Flake 8

Granted we still have a very long way to go but with Jeff Flake now following closely behind Bob Corker in heading toward the exit, it would seem that ‘The Swamp’ may actually be self-draining.  But what strikes me as being a little odd about Flake’s departure is that here we have a guy with an 18 percent approval rating back home and who has been a ‘NeverTrumper’ practically since day one, suffering from what can only be described as delusions of grandeur the likes of which we haven’t seen since ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich ran for president.  And why I say that is because when asked, just today, about his possible future intentions, Flake repeatedly refused to rule out a potential bid against President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.  What the Hell is this guy smokin’?

You see, it was when asked if he will run for president in 2020 that Flake told the folks on ABC’s “This Morning”: “That’s a long way away. I’m focused on my next 14 months in the Senate, making sure that we get some good policy, there are some things that I want to accomplish in the short term.”  Flake, you’ll recall, announced Tuesday afternoon that he does not intend to seek re-election in 2018, choosing instead to join his fellow RINO in the Senate, Bob Corker, as both head toward the door.  Flake was widely considered one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans, if not the most vulnerable, up for re-election.  And like I said, he has been a rather outspoken and very vocal critic of President Trump, but he also hasn’t got much support from the voters of Arizona.

And also it was in a telephone interview with ‘The Arizona Republic’ that Flake said, “Here’s the bottom line: The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I’m not willing to take, and that I can’t in good conscience take.”  And he went on to say, “It would require me to believe in positions I don’t hold on such issues as trade and immigration and it would require me to condone behavior that I cannot condone.”  The Arizona senator did not respond again when asked if he will take on President Trump in the next presidential election cycle, saying, “you know, that’s a long time away. And we’ll deal with that when it comes to it.”  I guess I don’t understand what would make someone who can’t even win in his own state think they could win nationally.

I think it’s fair to say Flake and Corker were but two of those on ‘our side’ who were fully expecting, maybe even hoping, that Hitlery would win the election last November, and when she didn’t they were still confident that once candidate Trump was sworn in all of his campaign rhetoric would conveniently go out the window and he would revert to the old Washington RINO two step and dance right along with them.  But instead President Trump has ended up dancing on their political graves.  I suspect that Democrats are terribly disappointed that Flake won’t be running.  The fact that he was seen as being vulnerable, I’m sure, had them with visions of adding that seat to their caucus.  They will now face an uphill battle.  Better for Republicans to have a new candidate rather than a disliked incumbent.

So now with them heading toward the door, and I’m sure we can expect to soon see both of these losers making the rounds to all of the leftwing news shows.  And I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing them admit how it is that for the first time we have in Trump someone who gives it better than he gets it.  Why do you think all of the ad hominem attacks both the Republicans and the Democrats failed to put a dent in first candidate, and then in President Trump?  Far from criticizing the continuing stream of vile filthy attacks against the president that came, and continue to come, from those on the left, Flake and Corker, along with McCain and a few other RINOs, simply chose to join in.  And then they have the nerve to act offended when the president fires back at them.  What exactly did they expect?

Look, then candidate Trump beat 16 contenders to gain the nomination before going on to beat Hitlery despite having the entire Democrat Party, 99 percent of the state-controlled media and over half of the Republican Party all waging war on him.  I think the only way Flake would have a chance of beating President Trump would be if Trump decided not to seek reelection. “Rough around the edges” doesn’t begin to define Trump, but as I heard someone say on some show, we need to focus more on what’s being accomplished than on the words being used.  The people support the policy changes Trump espouses and will doggedly support him against what has largely been unprincipled and disingenuous attacks.  If given a choice, most of us would rather have him in our corner than the Washington insiders.

And it was also a bit disingenuous of Flake to imply that we who support the president are somehow demanding of him complete and unquestionable loyalty to the president.  Because that’s not the case at all.  All we are asking for is for there to be some level acceptance, from members of his own party, of the man who was duly elected president.  And it is that that men like Flake, Corker and McCain simply can’t bring themselves to do.  And why is that?  Many of us think it’s because these men, and the many others like them, long ago forgot why it was they were elected to serve in the first place.  It was not to allow them a way to enrich themselves, or to simply do the bidding of their wealthy donors, it was to fairly represent the people, all the people.  And that is what seems to have been forgotten.

And, it is that that has finally become completely and totally unacceptable.  It seems that these men expect loyal long standing conservatives to believe that they remain the few politicians still roaming the Earth that are without blemish.  While I do not always endorse the style of President Trump, you certainly can make the argument that at least some of his tweets do have merit.  And while I would most certainly prefer an end to all of the bickering, there are those who seem interested in doing nothing more than to fight with Trump over those issues on which he ran and, quite frankly got him elected.  And at least for the time being I’m content to remain a steadfast support of his, rather than of those who prefer to bicker.  Because it is Trump who is still willing to listen to the forgotten working class in America.

It’s Flake and the many other immigration happy global corporate elites who could care less.  Flake seems to care little that we are losing America.  Over 30% of families in his home state now speak languages other than English at home.  In the state just to the west that number is 45%.  Language is central to unifying a culture.  The rich have prospered in the last 20+ years while wages have been stagnant for most of the middle class.  Unemployment is still at record levels among those that have to compete with cheap illegal foreign labor.  Long before Trump made it to Washington Flake and his buddies stood by and watched as Obummer used extra constitutional methods to sell out American interests here and abroad.  Where was this precious voice of opposition then?

Mr. Flake, I have no reason to believe you anything but a decent man. You were given the unbelievable privilege of representing the good people of the great state of Arizona in the Senate of the United States.  But that said, it does not give you the right to judge me or my motives for choosing to support Mr. Trump.  I am every bit the American you claim to be.  I will be glad to see you leave ‘The Swamp.’  I have a difficult time respecting a person who only quit because it was a less embarrassing option than the total shellacking you were about to get.  You say that it was because the President was tarnishing politics.  If he is, he borrowed the brush from you and those like you.  If Trump is the disaster that you claim that he is, you would switch parties and join with the impeachment crowd.

And it’s in all likelihood that by next week most of us will have forgotten Flake’s rather sorry attempt at a resignation speech, but that likely won’t stop the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN) from trying to get a temporary ratings boost out of it.  One of the oddest things about the coverage of Flake’s resignation is how those in the state-controlled media tried to spin it as being a loss for the president.  A prominent critic of Trump deciding to leave office doesn’t exactly sound like much of a loss, no matter how many lame barbs Flake lobbed in his direction during his “defiant” surrender.  Flake’s resignation is the epitome of a trend that began when Trump first secured his party’s nomination for president and that now has various conservatives melodramatically announcing their exit from the Republican Party.

The main attack against Trump in the primary was that he was not a conservative. That had little effect on voters.  There is also nothing in the arguments of these disaffected Republicans to win over the party’s base.  Unrestricted free trade means their jobs can easily be shipped overseas.  Open borders means they have no say on who is allowed to come into this country and their communities.  More foreign interventions mean their children have to bear the cost for the grand schemes of think tank warriors.  These stances win disingenuous praise from liberals, but they’re not going to win elections.  It is abundantly clear that the average Republican cares more about the culture war than they do about the Export-Import bank and other obscure issues that only folks like Flake care about.

Lastly, it was on my way home from work last night that I happened to be listening to Fox’s ‘The Five’ when the subject of Republicans who oppose the president came up.  And it was Juan ‘Dumb As A Brick’ Williams who, in trying very hard to make his point, brought up how it’s members of his own party that are attacking President Trump.  Of course those who Juan was busy quoting were Flake, Corker and McCain.  While I guess you can call these guys Republicans if for no other reason than because they are always listed with an (R) after their name, most see them as RINOs.  And if quoting these guys is the best old Juan can do in trying to make his point, he’s not going to get very far by using creatures from ‘The Swamp’ when trying to make his case against Trump to those folks outside the beltway.


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