promoting the notion that the Republican Party now seems to be involved in what so many of them very enthusiastically describe as being a ‘civil war’, and yet never utter not so much as a word about how it is that Barry succeeded in essentially destroying the Democrat Party and how Hitlery, after seizing control, succeeded in driving what was left of it into the ground.  Personally, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of scumbags.  I love it when Democrats eat their own.

And I guess I’m more than a little confused about how it is that after more than a year the Democrats are just now finally willing to admit that President Trump has been right all along when he said that the Democrat Party primary process was totally rigged in Hitlery’s favor.  And it was one of Hitlery’s more vocal supporters during the 2016 campaign, Elizabeth Warren, who during Thursday’s episode of the Crappy News Network’s, “The Lead,” said that she now believes that the Democrat primary was rigged.  What the Hell took her so long?  She sure didn’t think that was the case when she was going after Trump for claiming the same thing over a year ago.

Anyway, it was old Liz who said, “Look, this is a real problem, but what we’ve got to do as Democrats now, is we’ve got to hold this party accountable. When…Tom Perez was first elected chair of the DNC, the very first conversation I had with him is to say, you have got to put together a Democratic Party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for Democrats, rather than Democrats are working for the party. And he’s being tested now. This is a test for Tom Perez.”  Anchor Jake Tapper then asked Warren, “[D]o you agree with the notion that it was rigged?”  She responded, “Yes.”  So what might have caused this new realization?

And you would think that after eight long years of having the most corrupt and lawless president ever, things were bound to come out eventually. There are still too many people who can’t see past his color and are afraid to call it as they see it for fear of being called a racist.  Good grief, his color is precisely why he was chosen by the Democrat power structure in the first place and then put on the fast-track for the presidency. They knew he would get the benefit of the doubt precisely because of his color.  And despite all that he has done to “fundamentally transform” America, what seems to have gone ignored is how drastically he changed the Democrat Party.

And this same man is STILL receiving the benefit of the doubt from far too many Americans.  It’s ridiculous.  More people need to get over their supposed white guilt!  After all, we have a country to save.  Obummer is still very much engaged in American politics and he is one sick, I mean slick, operator.  Barry didn’t simply destroy the Democrat Party, his goal was, and remains, to bring about the downfall of this Constitutional Republic.  The fact that he still is free, and even getting a nice fat pension, is bad enough but he and his financial backer, George Soros, are still working toward that goal and most American citizens don’t realize he’s still at it.

So old Liz says that “you have got to put together a Democratic Party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for Democrats.”  But oddly enough it was the same old Liz who was singing a very different tune in October of last year.  You see, it was then that she held nothing back in attacking then candidate Trump for his declaring that the election was rigged.  It was before the election that Liz tweeted, “It’s not rigged, @realDonaldTrump. You’re losing fair & square. Put on your big-boy pants because this is what accountability looks like.”  So now over a year later it’s Liz who seems to agree with President Trump’s assessment.

And it’s to Liz that I would like to pass on that I think the Democrat Party of 2017 is working just fine for the Democrats, especially as it continues to support everything that seems to matter most to those who identify as Democrats.  Such as: How many men can you get in a women’s restroom, and vice versa, the incendiary hate President Trump rhetoric heard from ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and the like, the advocating for ‘free’ stuff, amnesty for illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, the silencing of any and all dissenting opinions, and of course the supporting of violence as a means to an end.  Please don’t change a thing, continue to support your base just as you’ve been doing.

I think we can say that Democrats are furious that sunlight is finally beginning to expose what is just the tip of a rather sizable iceberg regarding their 2016 election shenanigans.  Hitlery, too, is furious that WikiLeaks exposed her lies, cheating, corruption and election fraud.  DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wizzerman Schultz was forced to resign after it was discovered that she was in cahoots with Hitlery to damage Bernie’s campaign.  Interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile was fired from the Crappy News Network and was pressured to resign as acting DNC chairwoman after it was discovered she provided Hitlery with answers to debate questions.

Hitlery is also known to have paid a couple of Democrat ‘operatives’, by the names of  Scott Foval and Robert Creamer, to instigate violence at Trump rallies on behalf of her campaign and the DNC.  Later is was discovered that Robert Creamer had visited the White House over 340 times.  Of those visits, 47 resulted in direct meetings with none other than ex-president Barry Obummer.  Hitlery also hired voter fraud activist Scott Foval, a loyal Democrat ‘activist’ who told undercover investigators that his party has been rigging elections “for 50 years” and wasn’t likely to stop now.  Foval was forced to resign after this little bit of information came to light.

And let’s not forget that it was the state-controlled media, and nearly in its entirety, that proved itself to be an instrumental member of Hitlery’s campaign because of its blatant attempt to try to influence both the primary and general elections.  But by insisting to push polls that they had to have known had no basis in really, it was in the end that they had actually succeeded in doing more damage than anything else.  And now it’s become rather curious to watch the Democrats as they wail about Russian spies using WikiLeaks to influence the election, when it’s clear the liberal state-controlled media was colluding with Hitlery & Co. nearly every step of the way.

The list of laws that were either bent considerably or broken outright all in the effort to keep Hitlery in the game, would like stretch to the Moon and back.  Had she been anyone else her candidacy would have come to screeching halt as soon as the email server story broke, but the Democrats incorrectly believed they had sufficient control of the media to be able to insulate her from the fallout of those astounding revelations.  The politicized Obummer Justice Department did Democrats no favors by staving off indictments that would have taken Hitlery out of the game, or by slow-walking the email investigation until her replacement became prohibitively difficult.

We’re now told that Hitlery seized control of the DNC’s assets and resources four months after announcing her run and then proceeded to rig the primaries.  Yet, even though she had the media providing cover for her, Twitter and Facebook both covering for her by blocking conservative trending topics and hiding critical trending hashtags, Bob Creamer and Scott Foval hiring leftists to attack Trump rallies and physically assault his supporters, and paid for a spurious dossier that tied Trump with Russian collusion, even with all of that going for her, she STILL LOST.  If that doesn’t make very clear the fact that she was a horrible candidate, nothing will.

No matter how much Democrats complain and try to distance themselves from Hitlery, the old Democrat Party has now gone the way of the dinosaur. The new Democrat Party nominated this crook to be president and for that it must never be forgiven.  But there’s no doubt that come 2020 the Democrats will again trot out yet another Communist-Socialist-One World-Multiculturalist whose mission again will be to try to destroy America with their dreams of fairness, equality and a utopia that only exists within their pea sized brains.  Biden, Warren, Harris, etc. are all lining up for 2020, and they still have Hitlery out there saying she wants to be president.

Finally, if it wasn’t for being misled the Democrats wouldn’t have any “leadership” at all. The Democrat Party used to be better than this.  But for 50+ years they have been misled and lied to by communist insurgents pretending to be Democrats.  Today’s Democrat Party is the party of hate and of anti-America sentiment.  The party has been overrun by communist sympathizers, of Islamists, of anarchists, of criminals who flaunt our legal system to get rich and those who are evil and corrupt to the core.  Show me a Democrat who is proud of America, and I’ll tell you about a creature that doesn’t exist anymore.  The Democrat Party has become the greatest threat we face.


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