Wallace 5

Anyone who has spent any amount of time over the years watching Chris Wallace knows how much it must have pained him to say, this Friday on Fox News, that there is “more evidence at this point of Democratic collusion with the Russians” than with Republicans.  How difficult must it have been for poor old Chris Wallace to have to finally admit that the Democrats possess significant blame in this continuing horror show, and essentially admit that Trump has been right all along!  Wallace said, “Obviously the revelations about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and the Clinton campaign buying or funding that Russian dossier certainly blunts a lot of the efforts to talk about Trump collusion and then the victory yesterday on passing the budget.”

And he continued, “I will say these are short-term victories for the president, but their long-term impact is still to be determined. Let me explain both. On the one hand, the fact that Hillary Clinton or at least her campaign and the DNC was doing business with a foreign national, a British spy to get information from the Russians for this dossier certainly blunts the idea ‘Well, it was the Trump campaign and it was outrageous the Trump campaign had anything to do with the Russians to maybe effect at the election’ because this is far more evidence we’ve ever seen involving President Trump and his campaign that the Democrats were directly involved in trying to get information from the Russians to affect the 2016 campaign.”

And then he went on to add, “Having said that we still don’t know about Robert Mueller, the investigation. Both things could be true that both sides were trying to get aid from a Russians and it seems true the Russians were playing both sides to try to disrupt the election. We have to wait and see. But there is more evidence at this point of Democratic collusion with the Russians than there is Republican collusion with the Russians.”  Oh the horror of colluding with the Russians!  How many Sundays has Mr. Sunday spent on this, trying to discredit our President!  I no longer listen to him, just the wrong way to start a beautiful Sunday morning.  Never listened to him much anyway.  He’s disgusting and he owes Trump an apology!!!!

And I think it’s important to keep in mind that Chris is the guy man who asked the question at the end of the last debate about whether or not Trump would accept the election results. You know, the one that Megyn Kelly and the state-controlled media jumped on as if it had been planned, with it being all they talked about for days.  And it would seem that after watching how things have now played out, I would argue that he asked the wrong candidate that question.  Because it’s been Hitlery who, after nearly a year, still hasn’t accepted the election results.  And it is she who is doing far more harm to our “democracy” than anything the Russians have done.  Chris is just another pathological liar, albeit one who is paid to do what it is that comes so naturally.

Chris has always been a willing stooge happy to do the bidding of ‘The Establishment.’  He now finds himself in an uncomfortable position of having to adapt a new narrative if he wishes to remain credible.  Continuing to report on the allegations Trump colluded with the Russians is not only disingenuous, it’s dishonest. The truth is, there’s NO evidence whatsoever that Trump, his campaign staff or his family colluded with the Russians to sabotage our election process or Hitlery’s campaign. Alternatively, indisputable evidence has emerged implicating Hitlery, her surrogates and the DNC in colluding with the Russians during the campaign.  Now we need to determine what crimes were committed and whether our system of justice applies to all.

You’re disgusting Mr. Wallace.  And you’re about as far removed from being a journalist as you could possibly be. You’re just another stooge willing to the bidding of those on the Left, always willing to dance to whatever tune they play.  Hitlery was arrogant and narcissistic, she thought she deserved to be president, and therefore saw no need to waste time and money going to those states where she was the weakest.  She believed what the polls were saying, that she had the 270 electoral votes she needed to win despite all her lying, corruption and an unwillingness to meet with the media until forced.  And yet she was surprised, even shocked, when she lost.  And there you were Chris, ever ready to defend her to the American people.

I mean when it comes to colluding with the Russians, it’s what Democrats have always done.  They colluded with the Russians all through the Cold War, Obummer plotted to stop missile defense, and substantially reduced America’s nuclear warhead inventory. But then again, it’s the media that owns the mic, so it can highlight whatever it wants, and that usually means not publicizing news damaging to the liberal cause. The Democrats were crazy to run Hitlery.  Not because she is a bad politician, she isn’t.  She can debate and lie with the best of them. They were crazy to overlook how scandal prone she is.  She doesn’t just bend the rules and laws. She breaks them, stomps on them and burns them to a crisp!  And the Democrats knew that!

But I suppose we shouldn’t be too hard on them.  After all, I’m sure they figured that as long as they had those in the media, like Wallace, firmly in their back pocket they’d be able to successfully navigate through all of the scandals and come out on top.  Because, after all, how difficult was it really going to be to defeat someone like Trump.  They were convinced that after 2008 and 2012 that the media was their ace in the hole.  But it would come to pass that Wallace and his many colleagues in the state-controlled media, despite the countless number of bogus polls showing Hiltery was unstoppable, simply weren’t able to drag Hitlery across the finish line.  And now Wallace and his friends are in danger of having to eat more than a little crow.


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