Democrats are a weird and, to be honest, a rather dangerous bunch.  They can sit idly by for eight long years, essentially sitting on their hands watching, as one of their own worked very hard to shred our Constitution and to “fundamentally transform” our country.  More was done to destroy our economy, bankrupt our country and to surrender America’s leadership position in the world than during the days of Jimmy Carter.  And yet they, quite literally, they have a cow when it comes to President Trump’s efforts to undo at least some of the damage done by his predecessor.

Which brings me to Brad Sherman, dipshit House Democrat from California, who said in a speech on the House floor, just this week, that President Donald Trump has “an uncontrollable person need to pour disgusting liquids on anything associated with President Obama.”  It was back in July, just six months after President Trump was officially sworn in, that this moron, Sherman, filed articles of impeachment against President Trump—that have gone nowhere in the House—and last week put out a press release entitled “The Case for Impeaching Donald J. Trump.”

In his speech on the House floor, which was televised on C-SPAN and reported in the Congressional Record, Sherman did not specify exactly which fluids he might have been speaking about, but the fact the he’s a Democrat, and we know how perverted they are, I suppose we can assume.  He made the remarks toward the end of a 30-minute long floor speech.  At that point in the speech, Sherman was giving his views on why he believes the U.S. should not renounce the nuclear deal that ex-president Obummer made with Iran, but should impose tough sanctions on Iran.

Sherman said, “Now, there is one part of the policy I put forward that may not meet the psychological needs of the President of the United States, for he has shown an uncontrollable personal need to pour disgusting liquids on anything associated with President Obama.” He said, “And maybe it meets his psychological needs to say he is renouncing the nuclear deal.”  And added, “But the fact is we don’t have to renounce the nuclear deal and liberate Iran from its obligations in order to impose the toughest imaginable sanctions on this regime that is doing so much evil.”

To be honest here, the only real purpose of Sherman’s speech given from there on the House floor was to vilify, and in typical leftwing terms, President Trump for wanting to fix the legal, social, and healthcare aberration laughingly referred to as Obamacare.  The nation laughs at this imbecilic clown from California.  Subversive members of Congress like this leftist boob are doing little more than to feed and to guide those groups Antifa and BLM that are really nothing more than leftist terror organizations.  They are the voice for the vile anti-Americanism infecting our country.

And sadly, even with California being the cesspool that it has become, both fiscally and morally, I have no doubt that this moron will be returned to office by his homies no matter how outrageous his statements.  He exemplifies the degeneration of the terrorist group formerly known as the Democrat Party, a party that has now been reduced to a few safe seats within walking distance of faculty lounges, gay bars, welfare offices and mosques. The rest of the country needs to put the party of Resistance, Revolution and Rape where the Constitution don’t shine in 2018.

And apparently those like Sherman, of which there are many in his party, have learned nothing from the countless failures that have been produced by their party.  Or perhaps, even more frightening, is that they don’t view their failures, as failures t all but, instead, as progress.  They support the if-it-feels-good-do-it and inconsequential lifestyle that resulted in the far left today.  Call me conservative if you want, but Democrats are a failed group and so are their constituents.  They are blinded, and willfully so.  And there are none so blind as those who will not see.


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